Friday, May 4, 2018


Hi There !

So, here's the scoop.

Be the first to know.

It's not salacious enough for the

National Inquirer,

but I do need to fess up to you.

For four days, four long days,

I've tried to write

a piece for you on


It simply hasn't worked!!

That may say something about simplicity.

It sure says something about me!!

So here's the best I can do right now.

Simplicity isn't all that simple.

That's especially true in

our time and place.

For most of history

life was simple, but hard.

Today life is complex and hard.

The current of our culture

runs hard and fast

with complexity upon complexity.

We live in an epoch flooded

with countless technologies and systems

subtly in the service of materialism.

The theme song is


 "More is better,"

and all the more so if


increases by geometric progressions.

Our psyches, our souls, our society

are so speeded up in the pursuit of


that we get separated from each other 

and our true selves,

blur out clear channel connect to

The Ground of our Being

as we zip along on the surface  of things.

So, how about you?

How goes living in this epoch of

technologies and systems

with all their complexities

work out for you?

What effect have they had

 on your spirituality out here

 on the street of everyday living?

I'd be surprised big time

if it wasn't quite a lot.

They are now the ground we walk on,

the air we now breathe.

They effect us more than the weather.

For all the stress involved, though,

the technologies and systems

 of our times carry much good.

They can:

    - get you from New York to London in 7.5 hours

    - get the laundry washed and dried

    - get us in "text touch"

    - get us strawberries out of season

    - get us warm in the cold,

       and cool in the heat

    - get us credit "carded"

    - get us inter "netted" and face "booked"

    - get you a new knee,

      or do a repair on

      all sorts of body parts

    - get a pizza delivered at two in the morning

    - get us endless data, information,

      and entertainment instantly.

Yet, our technologies and systems

segment, suppress, stultify, stymie

and stress us.

    - we work in one place

       and reside in another,

       the two often connected

       by a torturous commute

    - on the way, many drop off

      the kids at a third place

      for others to raise

    - many work in cell blocks

      of cubical and relational confinement

    - for others it is isolated work stations,

      assembly line posts, delivery vehicles

    - being inter "netted' and face "booked,"

      our privacy is striped naked,

      bared to all, all in all

    - medical attention is

      depersonalized and mechanized

    - many of the elderly are cloistered

      in colonies of isolation and loneliness

    - when the power goes down

      just about every thing stalls and stops

    - we walk by each other on crowed streets

      ear budded in solitary confinement

    - to rent a car or have a medical procedure

      we blindly sign pages of

      incomprehensible legalize

    - there are programs, protocols, procedures,

      forms, regulations that never heard of simplicity

    - we Tweeter, Instagram, face time, text, SnapChat

      incessantly, and for too  many, addictively

   - there's an app for just about everything

      except tying your shoes

      (of course, how many people

       ware shoes that need to be tied anymore ?)

    - work and recreation are paced

      like a high speed machine

    - we are data drowned and

       information force fed

Our psyches and souls get

distracted, scrambled, stressed,

kept at a superficial level.

Society gets segmented, and lonely.

To survive,

and hopefully flourish,

in this high speed ride

to distraction and social fraction,

restricted to the surface of  stimulation,

we simply must simplify.

We simply must simplify

speed, space, "stuff" and style.

We need to simplify at soul level

and all the way out to

attitude and function.

and do so for sanity and society's sake.

It takes smarts and courage

to be counter cultural

while functioning in our

hyped up technological and

systematized society.

Our very sacred selves

and our very sacred society

depend on rebalancing simplicity.

Otherwise we are tipped on the hurried surface,

distanced from our Center and Source,

our deepest selves orphaned and abandoned.

We become technological and

systems paced and powered robots.

To simplify we go deep and real to our

Source and Center - God,

or whatever you choose to call

Fundamental Being,

Fullness of Reality,

Existence Itself,

The Energy of the Cosmos,


Our being and doing evolve from

that underlying, all pervasive

Being and base,

the font of existence.

To get our bearings and balance,

to simplify for full living,

we need to

"Return to the Source."

Speaking of that Source,

Thomas Aquinas said

     "Deus est simplex,"

       "God is simple."

That means:

    -  no moving parts

       to complicate, collide,

       or break down

    -  unitive

     -  whole

    - solid state

    - an integrity

    - A Oneness

Sensitive to our Source,

consciously centered there,

we live out our lives

simply and sanely

from right there,

not in whip lash reaction to complex,

surface simulation.

So growing detangles

the complexity holding captive

our heads and hearts,

frees us from a hell bent pace

and a maddening manner of

robot-like living,

one restricted to surface existence.

Where and how we live,

our pace and life style,

our financial choices,

our time to muse and schmooze,

addressing issues of social justice,

caring for the elements,

hugging babies,

having time and energy for a lover,

getting lost in a meadow, symphony, good book,

being Spirit feed and free,

all these open up and bloom to beauty

like a Spring garden.

It takes some time and sorting out.

Otherwise, we are "taken out"!!

So,  for the next week

let's take time each day

detoxing, sensitizing to simplicity,

allowing God's Simplicity,

Integrity, Wholeness to be ours.

The Meditation Markers that follow

are offered to support that refreshment.

Let's be wise enough to catch ourselves.

If we don't, it'll be Artificial Intelligence

and artificial too much else

from here on out,

and out we will be!!



A warm welcome to those new

to our weekly sharing here.

We are blessed this week

with new connections

in the United Arab Emirates,

Columbia, Portugal and Oman.

How good to be together here.

Thank you for your company.

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Ever good wish and abundance of blessings.

To borrow from the dear Shakers,

" Tis  a gift to be simple..."

Holding you in

God's Dear Love,

   John Frank



 We find a  place of Sanctuary.

We go there each of the next seven days.

We dedicate time to be stilled and centered.

We slowly savor each of the sharings for that day.

We then go back over them, selecting the one (s)

that most speak to our spirit.

We consider:

      - what is being shared here?

      - how am I/am I not experiencing that?

      - how can it happen freely and fully

       in my spirit and in the practicalities

       of my every day life?

     - what new attitudes and behaviors

        will free me for that?

     - what one practice will I embrace today

        to facilitate that?

We spend our concluding time being quietly grateful in God's Simplicity.


                               "Tis a gift to be simple,"

                            THE GIFT OF SIMPLICITY


    - " Childhood means simplicity.

              Look at the world

              with the child's eye."
                                                  Kailash Satyarthi

    - " In character, in manner, in style, in all things,

              the supreme excellence is simplicity."
                                Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    - "Live simply, so that others may simply live."

                                                      Mother Theresa

    - " If you can't explain it to a six year old,

            you don't understand it yourself."

                                                        Albert Einstein

    - "I have just three things to teach you:

           simplicity, patience, compassion."

                                                                  Lao Tzu


    -            "Pure, holy simplicity

      confounds all the wisdom of this world

              and the wisdom of the flesh."

                                                       Francis of Assisi

    - "Simplicity is not an object in art,

           but one achieves simplicity

                 despite one's self

                 by entering into

             the real sense of things."

                                                Constaintin Brancusi

    - "Possessions, outward success,

       publicity, me these 

       have always been contemptible.

       I believe that a simple and

       unassuming manner of life

       is best for everyone,

       best for both the body

       and the mind."

                                                        Albert Einstein

    - "Reduce the complexity of life

        by eliminating the needless wants of life,

        the labors of life reduce themselves."

                                                   Edwin Way Teale

    - " Have nothing in your houses

         that you do not know to be useful

         or believe to be beautiful."

                                                      Hans Hofmann


    -                   "How many undervalue

                         the power of simplicity!

                    But it is the real key to the heart."

                                               William Wordsworth

    -                 "All the masters tell us that

                             the reality of life -

              which our noisy waking consciousness

                       prevents us from hearing -

                    speaks to us chiefly in silence."

                                    Karfried Graf Durckheim

    -               "Simple in actions and in thoughts,

                     you return to the source of being."

                                                             Lao Tzu

    -                     "The heart at rest sees

                             a feast in everything."

                                                     Hindu Proverb

    -              " The ability to simplify means

                     to eliminate the unnecessary

                    so that the necessary may speak."

                                                     Hans Hofman


    -                         "Find ecstasy in life;

                             the mere sense of living

                                  is joy enough."

                                                 Emily Dickinson

    - "To live content with small means;

         to seek elegance rather than luxury

         and refinement rather than fashion;

         to be worthy, not respectable,

         wealthy, not rich;

         to study hard, think quietly,

         talk gently, act frankly;

         to listen to stars and birds,

         babes and sages

         with open heart;

         to bear all cheerfully,

         do all bravely,

         await occasions,

         hurry never;

         in a word,

         to let the spiritual,

         unbidden and unconscious,

         grow through the common.

         This is to be my symphony,

                   William Ellery/Henry Channing

    - "Truth is ever to be found

                in simplicity,

         and not in the multiplicity

          and confusion of things."

                                               Issac Newton


    - "Besides the noble art

       of getting things done,

      there is the noble art

      of leaving things undone.

      The wisdom of life consists

     in the elimination of non-essentials."

                                                  Lin Yutang

    - "Fools ignore complexity.

        Pragmatists suffer it.

        Some can avoid it.

        Geniuses remove it."

                                                  Alan Perlis

    - " Simplicity is not about deprivation.

         Simplicity is about

         a greater appreciation

         for things that really matter."


    - " Simplicity is not style,

         it is a state of harmony."

                                          Naoto Fukasawa

    - " Simplicity is making

         the journey of this life

         with just enough baggage."

                                           Charles Dudley


    - "There is no greatness

        where there is no simplicity,

        goodness and truth."

                                               Leo Tolstoy

    - "My encouragement :

        delete the energy vampires

       from your life,

       clean out all complexity,

       build a team around you

       that frees you to fly,

       remove anything toxic,

       and cherish simplicity,

      because that's where genius lives.'

                                           Robin S. Sharma

    - "There is a beauty and clarity

         that comes from simplicity

         that we sometimes

         do not appreciate in our thirst

         for for intricate solutions."

                                        Dieter F. Uchtdorf

    - "When you remove layers,

        simplicity and speed happen."

                                              Ginni Rometty

    - "Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity,

       reduce selfishness, have few desires."

                                                     Lao Tzu


    - "Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more,

       whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more,

       love more, and all good things will be yours."

                                           Swedish Proverb

    - "Beauty of style and harmony

        and grace and good rythm

        depend on simplicity."


    - "Three Rules of Work:

                  Out of clutter find simplicity;

                  From discord find harmony;

                  In the middle of difficulty

                  lies opportunity."

                                        Albert Einstein

    - Shaker Hymn

             Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free

             'Tis a gift to come down where I ought to be

              And when I am in the place just right

              I will be in the valley of love and delight

              When true simplicity is gained

              To bow and bend I will not be ashamed

              To turn, to turn will be my delight

              'Til by turning, turning, I come round right.