Thursday, October 8, 2020


    This is the fourth

           in our

         Fall Series


          living out 

The Sermon On The Mount


Dear All of Us,

Ah, The Arts!

Earth elements

heaven soaring, searching.

Sound, stone, paint, motion,

word, glass, wood, metal - 

all singing, showing the sacred.

See the power of the potter.

Caressing clump clay, 

whirling dervish spinning divine, 

fondled free, upward, 

drawn out to form fulness.

     See Potter Jesus.

  He works the clay of 


The Law and The Prophets -

   earthbound elements   

       sprung free.

Clumps of consciousness

   evolved expansive, 

wide -  deep - high -  full.

"You have heard it said...

  But I say to you..."

     Six pericopes 

 of potential released, 


 evolved, worked to 

furtherance and fullness -

from the letter of the law 

to the sprung spirit of Love,

from act based law released

to soul stance, Love Embraced.

     Matthew 5:21-48

See Six Soul Leaps to Love,


     - contempt to communion

     - lust limits to pure presence

     - discarding to dedication

     - confounded word to simple truth

     - resisting to embracing

     - selective to universal love.


See Potter Jesus.

See the art of transformation.

See the evolution, 

the expansion of the 

first periscope:

    contempt to communion:


Translation of the oldest

   manuscripts into

      today talk.

 Matthew 5:21- 26

"You're familiar 

with the command 

 to the ancients, 

'Don't murder.'

 I'm telling you that anyone

 who is so much as angry

 with a brother or sister 

 is guilty of murder.

 Carelessly call a brother 'idiot!' 

 and you just might find yourself 

 hauled into court.

 Thoughtlessly yell 'Stupid!'

 at a sister and you are 

 on the brink of hellfire.

 The simple moral fact is 

 that words kill.

"This is how I want you 

to conduct yourself 

in these matters.

If you enter a place of worship

and, about to make an offering, 

you suddenly remember 

a grudge a friend has against you,

abandon your offering, 

leave immediately,

go to this friend 

and make things right.

Then and only then,

come back and 

work things out with God.

"Or say you're out 

on the street and 

an old enemy accosts you.

Don't lose a minute.

Make the first move; 

make things right with him.

After all, if you leave 

the first move to him, 

you're likely to end up in court, 

knowing his track record,

maybe even in jail.

If that happens, 

you won't get out 

without a stiff fine."

 How's that for

"throwing a pot"?

Blunt, strong, earthy

very Jewish talk 

and parable from Jesus.

In it

      Potter Jesus 

        shows us 

the art of spiritual living,

    how to draw out

      and fashion    

earthiness to divine fullness.

   It means accepting 

       the divinity 

      at the center 

   of our earthiness. 

   It's there in clay.

   It's there in us.

   It's there in others.

 At the Center Point of 

        all is All.

It is the Love that is God,

   uniquely, creatively, 

  dynamically present

    in all and each.


At that Center Point 

     we are one 

    with all in ALL.


       is that

   Center Point 


   The Fullness.

   Draw that out, 

fashion it to fullness 

in thinking, feeling. 

Attitude to action -

transformed, evolved.

For sure there are impurities 

in the clay of our earthiness.

We irritate each other.

The art is to go to the center

of the troubling other 

and draw that Godness out,

to be drawn out with it 

as a divinely diversified 


 The Art of Love Living.

So, we don't damage 

or destroy the painful other.

No looks that kill, 

nor any other deadliness.

And there are too many of them:

denigration, disparagement,

mocking, ridicule, belittlement.

Sad to say, my personal default, 

and is it ever a "fault,"

is to go dead on the other

when I'm angry,

the "silent treatment."

I withdraw from them, 

push them away from me.

    I deny them.

    I deaden them.

    I deaden me.

    It's murder,

    inflicted from 

my impure haughtiness.

  It defiles and denies 

      the divine 

      in us both

       - hellish -

So, way better we see 

self and God in other.

  We embrace all three 

    at once and as


We absorb any deadening 

from other in the deepest 

of our liveliness.

We return good for evil.

We suffer fools, and more, gladly.

We refuse to kill in defense 

of a life that can't ultimately be killed.

We are patient with those that pain.

   All this takes place in our 

         here and now 

            as it is.

 Right now is a murderous 

     time and culture: 

-governments that can't

- trillion dollar militarism

- cut throat competition 

- blatant, vicious political attracts

- sports and other "entertainments"

  violence laced

- deadening social, racial, 

  financial disparities

- culture clashes

- the denial of objectivity and truth

- a "me" materialism 

  and self absorption pursued   

  to absurd indulgence,

  "and the hell with you

  and your need"

- there's some, but not nearly enough,

  recognition of the evil of sexual abuse

- even less recognition of nature abused

- religious institutions and leaders at times

  giving the lie to Love Lived Godness,

 "wolves in sheep's clothing."

All that and tons more need not be

the frustration and fraction of 

our earthiness being drawn out,

fashioned, to divine fullness.

We get to live Heavenly Kingdom

in the midst of Evil Empire.

It's an alternate lifestyle for sure.

It needs the support of community

in a real, practical, praying, caring


It needs a centered spirituality

           that meets 

            all in All 

and grows out from there.

 So, let's hang out with 

      Potter Jesus 

 and learn the art of

     Love Living,

the beauty of life giving

rather than death dealing,

let him draw us out beautiful.

On his business card it reads:

   "I've come that you 

    might have life 

    and that abundantly."

        John 10:10

   That's just how things 

       shape up with

       Potter Jesus 

       and his artistry.

On the chance no one 

has told you lately, 

or you haven't had 

a good look at yourself

in the mirror of Reality 

for a while,

let me say what 

a beautiful fashion of God 

you are!!

         You Brother

        John Frank


As always, welcome to 

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many dozens of 

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Please be right at home

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Kingdom Come.

We're so glad 

we're here together.

Many and sincere thanks 

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