Sunday, April 1, 2018


                                                        THE STONE

                                              The Myrrh Bearers came

                                        ( with what fear and trembling? )

                                             trudging alone in darkness

                                                       worrying about

                                                          the stone.

                                                   Everybody worries
                                                     about the stone,

                                                 that great impediment

                                                         between us

                                                    and what we seek,

                                                     the great burden

                                                          we carry

                                                       like Sisyphus


                                                   up and down the hill.

                                                        The sun rose.

                                                  The women looked up.

                                                         The stone,

                                                 which was very large,

                                                   had been removed.

                                                   No wonder they ran

                                                       to tell Cephas.

                                            Someone should tell Sisyphus:

                                                   ' Put it down, man,

                                                      and dance on it.'

                                                                              Bonnie B. Thurston


                        How wonderful that we can put it down and dance on it
                                    Easter Blessing and Love to You All,

                                                      John Frank

(The Stone, From Darkness to Eastering, Bonnie B. Thurston, Wild Goose Publications, 2017)