Thursday, August 22, 2019


Dear All of Us,

You know, it's important to know what's important.

We sure don't want to get short changed by spending our lives 

on less than the important.

Plus, what's important to us says oh so much about 

who and how we are just now.

OK, so what are we talking about here?

Etymologically, the word important means, 

              "to import, to bring in"

           (L) in means just that, "in" 

            and  portare means " to carry," "to bring" -

            thus to bring in, import. 

No, let's not talk about tariffs.

Let's talk about what's so valuable that we do well to "import" it,

"to bring it in" to the living of our very selves whatever the cost.

So, what is truly important to this living of our very selves:

career, wealth, family, friends, sex, reputation, the spiritual/mystical,

education, exercise, entertainment, sports, politics, social justice, abs,

saving planet and civilization, the arts, community, smoking, popularity,

porn, power, alcohol/drugs,  trying to be stress and pain free, 

romance, health, - what?

About n
ow a little calm, quiet, honest reflection 

might just be a great big plus.

It'll give us some space and time as we review

what's important to us

not what we say is important, 

but what is actually, practically, 

functionally important 

in the living of our very selves 

as is and right now.

What are we importing?  

Let's pray for light and courage.

Let's pray that for each other,

and do that right here and now

for a little while.

             Let's pray.

Next let's focus on what is most important 

from someone who missed it for years.

Let's ponder the learned wisdom of Theresa of Avila.

For years she lived a rather shallow, superficial,

self referenced life as a cloistered nun.

Taking it easy, having it easy was important to her.

One day the cards got really shuffled on her big time.

That changed everything.

She played a whole new hand.

A friend gave her a painting of the Suffering Jesus.

It got to her like nothing ever before.

It was a break through.

It spoke limitless love to her,

limitless love for her,

limitless love for all people,

limitless love for all that is.

It opened her to a whole new awareness of what is important.

Import that love she did, and that to ecstatic, mystical heights.

She was in Love.

That's what was important.

This bright, well educated  woman shares what's most important with us all:

                 "The important thing is 

                   not to think much, 

                   but to love much;

                   do then, 

                   whatever most arouses you 

                   to love."

Thinking is just fine thank you.

It is also limited.

Do what thinking is necessary and helpful,

but don't get trapped in the head.

Go where there are no limits.

Import the Love Who Is God,

which really means let Love in.

Do that by "whatever rouses you to love."

It could be gazing at a picture of the Suffering Jesus.

It could be taking in a foster child.

Just do what opens you to Love, 

"whatever rouses you to Love."

If you will, please permit me to share some of the things 

I do that rouse me to Love.

In no way do I suggest they are universal, preferred or prescriptive.

They are simply and uniquely mine.

I offer them in the hopes of encouraging you to take time 

to see what are your wonderful, unique openings 

through which Love can enter in, can be imported, 

so as to see what's ultimately important and what opens you to it. 

Some of the rivulets through which Love pours into me,

some of the things that "rouse me " to Love are:

         - gazing at a child

         - reading a novel by Morris West

         - helping the hurt

         - holding hurters in God's Love

         - quieting up to the Still Point

         - caring for my family and friends

         - writing this blog for you

         - being swept upward in a Bach chorale

         - spending a day at the National Gallery of Art

           and the next one at the National Cathedral 

         - deep listening to others

         - immersion in sacred wisdom writings

         - spending an evening with its sunset

         - people watching with God in the supermarket 

           and at Holy Communion

         - letting the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins 

           take me to the deep down beauty of things

         - grieving the rape of Mother Earth and helping in her healing

         - having a date with a flower

         - feeling the passion in a Rodin sculpture

         - doing a road trip with nature

         - a retreat at The Abbey of Gethsemani

         - a wedge of sharp provolone wedded with a classic Chianti

         - happily and endlessly more.

Enough about me.

How about you?

What is it that "rouses you to love" and the doing of it?

That question is a helpful prompt to personal prayer and reflection.

That question is pen worthy for those who journal.

That question is discussion ready with a spiritual director or Soul Friend.

That question is action ready and ever so important answer actively.

However we notice and note 

"whatever most rouses you to love"

            may we 


            just that - 

         "love much."

          Of all that is, 

          it is the most


Thanks for doing this spiritual exercise together with 

all the rest of us whether we are in 

the USA, South Africa, India, The Neverlands,

Russia, Nigeria, India, , Australia, Canada, South Korea 

(the countries online for "frankly speaking" at the moment)

 and all the other homelands from which we gather here each week.

I pray for us all each day and hope you do as well.

                       In The Love Who Is God,

                              John Frank



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Thursday, August 15, 2019


Dear All of Us,

Summer fresh greetings.

Spirit fresh as well.

Nature and Spirit in tandem –

           the months of this summer season,

           the months of this Pentecost season –

a season of growth and fecundity.

An atmosphere bright, warm, expansive.

Nature and Spirit one in a profusion of life.

A moment of many sensing 

                      The Spirit of Pentecost,

                                        The Wholly Spirit.

The followers of Jesus got their second wind on Pentecost –

a rush of Spirit that propelled them foreward.

After a Soul Cold Winter frozen in fear, 

they were fired forth and free. 

So, Who, How, What is this Wholly Spirit?

Most of us image God as Father/Creator, Son/Savior.

These we can “go figure” just a touch.

But spirit, much more Wholly Spirit?

“Spiritus” in Latin means wind, breath, breeze.

Pretty hard to “grasp” such,

get your hands on it,

get your head around it!!

Hildegard of Bingen, medieval mystic, seer and sayer,

prayerfully breaths the Wholly Spirit into our spirits:

                           Holy Spirit,

                 making life alive,

                 moving in all things,

                 root of all created being,

                 cleansing the cosmos of every impurity,

                 effacing guilt,

                 anointing wounds,

                 You are lustrous and praise-worthy life,

                 You awaken and re-awaken everything that is.”


Let's stop right here and take ten 

to let ourselves be Spirit Swept. 


          Ten Later

I need a lot more than that,

so I’m taking a line a week

this Pentecost Summer,


pondering this Wholly Spirit Prayer,

contemplating it, 

applying it,

seeking a second wind,

breathing this in,

being refreshed in such a breeze,

open to a rush of Spirit,

grateful to be fear freed and fired forth –

summer fresh, Spirit fresh.

A season of growth and fecundity.

How wonderful if we all do this together.

What do you say?

                  Your Spirit Brother,

                      John Frank





           Edited by Samuel H. Dresner


"I did not ask for success; I asked for wonder.

And you gave it to me."

"How should I live the life I am?"

"The road to the sacred leads through the secular."

So many more and much from this mystic who lived on

the street of everyday life and did so in wonder.


How wonderful that we meet and share here each week.

It's even more wonderful because so many new folks 

join us each of our weeks. Blessing upon blessing!   


                   frankly speaking


           is posted Thursday evenings

                east coast USA time.


Thursday, August 8, 2019


Dear All of Us,

Lots of blood spilled in the past two weeks -

               Gilroy - El Paso - Dayton - 

streets of Brooklyn, Chicago, Boston, Orange County and more.

Lots of words about it - yet again.


What to do?

Well, even with a cataract, this old man sees better than ever,

and it isn't necessarily "better."

I see that yes indeed it's "America the Beautiful."

I see that yes indeed it's "America the Violent."

The place called America is beautiful and plentiful 

"from sea to shining sea" - a treasure.

Americans enjoy free elections, travel, education, 

inventive entrepreneurship, lots of food, cars, private homes,

credit cards, excellent medical care, vacations - for some sometimes.

people called American are a living contradiction.

We treasure freedom and equality, but not at all equally for all - 

       Native Americans, African Americans, other people of color,

       the poor, LBGTQ folks, Muslims, Jews and any religious minorities

       legal immigrants - folks that are different than the majority.

Americans can be incredibly generous, and incredibly selfish -

        think Katrina relief, 

        think 99% and 1% wealth distribution.

Americans go to church a lot, and those churches do a lot of good.

Yet, hear the words of Jesus -

        The Beatitudes 

        the least is the greatest,

        do unto others as you would have them do unto you, 

        love God, neighbor, self 

        what you do to the least you do unto me

        love your enemies,

        those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword

        beware the yeast of the Pharisees

        the 126 times the Kingdom of God is mentioned,

and it is painfully clear we aren't any closer to Jesus and His Kingdom 

than the earth is to the farthest star.

Rather, a poor parody of patriotism has become our national religion.

The flag has replaced the cross.

Gross income replaces grace.

The church has failed to be a clear channel for Jesus and The Kingdom.

We have religion but not Kingdom Living -ideas, words, rituals, programs plus,

but not honest to God Jesus living and that 

in real, close, serving community.

Church leadership's example, practice and teaching are a muddle. 

They have
not addressed head on violence and inequality 

in an unabashed, straight up, practical way in our country and culture.

They have not led the church to a life of real, unequivocal non-violence 

and  warm, wide open equality.

How many "odd ducks," minority, street/homeless people, "poor things," 

are really welcomed, never mind recruited, for our churches?

Platitude for performance.

Play it safe and don't ruffle things up and diminish 

the church numbers and income.

Yes, some clergy and laity did sacrifice a lot to get  advancements 

for justice during the Civil Rights Movement.

They were the exception that proved the rule.

Overall, though, lots of statements, nothing effective.

I confess that in my pastoral practice I was a failure here too often.

Example: I caved under the pressure of another pastor with whom I served

and his insistence that our large church not have a Latino/a Ministry

in an area with a significant Latino/a population.

Passive violence, calculating exclusion.

Happily, I did have a vigorous Migrant Ministry at another church 

I served in the farm land of central Indiana.


In America there's the now routine call for gun control.

Well, yes. 

It's like cars. 

The more on the road the more fatalities there will be.

The math works for guns.

Yes, there is a manic madness about having lots of guns across the land.

We need to get over it.

But gun control, political and legal acts will not remedy

the violence and inequality that permeates 

the American psyche and experience.

Only redemption will.

That's because this country wove violence and inequality 

into it's make up, it's history and it's very constitution from the start.

White Europeans came here and brutalized the Native Americans,

taking their land and forcing them to uncivilized confinements.

Native Americans were exported for profit as slaves 

out from the port of Charleston.

We raided and captured Africans, importing them as slaves 

through Charleston and other ports.

We took human beings, created that way by God, 

and treated them not as God created them,

but as animals to be bought and sold.

While affirming a Declaration of Independence, 

               "We hold these truths to be self-evident,

            that all Men are created equal,

            that they are endowed by their Creator

            with certain inalienable Rights, 

            that among them are Life, Liberty, 

            and the Pursuit of Happiness",

slavery became American law and God's law was denied at our founding.

We killed over half a million of us in a national war about freedom and equality.

Those guns, the violence, all that carnage didn't do it, didn't remedy.

We give preference to violence - be that physical, social, political, economic,

digital, litigious - to address/redress problems.

Then there's video games!!!

And to say nothing of the politicians and governmental leaders 

who say way too much, way too often, way too far from truth or civility.

And oh, the out of control social media.

When it isn't trite and trivial it is sadly often incendiary.

To wit, Toni Morrison:

                "Oppressive language does more 

                 than represent violence.

                 It is violence."

By the Numbers:     

                 MASS SHOOTINGS USA        

      2017  - 32 - 225 dead                
      2018 - 25 - 140 dead                                      
      2019  - 23 - 131 dead (so far-little more than half a year)                     
             ( Associated Press 08-07-19 )


                          51     Klu Klux Klan 
                          112   Neo-Nazi  
                          148   White Nationalist
                            63     Racist Skinhead 
                          17     Christian Identity
                          36     Neo-Confederate
                          264   Black Nationalist
                          17     Anti-Immigrant
                          49     Anti-LGBT
                          100   Anti-Muslim
                          163   General Hate

                                    1020     Total

                    ( Southern Poverty Law Center )

                    See map
                    for state by state numbers

Remember the persecution heaped upon immigrant/religious groups

when they came to "the land of the free."

                                 Irish Catholic
                                 Italian Catholic
                                 Polish Catholic
                                 Puerto Rican
                                    and now
                                 Central Americans
                                 Muslims from many lands

Count the wars in our short history. 

How many could  be justified before God? 

Do politicians and corporate America need war and armaments -

violence and inequality -

as their power and profit source?

Remember Dwight Eisenhower - the military/industrial complex?

How can so few control so much to the detriment of so many?

Currently we are mired in a massive cultural conflict here in America, 

and there's a lot of anger boiling over. 

Violence and inequality.

America, for all its good and its strengths, has a deadly cancer.

It is racism, violence and inequality in a lethal combination.

Nothing short of radical surgery will save us.

We need a profound and honest rethink of who and how we are.

We need to correct our faulty foundation.

We need to see and confess our sin.

We need a conversion, a redemption.

It needs to be real and really spiritual.

We need to see, honor and rejoice in the equality of all people

and their basic freedom as children of God.

We need to look at others and see God.

We need to look at others and see ourselves.

God is indeed love and in God's love we are all one

with wondrous diversity.

That's God's idea and gift - not something to be violated.

When violated, it ruptures our country.

We need to focus on The Common Good, 

not the priority and privilege of the powerful few.

If our shared American Soul can be redeemed, 

we will live out genuine freedom and equality for all,

and do so from our hearts.

Our social structure will then embody them both.

Peace will flow from the rightness of it all.

We can't legislate our way to this.

We need to corporately get on our knees and repent.

That will lift us free from our shared lie and sin.

It will purify and enlighten.

It will open to a glorious future of freedom and equality in peace

for us, and I bet, for much of the world.

It will take open minded, large hearted, courageous  people,  

to go through a national confession, repentance and redemption.

Til then, more violence and inequality.

In the meantime, and it is mean right now,

what can we do, how should we be?

Well, each of us can go through our own  spiritual cleansing, 

one that will invigorate us for a life of peace lived in freedom 

and with an equality shared with all.

To do that we will need to seek Soul Mates, people with whom

we can be and live as a genuine community, 

one rooted in real and practical love of God, neighbor and self.

That means we need to be proactive in seeking, inviting and responding.

A leaven in the dough can raise it to a new fresh fullness.

               Nothing short of right will make things right.

                 Paradoxically we Americans  are slaves, 

                    slaves to violence and inequality.

                   May our emancipation come soon.

               "Peace I leave you; my peace I give to you.

                I do not give to you as the world gives.

                Do not let your hearts be troubled, 

                and  do not let them be afraid."


                           ( John 14:27 )

                        Peace be with you!

                            John Frank


                          PLEASE NOTE


                       "frankly speaking"


                   EAST COAST USA TIME.


                    Welcome and greetings 

                   to first time participation

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            How wonderful to be together here.


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