Friday, June 29, 2018


Hi There !

So, I really hope

it is in fact

"high" there

where you are.

It is not so here where I am.

It is "low" here, very low.

I so want to write

for you of things like

cosmic energy, 

near and dear companionship

in The Spirit,

everyday contemplative living,

and lots more.

Can't just now.

I'm down.

My heart ( "cor")

has been ("dist")

as in

"dis - cour -aged."

Relational failures -

big time and bad.


No blame game.

I can only speak

for myself,


my ineptitude,

my mis-reads,

my mis-steps.

Love is union,

and for me lately love

has failed into separation.

Union left town,

went south,

far and fast.

What hurts so much

is to be blocked,

by myself and by others,

denied an opening

to pour forth

God's love

freely and fully

 so that it transports

 to transcendence.

 Rather, it's been

the incarnation

of love aborted

 and union lost.

 Heart blockage is

so dangerous and painful.

Look, honestly I don't mean this

as an invitation to a Pity Party.

We will get to cosmic energy,

near and dear companionship

in The Spirit,

everyday contemplative living,

and lots more, and that soon.

First, though, the imperative

for me, and for you

in your own time and way

of discouragement,

is to get Heart Healthy.

How do I/we do that?

How deal with the devil of


whatever the cause:

be that relational, vocational,

economic, your air conditioner

takes a vacation on a 95 degree day,

health issues upend everything?

How be, and what to do,

when something

frustrates our oneness,

our union with God, be that

God present in our relationship

with one of his children, be that

God present in our relationship

with some part of his good creation?

Whatever the cause and context,

it throws us for a loop.

In plain English,

how deal with discouragement?

The best response I know and

 am employing right now is:

    - admit it

    - suffer the pain

    - allow for mourning

    - refuse furry

    - as a particular love union

      is denied, embrace all the other

      particular love embraces

      open, healthy, fresh, good

      that welcome you -

      family and friends, babies and puppy dogs,

      tulips, Giotto's frescoes , a walk in the woods,

     a meal shared, a child happy to have you

     as a Big Brother/Sister, restoring a 1930 Model T,

    mentoring a young person from the inner city,

    and endlessly more if only

    we keep looking through our tears

     to see the Love Unions open to us

   - realize that all Reality is not wrapped up in

      just one particular love union denied

    - in simple, plain, pure prayer

       "Cast your care upon the Lord."

             ( Psalm 55:22 )


     - "There is a Wideness to God's Love"

                      for sure.

    - in fact, there are no limits,

      no denial of union from

      The Love Who Is God.

      The Love Union of God is oceanic

      and it is present in all sorts of

      people, projects, possibilities,

      places and objects.

  -  when discouraged, sink into the ocean

      of God's Love so universally present.

    - We go deep, or we drown where we are.


"Discouragement focuses on

'what is not,' and completely misses

the far greater reality of  'what is'."

     (  Craig D. Lounsbrough )

Hey, thanks for letting me be

honest and open with you

and go through this here.

Yes, it's so good

"to embrace all

the other particular love unions -

open, healthy, fresh, good...

that welcome you,"

and not get stuck in 

'what is not' and miss

the far greater reality of

'what is '.

When the devil of discouragement

tries to steal and still to death our hearts

when love union is denied one way or another,

stay open, go deep, swim free in that ocean of

presence that is the Love Who Is God.

Please do consider the


that follow when either discouraged,

or supporting another who is.

They provide an abundance of

clarity, comfort, direction and wisdom.


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Holding one and all gratefully in

God's Dear Love,

A Refreshed and Renewed,

    John Frank


            Meditation Markers

- When written in Chinese the word "crisis"

  is composed  of two characters -

  one represents danger

  and the other opportunity.

                         John F. Kennedy

- If the wind will not serve,

  take to the oars.

                       Latin Proverb

- What the caterpillar calls

   the end of the world,

   the master calls a butterfly.

                       Richard Bach

- If one dream should fall and

  break into a thousand pieces,

  never be afraid to pick

  one of those pieces up

   and begin anew.


- Fall seven times.

  Stand up eight.

              Japanese Proverb

- Weeping may endure

   for a night,

   but joy cometh

   in the morning.

                        Psalm 30:5

- It's just that in the Deep South,

   women learn at an early age

   that when the world

   is falling apart around you,

   it's time to take down the drapes

   and make a new dress.

          Karen Marie Moning

- I survived because the fire in me

  burned brighter than

  the fire around me.

                    Author Unknown

- We must endure pain

   and burn it as fuel

   for our journey.

                    Kenji Miyazawa

- God is my Shepherd!

  I don't need a thing.

  You have bedded me down

   in lush meadows,

   you find me quiet pools

   to drink from.

   True to your word,

   you let me catch my breath

   and send me in

   the right direction.

   Even when the way

   goes through Death Valley,

   I am not afraid

   when you walk at my side.

   Your trusty shepherd's crook

   makes me feel secure.

   You serve me a six course dinner

   right in front of my enemies

   You revive my dropping head;

   my cup brims with blessing.

   Your beauty and love chase after me

   every day of my life.

   I'm back home in the house of God

   for the rest of my life.

                Psalm 23

            ( The Message )