Wednesday, June 28, 2023




We who gather here each week

live in lands aplenty 

around our shared planet.

They are where we live out 

"spirituality for the street."

The focus of this week's posting 

is my homeland as we celebrate

our birthday, The Fourth Of July,

and the call to freedom.

Please widen the focus of this posting 

to the particulars of your homeland

and the call to freedom where you are at home..

Each of our homelands is particular

and yet fundamentally and happily 

           we are one as 

           Planet People.

God bless us all coming alive 

in all sorts of ways and lands,

coming alive in

The Love That Is God.

  John Frank


Dear All of Us,

 Parades, picnics,



  Fourth of July

our annual festival 



   from much

   for much 

   among many

not yet fully for all

Let freedom ring,

    ring true,

ring loud and clear

for one and for all

      as we

 Freedom Forth

   So we pray:




        What freedom.

        What plenty.

        What gift and good.


        Our minds recognize

        an endless parade 

        of blessing, 

        our hearts a bursting

        fireworks of thanks.


             We recommit




           ONE AND ALL

We ask for the wisdom, the clarity, 

the purity, largeness, the togetherness,

the enthusiasm, the steadiness and stamina 

to unceasingly keep opening up, developing 

and sharing this treasure of freedom with and for all. 

May ours be a land and we a people

          One nation under God

          with liberty and justice

                    for all.



         Hey, enjoy the hotdogs, 

         potato salad,

         corn on the cob

         the ambrosia, 

         and most of all 

         each other.

       Next week it's

    Divine Investment

           on the  


        Love to all,

       John Frank





Wednesday, June 21, 2023



Last week

    The False Self

This week

    The True Self

Last week's post is available

by scrolling below this one.


Dear All of Us,

Kids are free to fantasize 

and do they ever.

They play pretend to be

a ballerina, a truck driver,

a teacher, an astronaut

and creatively all sorts more.

As life roils on, comes the time 

to be rather than pretend to be.

It's not role but self at issue.

It's the forthing of our

        True Self.

It's the discovery that 

we are hand crafted by God,

unique, indeed, one of a kind,

purposely created by God 

to come alive in

wondrously unfolding ways,

clone and carbon of none.

It's the dawning insight 

that we exist in God 

and that God wants 

to be present and particular

in us and through us for others.

Actually, it's discovery and acceptance.

That can get dicey - usually does.

There's the pressure to play a role, travel with the pack.

There's the fear that our God given distinctiveness will be dissed

and that society's bus won't stop for the likes of us.

It takes wisdom to see true self and courage to be true to self.

That in turn means being true to God and how God invites us to be.

Being who and how we are will get us in here and locked out there.

Most all of us take a break from real once in a while.

We slip and slide away from self true. 

We get into phony baloney, play a role for the sake of

passion, power, privilege, popularity, possession.

It makes us sick and we made others sick.

Stupidity and sin.

Thank God for the grace

to recover self,

our True Self 

as God forths 

in and through us

OK, let's check this out.

Who's the most 

for real person 

we've every met?

How about 

the runners up?

Those folks, 

if not pure gold, 

are high grade good.

They are the real deal.

They don't fake phony a

        False Self

play pretend a self that isn't.

They relish and model 

       being their 

       True Self

They are God present,

in their unique person.

   They are living a

      Yours Truly

God gave it.

They got it.

They live it.

They give it.

They let 

God happen 

in them and 

through them 

as God wishes.

They're not wasting life


"to find themselves"



an air brushed, botoxed 

  winner taking all

that gets to be "in" socially

while suffering loss of self

in the land of non-realness. 

  They realized that 

      God is their 

Source and Substance 

In for-real-prayer,

they let The Spirit

unwrap their gifts 

and light their ways.

They understand that 

God is a Divine Melody


harmonizing uniquely 

   in and through 

    each person 

    and in all of 


They've caught on that


         is the 

Ground of our Being,

    that we be,

 are grounded in 


Richard Rohr

says it this way:

    "The soul 

     or true self

     is God's 

      "I AM" 


      in me."

Let's take a week of weeks 

with that one!

It is in God's deepest 

that we are rooted

and flow forth.

Wonders flow upon wonders.

       True Self

  is also corporate  - 

church, government, 

business, media,

athletics, academia,

institutions of every sort.

For them, as for us, 

      there is the 




         to be

   Right Real True

 to voice and tone the 

    Divine Melody


  and in harmony 

  with all the rest of 



As already noted, it takes wisdom and courage to be true to our God given self. 

There are those pesky temptations to float us phony, to sucker for The False Self.

They press us to clutch and cling to title, place, prerogative, possessions, power, 

pleasure, control - to posture as if those things are the sum of who we are.

They steal our true self from us.

They deprive Creation of our special 

         God Presence.

They rupture discordant

   The Divine Melody.

      They put us 

   at odds with our 

       True Self 

That hurts like hell. 

  It is hell for us 


we make it so 

  for others.

To let God happen 

    through us

   as God wills,

   we go deep 

into our deepest 


 God's deepest.

Little by little 

we sense

our gift and way.

      We are 

Spirit Strengthened 

   right and real.

More accurately,

we let God 

go intimate with us 

and together 

we go outward.

In that embrace

we unfold over 

the seasons 

of time as our 

particular persona.

Rabi Zusa:

    In the world to come 

    I shall not be asked: 

   "Why were you not Moses?" 

    I shall be asked: 

   "Why were you not Zusa?"

Meister Eckhart puts it best of all:


     God asks only that 

     you get out of God's way  

     and let God be God in you.

Let's up the ante and

take a month of months 

with that one!!

        In the meantime 

         and all the time

         may our life be 

           Yours Truly


It's not a numbers game. 

It's a God Gift.

It's wonder full

to have more and more

join in with us here.

This week we were gifted 

by a large cohort of visitors 


     The United Kingdom

     as well as folks from 

     many other lands

     and another week

     of many, many from 


        WELCOME ALL 


  For Prayerful Reflection

         As there are

  thousands upon thousands 

          of species,

           so souls 

    unique and distinct.


     Sensing my soul, 

       My True Self

      how open am I 

   with God being present 

    in my person and way?

       If my True Self is 

         quiet, chatty, 

  introverted, extroverted,

      artistic, analytical,

  - no matter what and how -

    do I relish and live it

         just as I am 

    in my particular way,

    the way that God wants 

    to flow through me?

    Do I allow negatives in me 

    and in our culture to trash

    God's Presence and Action?

    Or do I go different than 

    the flood of foolish fake

    and be God Self True?


    Highly Recommended

Meister Eckhart: Diologue 1 

    Turning to the Mystics, 

             season 7

       Albuquerque, NM: 

       Center for Action 

     and Contemplation,



           MP3 audio


New Seeds of Contemplation

        Thomas Merton

          Chapter 5

  Things In Their Identity


Thanks for letting us all 

be together here this week


        frankly speaking

   spirituality for the street



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           What a gift.

          We get to live 

         God's Presence

         in our particular 

         and unique way,

          always being 

           Yours Truly

           I pray I am.

           Love to All,

           John Frank




Wednesday, June 14, 2023





This is the first of a two part offering.

This week: the fake out of the false self.

Next week: the real deal - the true self

It'll be heavy lifting, a real work out.



Dear All of Us,

The Emperor spent

a lot of fuss and funds 

getting dressed up.

For naught.

Faked out.

Ended up strutting 

an illusion 

down main street.

And he's not alone.

There's a parade of 

pretend posturing 

way worse out here 

on main street daily life.

It's the folly of the 

    False Self

Using a different metaphor, 

Thomas Merton wrote 

a see-through review of this

naked nothing dress up, 


         Bad Wrap

 Let's do some honest 

        Soul Sizing


  "All sin starts from the assumption that my false self, 

  the self that exists only in my own egocentric desires, 

  is the fundamental reality of life 

  to which everything else in the universe is ordered. 

  Thus I use up my life in the desire for pleasures 

  and the thirst for experiences, for power, honor, 

  knowledge, and love 

  to cloth this false self 

  and construct its nothingness 

  into something objectively real. 

  And I wind experiences around myself 

  and cover myself with pleasures and glory 

  like bandages in order to make myself 

  perceptible to myself and to the world, 

  as if I were an invisible body that 

  could only become visible 

  when something visible covered its surface." (1)


That's a lot about the nothingness 

                   of the

                 False Self

  Both the emperor and the false self

     strut wrap around illusion

  trying to cover naked nothingness.

In the next whiles let's take Merton 

             line by line

            praying over:

     - how does our culture

       try to sell us a bill of no goods

       on the who and how to be self?

     - Let's actually list the pressures,

       posturings, pulls and pushes

       that try to seduce us into  

       wrap around phony false.

     - Let's check out our 

       lifestyle, career, family, church,

       havings, gettings, goings, doings, not doings.

     - Let's prayerfully size our souls by

       checking our checking and credit card accounts, 

       our friendships, scheduling, wardrobes, 

       social engagements, 

       the wheels we drive,

       the trips we take, 

       the place and way we live, 

      what we read and watch.

      Do they wrap us false or

      let flow the true? 

In the words of classic spirituality, all this is an 


       of conscience, contact and conduct

What's what with self?

Where's it taking us?

What are we walking down Main Street?

It's good to remember that every step 

the False Self takes tripes up our actual self 

and we don't keep it to ourselves.

That sadly goes for churches, governments, 

corporation, media, every and all institutions.

Lots to look at.

Next week a wonderous freeing

as we pop the cork on

  The True Self

Here's a tiny teaser.

"The privilege of a lifetime 

     is to become 

 who you really are." 

      C.G. Jung


(1) New Seeds of Contemplation

               p. 34





       frankly speaking

   spirituality for the street

      A special greeting

to our first-time visitors from 

       Serbia and Iraq

as well as more from Singapore.



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  Here's to a for real, 

    wonderful week.

      Love to all

     John Frank




Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Dear All of Us,

Bothered Bob says:

"I'm feeling way, way off center today."

Wise William says:

OK, just don't drive or go to work,

especially if you are a brain surgeon,

airline pilot, or Middle School teacher!

Imagine a soccer team. 

The goalie plans to also  

take over center. 

That team has lost 

before they take the field.

Widen the frame. 

If we claim center stage in life,

if we appoint ourselves 

the center of what's going on,  

life spirals out of control.

It's hell before death and

we make it that way for others.

In all Reality 

we "are" because 

we are centered 


  The Center

 of all that is.

    We are 






and we call that


The Still Point 





 of all that is

Things go crazy,

they just completely

     go to hell, 

when we want life

to spin around us 

our wants, desires, 

wills and ways.


Richard Rohr 

sets us straight,

   "My life is not about me.

        I am about Life."

Life goes wonderfully well 

when we are completely 


  in the energy core of 

        All Reality



       God Good

All we are and all we do then

are in the sweep of

  The Divine Dynamic




  Limitless Realness 



  Ongoing Creation


Our focus, points of reference,

thrust, efforts, our energies, 

our finances and lifestyle,

delights, evaluations, interests

are then focused to freely furthering


       God Good Actuality

       across the span of 


    where and as we are.

From the time we get up 

until the time we go to bed 

we are rays of the creative

      Energy Source. 

We don't pretend to be it.

We welcome it 

to flow through us. 

We don't try to isolate it 

around ourselves.


We drive cooperatively, 

not aggressively.

We apply our gifts and talents to

      The Common Good 

rather than spinning out of control 

in selfish absorption and acquisition.

We spend ourselves for others 

in every opening before us 

from having kids 

to caring for poor 

or infirm relatives,

to helping settle immigrants

to doing the dishes 

when it's not our turn. 

We give priority to time for

reflection and prayer, 

for being 

   Centered in the Center

We have a trusted spiritual friend

hold us accountable 

to being centered in the true


In every instance we joyously join

the evolution, the furtherance

of God's Goodness right here -

a smile, a favor, a courtesy, 

deference to needs of others,

forgiving, cheering, 

encouraging, cooperating,

flexing plans to accommodate.

We look to give and enhance,

not clutch and cling

in off centered isolation.

Revelation shares that 

    "God is love."

    That's what 

God is and is all about.

That's where we come from.

That's also what life is all about.

That's what we are invited to be, 

beautifully so and forever,

      all about life,

radiating Love from the



Each week we have visitors 

from all over.

Sometimes it's Singapore,

- and did we ever have 

  an extensive showing 

  this week from Singapore -

Ireland, Russia, The Netherlands, 

England, Slovakia, Poland, 

Germany, USA and happily more.

      From wherever you come you are 


           and do come and stay.


        frankly speaking

   spirituality for the street



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Here's to being all about Life,

living from the Center.

See you next week.

     Love to all.

    John Frank