Monday, December 19, 2016



To us, watchful and waiting,
a gift has been slipped into our midst.

A tiny child, born in a manger,
a gift of peace to troubled souls
and dangerous streets.

A gift of joy to sad hearts and cautious lives,
a gift of hope to wearied brows
and oppressed peoples.

A tiny child, gift of God.
Give your hearts: raise your songs.
Give thanks to the giver;
Welcome the gift.
Amen. (!)

Look for Christ
and you will find Him.
And with Him,
everything else.
C. S. Lewis


To your enemy - Forgiveness
To your opponent - Tolerance
To a friend - Your Heart
To a customer - Service
To all People - Love
To every child - Good Example
To yourself - Respect
Author Unknown

A Christmas Prayer

Gracious God, by the gift of your son, Jesus Christ,
you have revealed the love you bear for your whole creation
and opened to all the way of peace.
For Jesus's sake, make us bringers of peace
in our homes and among our extended family and friends.
Help ours be voices of reason and reconciliation in our neighborhoods,
our workplaces and our communities.
Strengthen us to reject every form of violence
as a means to get even or get ahead.
Help use use whatever influence we posses to promote peace
by working for justice and witnessing for Jesus .
Amen ( 2 )

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Canton, Ohio
( 2 ) Worship Bulletin
Demerest United Methodist Church
December 24, 1999