Friday, September 7, 2018


Hi There !

Fair warning!

I'm excited!

I'm really dying to share

some truly good news

with you.

Let's make that

"enthusiastically living"

to share some truly

good news with you.

 Last Saturday I got

to go to a block party

like none other ever.

Actually, it was

a two city block,

300,000 square foot,

four level

block buster of a party!

Carla Hayden and

her superb staff from

The Library of Congress

treated over 100,000

of us to the

     National Book Festival


The Washington Convention Center.

It was the finest  program

I've been to in years, and

I have a lot of those years

piling up on each other!

Pardon the play, but

in every way and detail the

National Book Festival

was truly capital!!

Over eighty authors

presented across a

spaciousness of genres:

fiction, history, national

and international matters,

poetry and prose, biography,

children and young adult.

Forget "page turners."

These were "chapter turner."

Among others writers

I got to hear:

   - Justice Sonia Sotomayor -

      a love, so warmly wise

   - Doris Kearns Goodwin -

     candid, comprehensive,


   - Jon Meacham -

     encyclopedic exposition,

     discerning description

   - Brendan Kiely -

     so clearly gets it and

     so effectively gives it

   - Matt de la Pena softly says it,

     Loren Long gently draws it.

It was for sure a

Festival of Books.

Even more, it was a

Festival of Life.

All those writers


the same thing in

exquisitely varied tones,

each a unique articulation of


- the vastness of it

- the mystery, majesty,

  and sometimes,

  the mess of it

- the numberless

  experiences of it

- people and place

   evolving in it

- questions and

  conflicts about it

- its progress and potential

- the matter and spirit of it

- the dynamic of its


        whatever the

  form, manner, mode

             of it.

      Those authors

     aptly an deftly

      Write Life.

Drenched in the art and craft,

the whit and wisdom,

the insightful expression

of all those fine writers,

something wonderful

occurred to me.

I realized that

all of us are writers.

We read each other and

 others sure do read us.

Sometimes the writing

        is in word,

always in attitude and act.

Whatever the script,

     we all write


    for each other.

 And we certainly

     do have a

following and effect

on our readers:

       family and friends



       fellow shoppers

       other drivers

       school mates

       religious congregants


       Facebook Friends

       the mix at parties, games,

            art galleries, the theater

            and concerts

        any and all those who read us

        in our everywhere.

They "read us like a book,"

by our imprint  -

          our words

          our moods

          our values

          our aspirations

          our choices

          our actions

          our reactions.

Setting and style differ,

    but we all write

        Life large

  and are widely read.

Our spiritual lives

out here on the street

of everyday living

are in good part

getting the word out

about the mystery and

magnificence of Life,

even when there is mess.

Our shared stories become

    a block buster party,

    A Festival Of Life.

Every goodness

and blessing.

Holding one and all in

God's Dear Love,

the Love that is Life,

   The Love/Life

    we write out

    for each other.

      John Frank


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