Thursday, September 26, 2019


Dear All of Us,

"Cosmic Consequence"???

What the heck is coming down here?

Just h
ow "far out" is this blog going to go?

Does it signal that I am now certifiably
"spaced out"?

Well, let's find out.

You decide for yourself about the "spaced out" question.

As for me, I'd like to use this space to sense 

the sacredness and expanse of small good things,

supposed simple things, 

things that are far, far from that.

These supposed simple things are as far from simple 

as Topeka is from the galaxy MACSO647-RD.

That's 13.3 billion light years away. 

Now that's a lot of far.

In fact, t
hese simple good "small things" have cosmic reach and effect.

They are integral to the wholeness of creation, 

the unity and vitality of the universe.

As such t
hey are as well very much a part of our spiritual living

out here on the street of everyday life.

What a stretch - street to stars.! 


So, come on n

Be adventuresome!

Be a sport and slug through this next paragraph.

It's important.

And i
t's a challenge for sure.

Hoping you're still there, here goes!!

Physicists, noetic and neuro scientist among others tell us 

that absolutely every movement, mood, motion of ours

actually has an impact to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

Those movements, moods, motions of ours 

are energy let lose in the union that is us

in this sphere of existence we share.

They are universal.

cosmic peeks to ponder:

         - "Consciousness is somehow linked into 

            the behavior of the quantum world."

                        Dean Radin, Ph.D.
                        Senior Scientist,

                        Institute of Noetic Science.

             - Speaking of the universe as an energy field -

           "The field is the only reality."

                         Albert Einstein

          - "This is a participatory universe. 

             Everything we do is changing it."

                          Elizabet Sahtouri

                          Evolutionary Biologist

           - "Reality isn't an it. 
              It is a relationship between the parts.

              It only takes form when relationship happens."

                           Marilyn Schlitz

                           President, CEO 

                           Institute of Noetic Science

             - Scientists reference:

                              - quantum entanglement

                              - nothing and no one are fundamentally separate

                                          - that we and everything are connected at all times

                              - that what we do at the immediate, local level 

                                really does effect the global 

                                as well as the cosmic environment

                              - the primordial mind matter interaction.

- for a fine and fuller treatment of all this please see below for 

                                     I Am 

  it's a lot more interesting and much clearer than I just made it!!

- by the way, the mystic have been on to all this for centuries.  

  They just used a different think/talk manner.

We are beginning to notice some big badconsequences in our shared sphere: 

climate change, conflicted migration, social inequality and instability, 

space junk and armament.

's critical to take such notice.

Just as critical is it to notice 

the supposed simple good little things 

that really aren't simple or little at all.

They are profoundly and powerfully good.

They have a telling effect on our here and now 

and all the way out as far as far goes.

They are energy let loose 

in the vastness of cosmic all togetherness.

Our hyped media blitz, 

and too much of our educational establishment, miss that.

We don't dare.

These simple things are part of
the swirl that holds us together.

These simple good things are like spirit sinews

that unite and energize us in space place.

They are energies of being, indeed of Being.

They are The Love Who Is God happening, bonding, energizing 

out here on the street of everyday living

and right on out to all that is.

The effect is here and now.

It's also "far out."

These supposed simple good little things are

Love let loose and gone cosmic.

They are
part of our endless energy field.

No limit or telling its reach and effect.

It is more commonly called God.

These simple good little things that are so vital 

are also ever so immediate, personal, and practical. 

They can happen in the supermarket, driving, at work, on the weekends,

in our families, at a restaurant, walking on the street, at the library  - 

anywhere anytime.

They become part of everywhere all the time -

part of the vastness of our shared ONENESS.

Yes, spins the head for sure.

So let's be a bit more local, personal and practical.

These simple sacred things are like this: 

    - You're on line at the supermarket - it was a hell of a day at work - 

      you have a full cart to be checked out - you're tired and stressed  - 

      you just want to get home and crash/chill - there's this fat, ugly

      "poor thing" behind you on line with a loaf of bread and some milk 

       to check out - in "for real" love you say, simply and sensitively:

      "Hey, you go first. I've got a lot to check out. It's going to take a while" - 

       Positive energy let loose in the universe. 

       No "small thing."

      - There's a dirty, odd ball, homeless young man sitting on the sidewalk

      staring into space. You go get him a pizza - 

      Positive energy let loose in the universe.

      No "small thing." 

    - Your spouse, partner, kid is over the top and totally illogical.

      Instead of pointing that out you listen and listen and just stay tuned.

      Positive energy let loose in the universe.

      No "small thing."

      - Your libido is on a rampage  - you see the perfect answer 

      to its pulsations walking down the street - instead of a fantasy bedding 

      you embrace that person in you heart 

      with the pure enfoldment of God's Love.

      Positive energy let loose in the universe.

      No "small thing."

    - You go vegetarian and eat only local, in-season foods - 

      nothing beyond staples shipped in from another growing zone -

      that means strawberries only in season where you live.

      Positive energy let loose in the universe.

      No "small thing."

   - You see a couple with a gorgeous little baby and tell them so.

     Positive energy let loose in the universe.

     No "small thing."

   - You refuse to let going to your in-laws for Sunday dinner 

     drag you into a bad mood and so you mood move yourself 

     to friendly mellow.

     Positive energy let loose in the universe.

     No small thing.

   - Instead of watching Unreality TV, you let The Spirit draw you 

     into quiet, deepest Reality.

     Positive energy let loose in the universe.

     No "small thing."

All these simple good "small things" weave energy fibers 

into a fabric if goodness 

far beyond the just now, just here.

It's so grace!

It's so Godly!

In the very best sense of things they are wholly, truly holy.

They sure as the heavens make for a positive 

                COSMIC CONSEQUENCE.


Great to do this little bit of cosmic travel together.

Thanks for the good and patient company,

especially with paragraph four!!!.

Thanks for your willingness to "space out"

in the Energy Field That Is God's Love,

                   John Frank



Three excellent DVD's for prayer pondering



- Christ Cosmology and Consciousness 

      - a reframing of how we see

                  Richard Rohr

   Center for Action and Contemplation

- The Human Experience

- I Am  

  Tom Shadyac

  available in libraries and on ebay

  This DVD is truly exceptional.

  It will rock your boat!!

  It will touch your soul.

  It will move you right to Real.


Welcome to those joining in here for the first time.

You are a blessing.

opefully our weekly sharing here is that to you.

 New postings go online

 Thursday evenings

 east coast USA time.


See you next week!






Thursday, September 19, 2019


Dear All Of Us,

It's great that each week we are "All Together" here at "frankly speaking". 

We come from many lands, ethnicities, cultures, religions. 

For all our variants, we are quite genuinely all together here, 

focused on our spiritual lives.

More properly put, we are focused on living spiritually. 

The limits of language! 

Actually there is no such thing as our "spiritual life," something apart, 

something occasional and distinct from good old garden variety everyday life. 

The spiritual is the energy of our living. 

The Latin "spiritus" means breathing, breath, breeze.

The spiritual is what animates, moves. 

Take it way and you have a corpse. 

Minimize it and you have a stalled soul.

Sure, there are spiritual practices - meditation, prayer, worship, 

lectio divina, fasting, alms giving, spiritual direction. 

They are times and activities to focus, refresh, guide our living spiritually.

So, let's take a closer look as we open ever more 

to the delight, indeed, divinity, yet often difficulty, 

of living spiritually and that


                            All Together.

For better or worse - aware our unaware - at our core and

all the way up  to the surface and immediacy of right now, right here,  

to our sweaty/sweet living on the street of everyday life, we are all together.

The fact that too many are not aware of this basic all togetherness 

is the root of so much of the loneliness, alienation 

and hostility that haunts our streets.

See a spectrum, center to surface, as well as across our living: 

              pain to delight, limit to wide open, 

              minimal to full bore, evil to good, 

              but see us always in life all together.


       - auto accident, man pinned under a car, group gathers to lift the car and 

         free the man - leader shouts "All Together!" - man saved.

       - Great Grandma is turning ninety - the whole "famdamally"

         from Topeka to Hoboken and Albuquerque is at the ready 

         as she enters to shouts of "All Together" 

         and the singing sores: "Happy Birthday To You!"

       - us seeing through the immediacies of pain, ugliness, evil, hurt, 

         joy, creativity, generosity, integrity, to our foundational unity.

       - on the streets of Chicago gangs shooting to pieces community efforts at 

         living peacefully and safely all together. 

       - the coalitions working to erase not so subtle segregation 

         in the school system.

       - all sorts, healthy to sick, living together at The Catholic Worker House.

       - around our planet far right nationalist working in concert (dissonance)

         to resist and stymie diverse peoples from living together cooperatively. 

       - the congregation struggling all together to keep its inner city school open 

         for the newly arrived and marginalized.

       - fifty men going out to the desert of New Mexico

         for a week of retreat and grounding in male spirituality.

       - farmers across the heartland laboring wheat for our tables and living.

       - cloistered monks/nuns supporting souls in a life of solidarity with us 

         and love prayer for us

       - young people catching on to humanity's all togertherness  underneath 
         our many cultural costumes.

       - ourselves realizing that the only thing strange about strangers is 

         our estrangement.

See it or not, know it or don't want to know it, embrace it or fight it, 

we are basically, fundamentally, organically, ontologically all together.

We are One in diverse forms.

We all together spring from the same source.

"In him WE live, and move and have OUR being." (Acts 17:28)

The same life flows through us all together.

The same Spirit vivifies us all together.

Our living, our planet, prospers or pains in proportion 

to our embrace of being and living all together.

To be alive and growing spiritually is to embrace all people and creation

as us in pluriform  -  unique, diverse, one  - the power and paradox 

of being basically all together.

But all is not well out here on the streets of Center City,

and that is where we live spiritually.

Our spiritual living is effected and effects.

World-wide a
ll sorts of systems separate - governments, religions, 

hate groups, political parties, mass media, corporations.

All sorts of persons militate to separate - politicians, media moguls, 

financial and corporate leaders, religious and ethnic terrorists.

It is toxic.

We need to come up for air, some fresh, clean, invigorating air,that of 

The Holy Spiritus, The Holy Breathing, The Holy Breath,The Holy Breeze .

Let's open the windows and let the Holy Breeze blow through us,

cleanse and purify our awareness, give us the runner's second wind.

Feel it in these breaths of fresh air:

          - "The love of God creates in us such a oneing

              that when it is truly seen,

              no person can separate themselves 

              from another person."

          - "In the sight of God all humans are oned, 

             and one person is all people

             and all people are in one person."

          - "By myself I am nothing at all,

             but in general,

             I AM the oneing of Love.

             for it is in this oneing

             that the life of all people exist."

                                Julian of Norwich
                                Medieval English mystic

            - " we, who are many, 

              are one body in Christ,
              and individually we are members 

              one of another."

                                  Romans 12;5

            - "Effortlessly,

               Love flows from God into us

               Like a bird

               Who rivers the air

               Without moving her wings.

               … Thus we move in God's world

               One in body and soul...

               Though outwardly separate in form.

               As the Source strikes the note,

               Humanity sings -

               The Holy Spirit is our harpist,

               And all strings

               Which are touched in Love

               Must sound.

                                       Mechthild of Magdeburg

                                       Medieval Mystic



So, OK. If we all are fundamentally one and I try to live it out, 

say by trying to hug every passenger boarding my flight to Huston,

the TSA people would likely hold me for observation.

Hopefully that kind of oneness will one day 

be cleared for take off.

Between now and when, how do we see and live 

the oneness we are with all others?  

In our prayer and reflection this week let's really open our windows,

invoke and invite The Holy Breeze, ponder and pray over:

                 - what systems separate me from others -

                   my social circle, employment, family systems,

                   religious affiliations, politics, my thinking/feeling patterns,

                   the places where I go for shopping, education, recreation ?

                 - what people in my life militate to separate me from others:

                   family members, friends, my social media contacts,

                   authors, "talking heads," entertainers, the politicians 

                   I support and follow, people at work?

                 - what sort of estrangement makes others strangers to me?

                 - now let's go back over the above three and detail to positive - 

                   name names!! - what and who draw me closer 

                   to realizing and living out our basic all togetherness?

                 - Let's take time with each of the quotes above from

                                  Julian of Norwich

                                  Romans 12:5

                                  Mechthild of Magdeburg

                    What does The Spirit say through them to our spirit?

                    What insight is given?

                    What corrective is there?

                    What encouragement is offered?

                    What widening and deepening is invited?

                               be as specific as 

                               your local librarian,

                               or a data analysist.

                  - draw all of the above into a prayerful love embrace

                  - jot down an action plan for the next week -

                         - what will I do this week to deal with systemic, 

                           separating systems?

                         - what will I do this week to deal with the people

                           who militate to separate me from others?

                         - conversely and positively what systems can I embrace 

                           and support that sustain and strengthen our togetherness?

                        - what can I do this week to connect with people 

                          who live and nurture our togetherness?

All the best at being All Together.

Thanks for this chance to be just that.

Welcome to those joining in with us for the first time.

"How good and pleasant it is when God's people 

live together in unity."      
                               Psalm 133:1

See you next week.

Holding us all together in

God's Dear Love,

   John Frank


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Thursday, September 12, 2019


Dear All Of Us,

So, spiritually what gives,
what's going on?
What's coming down and across?
Are we having one heck of a good time?
Does our spirit have some sparkle to it?
Do we have a twinkle in our soul?
Do the other kids out here 
on the playground of life want in on it?
Are we down right and contagiously joyful
because we have taken Jesus at his word:
      "I have said these things to you 
       so that my joy may be in you, 
       and your joy may be complete"?
Are we hot wired for flat out, outrageous liveliness
because we have taken Jesus up on his offer:
      "I have come that you might have life
       and have it to the full"?
Have we bought in with old Irenaeus:
      "The glory of God is a person fully alive"?
Are we banging it out on all eight cylinders?
Have we let God brake open the seed of self,
freeing us for abundance?
Have we wised up, set down, outgrown 
the so sober, serious, stiffy, stuffy 
moralistic, up tight, merit badge religion
of too many churches?
Are we tag teaming it with God 
and having a blow out of delightful

          "LOVE - MISCHIEF"

           FOR OUR WORLD?

Tell you what.
This week how about we spend time
and huddle with good old Hafiz?
He's really one of the best at all this.
Here's a page from his playbook:


                      "It used to be
     That when I would wake up in the morning
I could with confidence say,"What am "I" going to do?"
       That was before the seed cracked open.
                   Now Hafiz is certain:
       There are two of us housed in this body
   Doing the shopping together in the market and
 Tickling each other while fixing the evening's food.
   Now when I awake all the internal instruments 
                   Play the same music:
             "God, what love-mischief can
               we do for the world today?"


That's more than a week's worth of prayerful wondering.
In that holy wondering:

Let's see all the way inside ourselves 
and check out who's in there with us
(better yet, within whom we are). 

Let's see all the way inside ourselves
and ask God to crack open the seed of self,
opening us to  to abundance

Let's see all the way inside ourselves 
and accept God's loving enfoldment there

Let's listen all the way inside ourselves
and hear the internal instruments play 

   "God, what love-mischief 
    can we do for the world today?"

and then have one heck of a time 
with God at making 
Love - Mischief for the World.

So, spiritually what gives, what's going on?
Well, what's coming down is 
that we get to lighten up 
and make      
              LOVE - MISCHIEF

              FOR THE WORLD

with God and getting one heaven 
of a tickle out of it!!

                Glad we can have 
                these Holy Huddles 
                here each week.

                    John Frank


               - John 15:11
               - John 10:10
               - St. Irenaeus of Lyon,
                  Against Heresies, 185 AD
               - Hafiz Sufi Mystic,
                 The Gift, translated by
                 Daniel Ladinsky


         Thanks to all who share word of 
                  "frankly speaking"
           and invite others to join in.

A new posting goes online each Thursday evening
               east coast USA time at


Welcome to the Love-Mischief-Makers 
who are new here this week.
A special happiness at first time participation 
from Belize and a substantial number 
of first timers from Russia.
We're tickled to be together!


                SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!