Thursday, August 6, 2020



              SUMMER SERIES



Dear All of Us,

I try not to be too fussy.

Honest, I really do.


there is a However.


It absolutely,


has to be al dente.

No soft mush allowed.

Firm to the bite and

only firm to the bite is 

     "Just Right!!"

Now Jesus and I have done 

all sorts of things together

over the years, but so far 

we haven't had a chance

to sit down together for pasta 

(and of course wine - red,

full bodied, robust fruits).

So, I don't yet know exactly

how fussy Jesus is about

what makes pasta for him

      "Just Right!!"

I do know, though, 

that Jesus is fussy 

as all heaven about 

hunger and thirst.


                    Matthew 5:6

Jesus shares this stance, 

  this approach to life,

  this attitude to being, 


      urging us to 

  crave things being 

    "JUST RIGHT!!"



      Happy such.

So, hanker and hunger,

  long and thirst for 


  "Just Rightness"

Your appetite will be 

treated to fullness now

         and in 

 the kingdom coming.

Let's take a minute here 

  to precise the word 


    That's because 

for too many, too often, 

     it references 

   the self righteous,

   those poor souls 

 starched to stiffness 

in their ridged rightness 

         of self.


   Righteousness is

     God in action.


         are all   

the wonders of Creation, 

of existence rooted in God 


of existence rolling forth

        from God

- people, places, powers,

  fundamental particles 

 to the limitless vastness 

          of space,

      beauty and love 

     in ever expanding 

    forms and fruitions,

   and all the Godness 

 that pulsates throughout.

That action, that dynamic,

       is now current 

 with tons more to come -

God's kingdom already come 


God's kingdom yet to come,

          JUST RIGHT


       Jesus highlights that 

       a basic of happiness, 

indeed of being and being blessed,

      is living in and living out

       God's righteousness

       where and as we are, 

    letting it flow through us.

     That's not self righteous.

      That's  participation in 

       God's righteousness.

       Jesus is unequivocal, 

    unabashed, unrestrained

           in urging us 

to go for it, go with it, get in on it

  desire it, get passionate about it -

      hunger and thirst for it,

         and we will be 

        filled to fullness.


Over the spread of creation's time,

God has revealed more and more 

  of the beauty and power of his  

            JUST RIGHT

   It is incarnated in nature.

   It is spoken by the prophets,

   It is enfleshed and personalized 

               in Jesus,

    in his living, teaching, redeeming.

    It is unfolded by biblical writers.

    It is evident in the 

    experience and expressions

    of world religions.

    It continues in expanding 

    human consciousness. 

So shared, we strive to live God's

             JUST RIGHT

     - to reverence and respect 
       earth and space,
       all the elements and 
       energies of nature

     - to seek and favor 
       The Common Good

     - to share all with all

     - to celebrate the varied 
       types and tones of us

     - to delight in every 
       moment and mode 
       of beauty

     - to be centered and 
       at home in the
       Sacred Source and Flow 
       of Godness

     - to love the socks off God, 
       neighbor and self

     - to do unto others as 
       we would have them do to us

     - to nurture vibrant community

     - to harmonize with Reality, 
       speaking the truth,  
       relating justly, supportively, 
       encouragingly, openly
       respecting person and place, 
       caring and helping,
       freely sharing creativity

     - to let God have us, 
       enfold us, love us and 
       join God in such for all.

That's the potential, the promise.

        So sad to see and say 

         there is also problem.

Many and much are 

the wrongings of Creation,

of God's Self Share, 

of God's outpouring,

of God's Realness and Rightness,

violating the kingdom come 

trying to thwart the kingdom coming.

People playing God,

people trying to rescript reality

but developing a horror story  

in sick stead.

We don't hurt or harm in response.

We live out God's

        JUST RIGHT

in our persons and places.


  - we elect and support leaders
    who work to right the wrong's
    of racial and ethnic injustice,
    who guide us through 
    the hard conversations 
    and adjustments it takes
    to do this

  - we respect and delight 
    in the richness of 
    many and varied 
    traditions, religions, 
    political persuasions 
    and life styles.

 -   we pay workers a livable wage
    and insure they have a safe,
    humane work environment

 -  we socially and fully 
    enfold the disable

 - we work to develop 
    neighborhood community
    and cooperation -
    picnics, book swaps,
    shared gardens and tool sheds,
    shopping for the homebound,
    and stopping in to visit,
    we arrange sing a-longs 
    and musical performances,
    happy hours, discussion groups,
    and creatively so, so much more.

 - we find or found small, 
   home churches

 - we simplify our life styles 
   and share our means with many,
   especially the marginalized

 - we find ways to assist 
   single parent families

 - we mentor and help 
   in the maturing of young people.

 - and how about jotting down here
   five other positives to make 
   negatives that way 






So, Jesus invites us 

to come at God with 

a great big appetite for


   and sit down at 

the table of fullness.

It's perfectly fine

to be fussy about it.


It's right good to be right here 

          John Frank


This week's offering has taken 

days upon days of effort and re-effort. 

Some weeks are like that.

There are snippets of 

some of those efforts

not used above 

all over the cutting room floor.

If you have interest, 

here are a few for



is being centered, alive, 

vigorous, responsive, active

in the realness, 

the rightness,

the righteousness,

the very being of

God and God's 

kingdom come and 

and longing for 

God's kingdom coming.

    "In him we
     live and move 
     and have our being."
        Acts 17:28


Righteousness is 

being and acting

   "in" Love 

because that's 

who and how

God is:

 "God is love."
                 I John 4:8

Being that love,

living that love, 

having a hearty appetite for it,

is getting things

     "JUST RIGHT."

It's loving and living

God's will and way of love

revealed in Nature, Scripture,

Tradition, Experience, Reason.


The Rule of Right



God's Will and Way,

God's Word,

God's kingdom come,

God's kingdom coming.

It's right now.

It's to come.

Tuned to God, 

we deeply desire,

we hunger and thirst for,

we are in sync with 

God and God's kingdom.

Jesus says and shows us

just how to be and do that,

how to have an appetite for it:

     You shall love 
       the Lord your God 
       with all your heart, 
       and with all you soul, 
       and with all your mind....
       You shall love 
       your neighbor as yourself.
          Matthew 22:37 &39 

We be and do that in the particulars

and practicalities of our days.


   Listen to me,
   you that pursue
   you that seek
   the Lord.

   Look to the rock
   from which
   you were hewn,
   and to the quarry 
   from which 
   you were dug.
            Isaiah 51:1



     feed to feast,

      imbibe to a 

divine intoxication of God's

     "JUST RIGHT!!"


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know you are welcome here!

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 I'm happy but had.

 Gonna treat these old bones 

to one long summer nap.

 See you next week. 

Should be up by then!!

Have yourself a fine week.


Thursday, July 30, 2020


This is the third part of our 

      Summer Series.

We are exploring how to


          on living  

The Sermon On The Mount.


Dear All of Us,

Classics and craftsmanship.

They see it right and get it right.

Pure excellence:
   a  perfectly restored 
   1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe

   Andrew Wyeth's Renfield painting

   the Italian stonemasons at
   The Washington National Cathedral

   Suzanne McCarthy's signature dish:
    Pork tenderloin with Blackberry Sauce

    Lladro's Passionate Kiss Couple

   Thomas Merton's
   Seeds of Contemplation

   Bach's St. Matthew Passion
   Nolan Ryan's seven no hitters

In the case of the Peragallo Family,

they not only see it right, 

they hear it right, 

and make it right.

For over one hundred years, 

and now into the fourth generation,

they create and care for pipe organs.

We had one of their classics at 

Assumption Church.

Before high holydays and concerts,

the Peragallo's would come

 to "voice" the organ.

Each pipe was made to play

with the proper onset of sound 

(known as speech), 

sustained tone, and volume.

It was pure excellence -

the organ tuned to respond exactly

to the touch and genius of the organist.


That's what God crafts through the

          BE ATTITUDES. 

In eight classics they play true,

"voice" us, Tune to Reality,

to God and God's wonderous Creation


      "Blessed are the meek,

       for they will inherit the earth."

First off, to fully and freely consider it 

we need to "voice" the word meek.

The modern English "meek" 

altogether misses the the meaning.

The original Greek used 

in this scripture means 

   good will towards others and

  reverent obedience toward God -

"voiced" to Reality,

that right next to us

and on out to its Fullness 

that never finishes - God.

As "poor in spirit" is the opposite 

of proud in spirit, full of self,

so "meek" is the opposite 

in both nature and act

of being aggressive.

The meek are not weak.

The meek are strong enough 

to be gentle.

They are not harsh,

self-assertive, covetous,

do not trample in brute force.(1)

To be meek is to have reverence 

for God and all God's 

people and creation,

to enjoy a comfortableness, 

an at homeness,

a oneness with "Oneness".

The meek are in sync with the sacred.

As a child of the universe 

and beyond without limit, 

they "inherit" all that is.

They don't have to get it.

It is given.

It comes in the union.

The meek are relaxed and at peace,

right at home in Reality.

They are empty of isolating "Self Stuff".

The don't try to "power through"

to domination because 

they are solid and secure 

in the energy and strength  

of Godness.

They accept an inheritance

beyond measure or limit

rather than fighting and fouling 

to the cruel poverty of aggression.

That aggression can be physical.

More often it is social, financial, 

psychic, emotional, racial, religious - 

all manipulation and dominance. 

By contrast, the meek have 

a heaven of a God Time.

They delight in the harmony of Reality.

The meek are free to relish creation

rather than exhaust their being

failing to create one 

of their aggressive dominance.

They don't have to steal 

the other kids' toys

because they have toys 

without limit to share

and they live with 

The Toy maker.

     All the 


invite an approach

that roams free in

Reality as given 

rather than getting wasted 

trying to be a petty god 

founded on falseness,

damaging self and all 

in the futility 

of that frightful folly.


invite us 

to be centered

in the Center,

rather than chasing our tails 

around and around

in a deadening circle zero.

The Peragallo Family 

tune the organ 

to respond exactly 

to the touch and genius 

of the organist.

Through the 


God tunes us 

to respond exactly 

to the touch and genius

that is his.


"Happy" are we,

"Blessed" are we

so "voiced" to


In God's Dear Love,

    John Frank


(1) The first section of this paragraph 
     draws generously and gratefully  
     from The Interpreter's Bible, 
     Volume Seven, Abingdon Press, 
     Nashville, 1951, pgs.282 & 283.


Thanks to all who have been sharing

         "frankly speaking"

     spirituality for the street

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 We are a little Family in Love,

gathering here weekly from all across

         God's Good earth.

An open hearted WELCOME to all our

first time visitors. Thanks for joining in.

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