Friday, March 15, 2019


Dear All Of Us,

"Go Figure!"

Part challenge.
Part question.
Mostly puzzlement.

"Go figure!"

Well, darn it,
tons of times
we just can't.
We're stopped stuck.
We meet mystery.
The child:
       "Where did I come from?"
The old:
        "Where am I going?"
Mystery - the bookends of life
with a library of mystery betwixt.

For sure, the thinker sorts
have been able  to
"Go figure!" out a lot.
Physicists, philosophers,
psychologists and their
relatives in the science family
have analyzed, decoded,
described, categorized,
everything from how
to make a good cup of coffee
to stunning discoveries
in neuroscience.
Their efforts to
  "Go figure!"
have given us
practical and yet
partial answers -
boons for sure,
complete answers,
not even near.
Why is there coffee
in the first place?
For all the chemical analysis,
what holds it in existence?
Neuroscience can now
delve deep into the depths
of the brain.
It describes the
mechanisms and chemistry
but not the meaning
of thought and feeling,
their roots in psyche and soul,
the mystery of them.

Just now, as I write to you
this winter morning,
there is a beautiful snowfall
gracing our area.
Molecules of H20, temperature,
wind patters and such
tell part of the story -
the atmospheric,
the measurable material
that helps the meteorologists
       "Go figure!"
But then there is the
unexplainable wonder,
the sheer mystery of silent
       Sacred Snow.
moving past the particulars,
we find ourselves
in the marvelous realm
of the mystical.

Definitely let's
  "Go figure!'
the partial
and practical.
We'll need it
to get supper
on the table.
Ever more so,
let's get lost
in the marvelous mystery
in which they and we dwell
It's so totally divine!

We move to mystery
through all sorts of portals:
- hold a baby
- feed the hungry,
  be that a hunger
  of body, mind or soul
- gaze to lost in a tulip
- pay a livable,
  even extravagant wage
- be carried beyond
  tonality and rhythm
  immersed in
  Gregorian Chant
- campaign for social justice
- be absorbed into
  Michelangelo's Pieta
- befriend the left out
- quiet into wordless prayer
- host an inner city child
  this summer
- look right through
  the window and see
  the mystery of silent
  Sacred Snow

One way and many
we get underneath,
above, beyond limits of
      "Go figure!'
to the boundless expanse
       We delight 
 to discover ourselves
     in the midst and

The Being we call God.

That Being invites to

  "Be still and know
       I am God."
                         Psalm 46

Thank you for this time to share
on a snowy, mystical morning.

A Prayer Poem follows.

If you care to,
please take a little time with

It's all about the wonder of


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      February 9, 2018.

A warm welcome to all new to
       "frankly speaking"
especially to our first time participation
from The Isle of Jersey this week.
Thanks for your good company.

I join in God's Love for you all!

            John Frank



Silent purity
        black and white
        tranquil bond blending
Slow soft over wrap
Strong fall as well
        fullness insisted
Silly scrambling stopped still
Head traffic stalled to quiet peace
Freights, fights, flights
        cancelled, grounded
    Snuggle Spirit
        for sure
  Mystery met merge
       Snow Sacred
                          John Frank


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