Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Dear All of Us,

So, spirituality is 

all about our life 

     in God. 

Well then, how

do we connect,

  how do we       



Some folks head off to

monasteries and ashrams.

Other sign on for 

all sorts of spirituality 

seminars and series.

Yet others look 

to find God 

in books of inspiration.

Some soak in various 

sorts of meditation. 

Some seek out gurus.

(Some even read 

spirituality blogs!!!)

Actually, it's quit easy 

to find God, because

   God isn't lost.

Never has been.

God is omnipresent.

    God simply




    of all that


 God "IS" the 




 in which all

    that be




   Omnipresent God

 "is" everywhere we are, 

no matter where we are

geographically, relationally, 

spiritually, consciously.

God got there first.

  Spirituality certainly 

is about seeking, though.

That seeking is to see, to


  ourselves and all else

     already in God.

  Eugene Patterson

sighted God like this:

   God Plays in a 

 Thousand Places 

  (superb book).

Buddha so woke up 

to all this that 

his very name means 


you're already there.

    Here we are

soul sensing together

and reminding ourselves

to wake up to the marvel, 

the mystery of God 

in our right here.

For me right now that


is in The Meditation Garden

     where I live 

and is God ever here.

It's a glorious 

Fall afternoon.

Overhead the fluffed clouds

are majestic white ships

slowly sailing on a 

sea of clear blue.

All about are pallets

of autumn richness,

spirit stirred in gentile 

      air dance.

Waking in the park 

     a bit ago I 

   God Sighted.

Children were at play,

seniors were sunning,

workers were  lunching.

There were all sorts, 

shapes, ages and 

colorations of us. 

Everywhere I look 

is good, is God,

showing that yes

   God Plays in a 

Thousand Places

Shortly God will ring true

in the carillon concert

      from nearby

Washington National 


Yes, we find God 

in all our here's

as we awake

to the presence:

  - we are held in God 

    as we hold 

    a new born

  - we sweat God 

    as we cut the grass 

    for an elderly neighbor 

    down the street

  - we savor God 

    in a glass of wine

    (make that two)

    paired with apple and brie

  - we catch on to God 

    a bit more as we 

    research and study

  - we awake to wonder 

    in the passionate intimacy

    of God's embrace

    in mystical moments 

  - we sing God in 

    the harmony and power 

    of our hymns

  - we struggle God 

    as we seek to right

    the twisting of Truth 

    in our society

 - we experience God

   as we care for the 


   those suffering need,

   the life orb that is

   Mother Earth.

Whatever our age

and maturity,

we are children 

of the Universe 



Endlessly More,

awakening to

  God Playing in 

a Thousand Places

right here, right now.

What a 


In God's Dear Love,

       John Frank




       to all here 

       first time,

       many times,


   "frankly speaking"

spirituality for the street


Wednesday afternoons

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     Here's to a great week 

         finding ourselves 

           and all that 


             in God. 




Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Dear All of Us,

Imaging people

driving backwards,

saying white is black,

black is white,

putting their 

right and left shoes

on the opposite foot,

flying from New York 

to Paris by way of 

Los Angeles and Sydney,

putting salt on 

their Cheerios 

and sugar on their

mashed potatoes?

Really pretty crazy, 

right, or is it left?

Given the above, 

and given that 

pot is so popular

and prevalent 

here in DC,

let me assure that

I've had nothing stronger 

than two cups of coffee this

"start - the - blog"

Monday morning.

That's really so and


is the question

of the day and of the

craziness above.

Let's see it and say it.

   We live in  a 

Mad Hatter world,

  one in free fall, 

   one that is 



 It's what the

Book of Revelation



It's like driving backwards 

on the freeway of shared life,

wrong directed, deadly:

dominance of the privileged,

possession for the few,

poverty for the masses,

a middle class 


into compliance, 

governance and commerce

too often operating 

at the moral level

of eighth grade 

playground bullies,

institutional religion 

captive and chaplain 

to Empire.

Unreal, wrong directed.

        Ah, but

       and there is 

   an "ah" and a "but."

   Jesus introduced,  



   "alternate facts"


      an alternate 

      faux reality,

         as in 


    but blessedly  

"Jesus announced, 

 lived, and inaugurated 

 for history a new social order.

 He called it The Reign of God, 

 The Kingdom of God... 

     REALLY REAL."   


This "kin-domain" 

is mentioned over 

eighty times in

The New Testament.

From the get go 

of his ministry, 

Jesus announced it

and detailed it:

"Jesus went  throughout Galilee 

teaching in their synagogues 

and proclaiming the good news 

of the kingdom..."

  Matthew 4:23 

The Sermon On The Mount 

is a wonderful "sampler"

in which Jesus explains living it 

 -  attitudes and actions  -

    Matthew 5:1-7:28


         REALLY REAL

       The Reign of God

     The Kingdom of God

         is community, 

      immediate and felt,

    a matter of the heart, 

        of coming alive

        at our center, 

 really accepting and living 

 the life and teaching of Jesus,

     caring and sharing,

  close in and way beyond,

in our communal here and now.

So we look to where we can find 

  God Love Lived Community

        The Reign of God

     The Kingdom of God

         REALLY REAL

If we can't find it, we found it.


Let's hear Jesus out,

    let his words

    Spirit Soak


infuse our hearts.

Let's apply them to 

who and how 

we are and can be 

as kingdom people.

    Some specific notetaking,

    practical, personal and 

    community applied, 

    might be a big help here:

 - what do we imagine

   it was like for people 

   to hear these words 

   directly from Jesus,

   living in the midst of 


   The Roman Empire,

   of their day? 

 - what is our initial reaction 

   to them?

 - what's the main point(s)

   that Jesus is sharing here? 

 - what do they mean for me/us

   as we are now?

 - what do they mean for me/us

   going forward - 

   how "be and do" them?

 - how about doing all this 

   with a Soul Friend or 

   with a small group from 

   our spiritual community,

   or those trying to find one?



   "These words I speak 

    to you are not 

    incidental additions 

    to your life, 

    homeowner  improvements 

    to your standard of living. 

    They are foundational words,

    words to build a life on."  (2)

   "Are you tired?

    Worn out?

    Burned out 

    on religion?

    Come to me.

    Get away with me

    and you'll recover 

    your life.

    I'll show you how 

    to take a real rest.

    Walk with me and 

    work with me -

    watch how I do it.

      Learn the unforced 

    rhythms of grace.

    I won't lay anything 

    heavy or ill-fitting 

    on you.

    Keep company 

    with me 

    and you'll learn 

    to live freely

    and lightly. (3)

  "In a word, 

   what I'm saying is 

        Grow up.

   You're kingdom subjects.

   Now live like it.

   Live out your 

   God-created identity.

   Live generously 

   and graciously

   toward others,

   the way God 

   lives toward you." (4)

  "Thy Kingdom come

   on earth as it is 

   in heaven" (5)

   and pray that be

right in our neighborhood,

perhaps even a small group

gathering in our home.

        For sure 


      John Frank


(1) Richard Rohr

      Daily Meditation, 

     November 15, 2020

(2) Matthew 7:24

     The Message

(3) Matthew 11:28-30

     The Message

(4) Matthew 5:48

     The Message

(5) Matthew 6:10


 An aid to participating in 

 a spiritual community 

 that is actually, practically, 

 given to living together 

   The Reign of God

   The Kingdom of God

   The Really Real 

follows for reflection and prayer 

on our own/with others.

Just scroll down.



       "REALLY REAL!"



     "frankly speaking"

 spirituality for the street


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" The kingdom of heaven

  is like a treasure 

  hidden in a field,

  which a man found 

  and hid again; 

  and from joy over it 

  he goes and sells 

  all he has and 

  buys that field." 


   Matthew 13:44

        It's the



 and what a find!!

In today's terms,

what does it mean 

to "buy in" completely,

like the man in 

the example Jesus gives?

What's it cost?

Jesus did not found a religion.

He offered joining together 

to live in The Reign of God.

Those who did so

were originally called

  "Followers of the Way."

Eventually their shared life 

was formalized in 

a structured way.

It became a religion

and took many forms 

as it does today.

Constantine converted

that into Empire,

into the state religion.

The result was not

religion pure and simple.

Richard Rohr summarized 

the coopting of Christianity 

by Empire:

      "It's possible to trace 

      the movement of Christianity  

      from the earliest days until now. 

      In Israel, Jesus and the early "church" 

      offered people an experience; 

      it moved to Greece, 

      and it became a philosophy.

      When it moved to Rome 

      and Constantinople,

      it became an organized religion.

      Then it spread to Europe,

      and it became a culture.

      Finally, it moved to North America

      and became a business...

      Even inside each of these iterations,

      as misguided as they were 

      - and still are today -

      humble, loving, people emerged

      in every one of them.


       "Jesus and the Empire"

       "Another Name for Everything"

        session 3, episode 4, March 7, 2020

What do you understand 

the above to mean for 

the structure and experience 

of religion as we have it today?

How much is it 

     Jesus experience,





 "By their fruits 

   you will 

   know them."


  Matthew 7:16

In all honesty, what's the 

spiritual "fruit" produced

by the religious community

to which we belong 

or are considering?

In what ways is it, 

or is it not,

an actual living together of 

The Beatitudes and 

The Sermon On The Mount?

Matthew 5:1 to 7:28

Let' be specific.

   "Let me give you 

     a new commandment:

     Love one another.

     In the same way 

     I have loved you, 

     you love one another.

     This is how people 

     will recognize that 

     you are my disciples -  

     when they see 

     the love you have 

     for each other."


       John 13:34-35

When people stop by 

the religious community 

to which we belong 

or are considering,

how much mutual love,

Jesus-like love,

do they see,

is vibrating, 

all over the place?

What is there to be


Do we find 

for real disciples?

Let's detail the level 

and likes of the love 

lived there.

What are ten 

perfect examples of it,

or the sad failure of it?

Jesus taught us to pray

 "Thy kingdom come.

  Thy will be done,

  on earth as in heaven."

      Mathew 6:10

Let's detail how our

our spiritual community,

or one we may be considering,

is like The Kingdom of Heaven,

as Jesus lived and taught it,

or not so.

Would we dare claim 

that heaven is like 

this community?

How so?

We face a critical time,

a tipping point, globally.

  - the rise of fascist 


  - sheer, bedrock truth

    perverted, pulverized 

    into contrived,

    self serving sand

    that just can't hold

    up to reality

  - an environment 

    so abused it teeters

    on exhaustion 

    and inability 

    to sustain life

  - the "haves" having most

    and the "have nots"

    not having enough

  - unfaced and unresolved 

    racial and ethnic evil

  - an inability to live diversity

    in unity

How is this 

spiritual community 

out front in addressing 

all this and offering practical

Jesus Solutions, or not?

What are they?

Jesus said:

    "I am the way, 

     the truth 

     and the life."

      John 14:6

How does this community

genuinely live and share 

      that "way"

      that "truth"

      that "life"

of Jesus, or fail to do so?


So, what do we do?

As mentioned above 

in this week's posting,

we find or found a community, 

one that, however imperfect,

together embraces and lives 

what Jesus gives -

   "Jesus announced, lived, 

    and inaugurated for history 

    a new social order.

    He called it The Reign of God, 

    The Kingdom of God...

            REALLY REAL" (1 above)

See you in church.

That might be 

across town.

That might just be 

in your living room

or your back yard.

Wherever, may it be








Wednesday, October 13, 2021



Dear All of Us,

I'm in recovery.

My addiction lasted

seventy five years -

from age six 

to just this Spring.

It started in 1946

with my first radio.

I was hooked.

I became a

Broadcast News 


Early on it was 

the sonorous tones of 

H.V. Kaltenborn

reporting the news

on NBC Radio.

There was 

Lowell Thomas

on CBS Radio

signing off with 

the likes of

"So long for now 

from Kathmandu."

As a seven year old in

Battle Creek, Michigan,

I'd regularly stop in 

at the two radio stations

downtown as the

news and weather 

were being broadcast.

I was out of my mind crazy 

when once the announcer 

on the other side 

of the glass wall said,

"We have a cute 

little redhead visiting us

here in the studio 

this afternoon."

i didn't wash my right hand 

for ten years after shaking hands 

with the CBS sage, Eric Sevareid.

As a young adult I bumped into 

Walter Cronkite at the A&P

in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard.

I forced myself to refrain from 

asking him to autograph my bag of flour.

On and on right up to 

Judy Woodruff and the

PBS News Hour.

The nightly news was 

 a sacrosanct must.

Things had to fit in around it.

News Specials outflanked

all but Sunday Church.

Broadcast News Addict

        for sure.

Could never get enough.

Enough with "enough."

I recently realized 

( more than a 

slow learner here )

I was getting

too much that was being talked about 

too much that just wasn't all that 

much good, 

much less 

much good news

in the first place.

In others words: 

Too much of not too much!

These days I check

The Washington Post online,

read a few select articles,

but don't give it 

obsessive time 

or attention -

want to be informed 

but not fixated.

Old age has forced me

to realize I need 

to be judicious

about where I invest 

attention and time.

What does claim my 

attention and time

these days is a major flip 

for me of news reporting.

These days I encourage

us all to be


announcing news of

a wonderfully fresh 

and hopeful sort.

It's called 


    Good News,


What a lift in 

a down time. 

How encouraging 

to hear and see 

so many being the 

medium and message

of the real and positive

as they broadcast 

 The Good News

Mostly they do it 

by their life style,

their living love 

in simple, 

everyday ways.

They are honest, 

hope filled,

generous, caring, 

sharing and creative.

They live the life of Jesus.

They are "networked" as 

     WTL Radio



     THE WAY



In the midst of 

today's deadly 

Evil Empire 

spinning us 

to destruction, 

they stabilize. 

They are beautifully alive 

and enlivening.

They right things 

in the midst of wrong.

They live the 

Love Who Is God,

personally and practically.

Their "live" broadcasts

gives clear channel to

   The Good News 



They do this in 

their own frequencies,

right where they are, 

just as they are.

They are partners and parents,

warehouse workers, neighbors, 

artisans, investors, teachers, 

farmers, bus drivers, retirees,

technicians, shop keepers,

school board members... 

- all living 

          God Love

 really, personally and locally.

Simple example.

The other day I struggled 

to get off the bus 

with my little shopping cart.

It was filled to the brim 

(had a couple bottles

of wine in there)

and was it ever heavy.

Trying to exit I realized that

the gap between the bus 

and the curb was such that 

in no way could

I navigate that stretch.

I was stuck and 

the bus driver was getting antsy.

A black man and a white man

at the bus stop took over.

They reached in, 

took my cart over the gap

with smiles and good cheer.

In a city with 

sadly significant

racial tension, 

that outreach 

and united effort

   sure was

  Good News

Those men and 

so many more

are out here on 

the street of

everyday life.

They are and 

are casting broadly

The Good News Live.

   They are you! 


     Thank You!

Your broadcast partner

         John Frank



The above posting was written

a few weeks ago before last week's

     "A Week from Hell"

So glad it was in the queue.

This past week was less hellish -

   "A Week in Purgatory"

Can't wait for 

    "A Week in Paradise"

My family and I thank 

so many of you 

who offered

so much support.

You are dear and

we are grateful.



Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Dear All of Us,

It's been "a week from hell."

In the past seven days

my family and I

have dealt with

difficulty, dislocation,

distress and disability

compounding all over 

each otherloss of

home and work

to serious and

long term injury.

Gone are convenience,

comfort, control.

It feels like

the Israelites

living out of a 

suitcase in the 

desert of nowhere.

Like them, 

we and

all dislocated

have two options.

We can face

our instability,

trust Yahweh

to stabilize us

in this distress

and keep on truck'n

across this desert

of dislocation.

Or, we can

take things

into our own hands,

disconnect from


fashion our own gods

for resolution

and get what

the Israelites got

more mess and misery.

Please pray for us

and all in our 

world family

suffering dislocation:

divorce, abandonment,  

migration, war,

flood, fire, COVID,

betrayal, impoverishment,

depression and painfully

too much more.

As upset and scared

as we are,

we trust and truck.

John Frank