Friday, March 9, 2018


Hi There!

Come on!

Let's lighten up!

Enough already with the dreary dark of winter.

Let's get into The Spring Thing -

more light and less dark every day,

break out lighter clothing.

diet off winter weight,

lighten up for "Springing."

That sure was the deal last Sunday

during a wonderful high school visit.

It was a bright sunny day outside,

and in a wonderful way

as well inside the beautiful school theater.

In that darkened space the lights paradoxically

went "up" and so did we all.

It was brilliant.

Sixty plus teens upped the amperage

of soul and psyche with their ensemble,

their singing, dancing, acting and stage management,

as they portrayed  the victory of light over dark.

It was a masterful production of

Beauty and the Beast.

They made it so easy to

"Lighten Up!"

My favorite character in that so biblical-like story is

Lumiere, the Beast's kindhearted, independent,

quirkie maitre'd. He and his prince and

the whole household  have come under

an evil spell making the prince a Beast and

the maitre'd a candelabra. Only love will break the spell.

Lumiere, true to his name, works to shed light

for the Beast to see that, to warm wide  his heart

for that love with  beautiful Belle.

Yes, love wins, freeing the Beast and his household

 for human life renewed through love.

Pardon the pastor in me, but what a Christ parallel.

My "hands up" favorite actor in Sunday's

de-"light"-full performance was

a wonderful young man who played,

well of course, Lumiere.

He brought to his role a just right balance of sparkle,

impishness, and an ever so exquisite

and delightful  touch of camp.

What wattage!!

His subtle, focused intensity,

his lightsome manner and twinkle,

was not only an act, it was actual.

It was graced me with an  intense connect to

the Christ experience.

That young man was a true Lumiere,

a luminous gift,

in his role and in himself.

He made Love Light incarnate, present and felt.

In a unique and theatrical setting,

he captured the spirit of Jesus,

Jesus,who defies the dark,

radiating a liberating lightness

("I am the light of the world.

  Whosoever follows me

  will never walk in darkness,

  but will have the light of life."

  John 8:12).

                           The light of life.

            That's what filled my mind and heart

                               Sun Day

     thanks to the young Lumiere at the high school.

Sad to say and see there's a lot of darkness out here

on the street of everyday living.

Happy to say and see Jesus lightens things up

right here where we live in people

 like the young thespian, you and hopefully me,

each a unique Lumiere.

A few radiances of Lightsome Living:

          - being who and how we actually are

            down deep, at our most real

            and beautiful selves

          - encouraging and embracing the same in others

          - relishing diversity in unity

         - being patrons of the truth

         - using our talent and resources

           for  balanced and generous living

        - "lightening" the burden of the poor and overwhelmed

        - championing social and environmental justice

        - welcoming outsiders in

        - respecting and celebrating the various gender blessings

          the Creator delights in evolving

        - supporting school sports and the arts

        -  after all, we are invited to be

          "...children of the light and children of the day.

              We do not belong to the night or the darkness."

                                                      ( 1 Thessalonians 5:5 ).

Lent is well under way

Like Beauty and the Beast,

Lent focuses on living in the light,

overcoming dreadful dark.

This season of enlightenment will culminate

with the Christ Candle on Holy Saturday Night.

It will be carried into the totally dark church

and pierce that darkness.

Its light will be spread to all present,

reminding us to spread it lavishly

out here on the street of every day living.

Holding the Christ Candle high,

he deacon will intone

"Lumen Christi,"

 our call to

                   "Lighten up!!"

A heartfelt welcome to our newest participants

from Indonesia and Egypt.

We are blessed  to be joined with you!

Every goodness be yours.

See you next week.

Holding you in

God's Dear Love,

   John Frank

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