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                                                                John Frank



                                                                   PART 1

Hi There !

So, meet Matt. As Sy Syms used to say on T.V. about his haberdashery, "You're gonna like it."

Matt is just plain good - a good soul, good character, good friend, good worker, good pastor,

and he likes a good time. At this time Matt is transferring to another denomination.

Quite a story there, and a lot of courage to boot. The Ministry Committee of the new denomination

will vote on accepting Matt as a pastor among them after he submits an umpteen page paper

on his beliefs and is then quizzed by the committee on those beliefs.

In the words of Winnie the Pooh, " O Bother!," and it really is.  I know. I served for years on

the Priests' Personnel Board, as well as committees on candidacy and ordination. In addition,

I mentored  two generations of candidates as they prepared for their time at bat,

sometimes " in the ring," with their Ministry Committees. I saw and felt it from both sides and let me

tell you the whole thing is terribly lop sided!! It's a bother and a lot worse. The whole process

is flawed at its core, as are way too many other approaches to belief. Mostly, and unfortunately,

belief has been equated with theological concept and construct - do you believe this or that

this or that way? 

This rather fatal flaw flows from all the way back to the Enlightenment and the Reformation.

The church in the western world decided to do poetry with pulley and lever!! They mixed the media.

It was like trying to emulsify oil and water with more water. Now, poetry and oil are fine,

as are pulley, lever and water. It's just that they are different. Unfortunately, for Ministry

Committees, and in most religious settings, belief came to mean theological construct

worked into doctrine and dogma. To accommodate to the rational/scientific emphasis

of the Enlightenment, the western church tried to do art by science. Concept replaced

experience and encounter. Most fully and purely, belief is  experiencing  The Ultimate, God.

Theology is the science of commenting on, conceptualizing about that experience.

That is sand lot ball to the major leagues!!

If you don't care for baseball, let's try another example. How about sex? That usually does the trick.

The difference between belief and theology is like the difference between making love

and reading a book about making love. Take your pick!! The result has been that the western church

hasn't had good sex for centuries, good love making, soul to God, God to soul, and that's what belief

is first and foremost is. No wonder so many are bailing from the western church and trying to find

what is missing by sleeping around in all sorts of less than full ideological/behavioral locations.

Conceptualizing about love making is fine. Might even enhance things in bed a bit.

But, no intellectualizing, no scientific study about love making is

                                                 THE REAL DEAL!!

"God is love" ( 1 John 4:8 ), and belief is primarily being in that Love. To put the whole thing

in yet another way, the western church hunkered down in the lab ( science )  and forgot how to get to

the love chamber ( art ). Of course I am overstating for sure, but really not that much.

Yes, no ( how's that for literary whiplash?) wonder church folks are heading for the exit signs,

while younger people don't have spiritual GPS's calibrated to even locate a church.

They know that experience, merger in the mystery of it all, comes first. Comment and concept are a

distant second. Go to too many Ministry Committees and churches and you get mostly ideas about,

but not experience of, the spiritual, The Ultimate, of God, no matter the media and music employed.

                                                              PART 11

So, ok, what then is belief in its full flowering?  Well, I suggested to Matt that he might risk telling

the Ministry Committee that they would get the best take on his beliefs if they shadowed him

for a week, checked out his lived experience.  Nothing original here. Jesus pegged it long ago:

" By their fruits you will know them " ( Matthew 7:16 ). Paul picks up on this in

Galatians 5: 22-23 and sings a beautiful song about "The Fruits of the Spirit."

They are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness , goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self

control. Bring 'em on!!

Those fruits flow from  being in an alive and enlivening relationship with The Spirit, not from

stating I believe this or that in this or that way.

The ancient roots of the word belief mean "trust," and "acceptance." Full bore belief is so trusting

that I want to accept you completely, so completely that we are one.

"Belief" is really "be-life" together. Belief means  I "be-life' in you and you "be-life" in me.

The word belief's kissing cousin is faith. The Latin root of faith is " fidere,"

"to trust," "loyalty to a person."  Kissing cousins for sure! Belief, then, is shared life.

Friends and lovers know this. They "believe" in each other because they indeed "be-life" together.

Belief is union, love making, communion, tight together. Paul calls it grace.

Belief is about heart/core experience -

                                               THE REAL DEAL.

Theology and its doctrinal, dogmatic expressions are strictly head deals.

Now, not to try to impress you ( of course not!!), I have a box of degrees and teaching experiences

that have to do with such head matters (philosophy and theology), and I still dabble.

But I gotta tell you, as an old man quickly heading for what's next, the experience of The Ultimate,

of God, of Love Unlimited, is way more important than any notions about it. On my death bed

I really won't want my theological library with me. I will want for real to fall into the

                                                      REAL DEAL

to "be-life" with it. This is not to be anti-intellectual, non-theological at all. Theology can help us

clarify a lot of life issues. St. Anselm way back in the Middle Ages, said that "Theology is faith

seeking understand." Even though he and most theologians and church leaders before and after him

got pretty well carried away with head stuff (how many angels can you get

on the head of a pin? - I kid you not), they did have a counter balance  in the mystical,

experiential tradition and experience. After they did their head stuff,

through liturgy, sacrament,  lectio divina, fasting, meditation and contemplation they enjoyed a

profound mystical life. That was certainly true from the get go after Jesus with ordinary people.

There were councils, and doctrines, and creeds galore, but there always were the people of

of simple, deep, real belief, people experiencing

                                                   THE REAL DEAL.

What's been deadening  Christianity in the western church over these past few centuries since The

Enlightenment, is the substitution of doctrinal assent for belief in its full flower reality of a lived

intimacy with God.

It's almost: agree to doctrine, go to church, sleep only with your spouse and you are

a card carrying "believer."   Again, I admit to over simplification. There were lots and lots of

ordinary folk who lived a real grace life. My mother was one of them. It's just that so much

church life was so tribal and spiritually impoverished.  As a pastor for fifty years I can tell you that

the absolutely hardest thing ever was to draw church goers into love making with God, all day,

every day, everywhere, everyway.  There was church and then there was "real life," which was

anything but!!

Good religion is a shared experience of the spiritual. It does have doctrine and ritual.

At their best they are doors to the mystery, to the spiritual, to real experience of God.

Going through those doors opens the way to belief, to  "be-life," in the Unlimited Life that is God.

I remember as a young man reading Thomas a Kempis' Imitation of Christ. In a very unique setting

he said that he would rather feel compunction than know how to spell it.

So it is with belief.

In a secondary way belief is for sure assent to doctrinal statements, but only a secondary way.

Pure, full belief is a trusting, acceptance that merges us into a shared existence with God.

That's sublime!!

That's "believe-able."

Thanks so much for your company on this long journey.

May Matt, his Ministry Committee, and all of us find our lives being one great big "Yes" to

                                              THE REAL DEAL.

It'll make all the difference in the world  and so will we.

                                                   John Frank

     Just found this, so here's a

                                                   PART 111

The cover story for the current ( April 27, 2017 ) issue of Christian Century magazine

is a perceptive, sensitive telling entitled Why We Need Mary Oliver's Poetry,

An Invitation to Wonder.. It comes from Debra Dean Murphy. She says way better then I did above

what needs to be said about where and how we are, and what church leaders need to grasp,

better yet, let themselves be grasped by!!!

                            The reasons  for the deep draw to poetry are no doubt many,

                            but perhaps in this cultural moment we are discovering a

                            particularly salient one: the failure of arguments.

                            Propositional speech and expository writing

                            have always been limited in their power to move and convince,

                            which is why the best orators and authors throughout history

                            have won over their audiences with poetic speech -

                            language rife with image, metaphor, ambiguity, and lyricism

                            and uninterested in didacticism and moralizing.

                            For Christians who recognize the dreariness of staking one's life

                            solely on a list of propositions to be assented to,

                            poetry turns out to be "like fire for the cold, ropes let down to the lost,

                            something as necessary as bread in the pockets of the hungry."


                                                With warm gratitude to Debra.

                                                              PART lV 

                           (which was to be Part 111 until the above appeared and blessed )

This week's posting surely is this "week's"!!!!

It  has sharings that I hope you will agree can be spiritually savored over the whole week.

One way and many another, we are focused on

                                                - what we do with ourselves           
                                               - what others do to us

                                               - in terms of how

                                                  we are one

                                                  with One

                                               -  are stunted and deprived

                                                  in that oneness.

It's all a matter of belief - where we put ourselves

and/or let others put us, and probably both.

In the physical ream,

we are what we eat.

Food becomes body.

In the spiritual realm

we are what we believe.

Belief determines person and life.

So, let's savor a rich variety of sharings on belief.

They touch on belief firstly as a trusting acceptance

into a loving, "life- ing" Oneness.

They touch on belief in a secondary way

as glimpses pointing us

to that loving, 'life-ing" Oneness.

In other words,

some refer us to the


Others refer us to its


It is recommended that we give extra attention to those that

really speak to our center,

meditate on them,

let them address us,

and then journal some on this.


                                           You become what you believe -

                                            not what you wish or want

                                            but what you truly believe.

                                            Wherever you are in life,

                                            look at your beliefs.

                                            They put you there.

                                                                               Oprah Winfrey


                                             Man is made by his beliefs.

                                             As he believes,

                                             so he is.

                                                                                Bhagavad Gita


                                             Your mind cannot possibly understand God.

                                             Your heart already knows.



                                              By love He may be gotten and holden,

                                              but by thought and understanding never.

                                                                                   Cloud of Unknowing


                                               It is only with the heart

                                               that one can see rightly.

                                               What is essential

                                               is invisible

                                               to the eye.

                                                                                   Antoine de Saint-Exuprey


                                                To meditate

                                                 is to listen with

                                                 a receptive heart.



                                                The more you know

                                                the less you understand.

                                                                                    Lao Tzu


                                                  We often confuse spiritual knowledge

                                                   with spiritual attainment.

                                                   Spirituality is not a matter of knowing scriptures

                                                   and engaging in philosophical discussions.

                                                   It is a matter of heart culture,

                                                   of unmeasurable strength.

                                                                                        Mahatma Gandi


                                                    Your reality is a reflection

                                                     of your strongest belief.



                                                       Theologians may quarrel,

                                                        but the mystics of the world

                                                        speak the same language.

                                                                                              Meister Eckhart


                                                         Sometimes your belief system

                                                          is really your fears

                                                          attached to rules.

                                                                                          Shannon L. Alder


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                                  Folks new to our sharing here are invited

                                  to a little orientation by reading

                                  What's Going On Here?, top right of this page.

























Saturday, April 22, 2017


Hi There !

So, please allow me to share a goodness.

Her name is Caly McCarthy.

I sense she is a young Mary Oliver in the making.

Like Mary Oliver, Caly has the gift

to see and say

what we need

to see and hear.

Caly calls her latest offering

Holy Obligations.

Truth to tell,

many of us chafe at, even resist,

any sort of obligation, holy or not:

"Don't fence me in,"

"I'm my own man,"

"I can't be tied down."

For sure, some obligations are toxic.

Others are enlivening.

Whether we chose to see it or not, though,

we all have obligations.

The word obligation

is rooted in the Latin obligatio,

which means " to bind."

The question is to what/whom do we "bind" ourselves?

                       - creativity

                       - hoarding

                       - untrammeled egoism

                       - altruism

                       - truth perversion

                       -  spiritual exercises

                       - nature nurture

                       - materialism and the militarism

                         that guards, even kills, for it

                       - cosmic concern

                       - police state or peoples' state

                       - environmental reverence

                       - economic/financial promiscuity

                       - spiritual awaking

                       - celebrating diversity/excluding otherness

Way long ago the question was crisply spoken in Deuteronomy 30:19

                                       " I have set before you

                                          life and death,

                                          blessing and curse:

                                          therefore choose life,

                                          that both you

                                          and your seed

                                          may live."

Holy Obligations also puts before us life and death.

May we embrace the opportunity of

Holy ( Holistic ) Obligations

binding us to life.

We must slow down.
We must cultivate the light touch,
the grateful heart,
the spirit that cries out in joy
for the sun upon a sycamore tree,
the toddling steps of a young one,
the sweetness of a sugar snap pea
harvested from the small patch near the mailbox.
We must stop on our busiest of days
to sit on a bench and be.
No phones,
no books,
no earbuds,
just us and the wind
that smothers us in kisses,
tussling our hair
and reminding us
that we are only the most recent
force of nature.

There is much beyond our control:
the weather,
the mystery of love,
the sacred acts of birth and death.
We must recognize the legitimacy
of these forces
and be mindful of our interventions.
We must forever strive
to be co-creators, not conquerors,
partners in conversation,
well-accustomed to the art of compromise.

Rather than force entry
into these areas where we’d best not meddle,
we must act where do have agency.
Conflict might be inevitable,
but war is not.
Rape is not.
Poverty is not.
Mass extinction is not.
These are choices we make
when we have denied dignity
to our brothers and sisters
in the name of God,
the free market,
national security,
and sometimes,
no name at all,
just because we felt like it.

We must stop normalizing violence.
We must start valuing life,
this feat of existence
which has persisted through supernovas, and comets,
and ice ages, and floods, and fires,
We simply must.

                             Caly McCarthy

After quiet stillness with Holy Obligations,

may I suggest that we take a day,

or a week of days,

to let surface in us

and then  journal

that to which we bind ourselves:

             - To what ideologies do I bind myself?

             - To what practices do I bind myself?

             - To what people and places do I bind myself?

              -To what things do I bind myself?

             - Do these bindings open

               to Fullness.

               to Reality,

               or do they



               even destroy




               and things?

This spiritual exercise can be a  healthy course corrective

as we move along the street of right here, right now life,

a spirituality for the street.

Many thanks to Caly and to you

for this chance to bind and bond here.

                   John Frank


New postings are toward the end of each week.



Saturday, April 15, 2017


Hi There !

So, I read it years ago.

All I remember is the title: Hope for the Flowers.

That I have often recalled.

Good piece of poetry that it is,

that title has spoken meanings

as varied as an English Garden

to my inner self over the years..

That was true in the first part of March.

We had the beginnings of an early Spring

with a spate of unseasonably warm days.

Our neighborhood thawed a bit.

Folks were out  talking together

and washing their cars,

kids  were out in shorts and tee shirts.

That's not all that was out.

In our front yard some crocuses pushed up

from their winter confinement

and started to open out in delightful colors.

Then the cruel, cutting winds of winter

rushed down the canyon of our streets

and got really serious about reverting to winter.

We had a for real blizzard,

over a foot of snow!!

This time the neighbors were out again,

trying to keep ahead of the snow fall.

Gone were easy conversation and kids in shorts and tee shirts.

Gone, too, the tender little crocuses,

frozen out of existence, buried in cold white.

It all seemed rather deadly and  cruel.

There was no hope for the flowers.

In the neighborhood of our world and the yards of our lives,

all sorts of good and wonderful things start to come out:

peace, cooperation, love, generosity, creativity, sharing, welcoming diversity.

Then comes the rush of cruel, cutting winds

to stunt and stymie their growth:

pettiness, jealous, incivility, narrow nationalism, insensitivity,

wholesale truth shredding, the marginalized pushed over the edge.

Frigidity sets in and we all retreat inside and close the doors.

Pretty wretched.

Not much hope for the flowers.

But in no way the end of things, either .

Enter Easter.

Easter, the definitive act that means there really is

Hope For the Flowers and all the rest of us after all,

as deadly as things may get..

Cruel, cutting winds rushed across Calvary. 

Jesus was stunted and stymied.

All the beautiful goodness he was

seemed to be completely shriveled up in death.

He was wrapped in white, entombed in defeat.

Within in him, though, was the very vitality of God.

It burst forth, broke the power of death and defeat.

Jesus blossomed out in a resurrection of love and glorious life,

eager to welcome, share  and incorporate all in that loving vitality.

There is Hope for the Flowers, and the future,

and the neighborhoods of our world, and the yards of our lives,

and all the rest of us.

So, hey, " Allelulia, Allelulia.,"

which is a rather tame way of shouting

"Holy shoot!! We're gonna make it!!,"

Enjoy the hope and the jelly beans, too!!

                  John Frank


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Friday, April 14, 2017


                                                              Welcome !

                                                         This whole week,

                                                            HOLY WEEK,

                                      daily postings are offered here for reflection

                                                    as we focus on our theme,

                                               HOLINESS IS WHOLENESS.

            These reflections are a follow up to the blog posted here last Saturday, April 8, 2017,

                                                        WHOLE IN ONE.

                                      It would be helpful to read that piece first.

                      Just scroll down past the postings for Monday through Thursday.


                                                             John Frank


                                           A man who was completely innocent,

                                          offered himself as a sacrifice of others,

                                                      including his enemies,

                                           and became the ransom of the world.

                                                        It was a perfect act.

                                                                                                        Mahatma Gandi


                                                 Unless the grain of wheat

                                                 falls to the earth and dies,

                                                 it remains just a grain of wheat.

                                                 But if it dies,

                                                 it produces much fruit.

                                                                                                        ( John 12; )


                                                The ones who counts are those who -

                                                though they  may be of little renown -

                                               respond to and are responsible for

                                               the continuation of the living spirit,

                                               each in the active stillness

                                               of his sphere of work.

                                                                                                   Martin Buber


                                          These pains you feel are messengers.

                                                            Listen to them. 



                                                   When I let go of what I am,

                                                    I become what I might be.

                                                                                                    Lao Tze


                                                    Faith means being grasped

                                                    by a power that is greater than we are,

                                                    a power that shakes us and turns us,

                                                    and transforms us and heals us.

                                                    Surrender to this power is faith.

                                                                                                       Paul Tillich


                                                                  ELOI, ELOI  

                                                             MY GOD, MY GOD

                                             There, where was the frame of an infant,

                                             the limbs of a lad, the mature mind of a man.

                                             There, from cradle to tomb, dwelt God.

                                              There, on human lips, from a human heart,

                                              spoke the Word of God.

                                              There, beyond the compass of a created soul,

                                              the uncreated Spirit of God.

                                             And there he hung, scorned and dying,

                                             on the abominable cross where we set him.

                                             Yet there, and thence forever, he proclaims

                                             the irrefutable, irresistible Gospel of God,

                                             calling mankind, calling me:

                                             - summoning us to undying victory

                                             along roads where no trumpets sound,

                                             nor temporal profits count,

                                             but faith only, and faithfulness unto death;

                                             Eloi, Eloi.

                                             O my Lord, lead me safe through all the tests,

                                             the darknesses, the pains.

                                             Help me hold fast the beginnings of my confidence

                                             firm unto the end.

                                             Eloi, Eloi, stretch forth thy wounded hands

                                             to succor mine.

                                             Never wilt though forsake me,

                                             never let me forsake thee,

                                             my living, only God.

                                                                                  Palm Sunday Eucharist 2017
                                                                                  St. Peter's Church
                                                                                  Morristown, New Jersey


                                                       My life is not about me;

                                                       it is about God,

                                                       and God is about Love.

                                                                                                Richard Rohr                  
                                                                                                Daily Email
                                                                                                December 2,2016
                                                                                                Center for Action and Contemplation