Thursday, August 15, 2019


Dear All of Us,

Summer fresh greetings.

Spirit fresh as well.

Nature and Spirit in tandem –

           the months of this summer season,

           the months of this Pentecost season –

a season of growth and fecundity.

An atmosphere bright, warm, expansive.

Nature and Spirit one in a profusion of life.

A moment of many sensing 

                      The Spirit of Pentecost,

                                        The Wholly Spirit.

The followers of Jesus got their second wind on Pentecost –

a rush of Spirit that propelled them foreward.

After a Soul Cold Winter frozen in fear, 

they were fired forth and free. 

So, Who, How, What is this Wholly Spirit?

Most of us image God as Father/Creator, Son/Savior.

These we can “go figure” just a touch.

But spirit, much more Wholly Spirit?

“Spiritus” in Latin means wind, breath, breeze.

Pretty hard to “grasp” such,

get your hands on it,

get your head around it!!

Hildegard of Bingen, medieval mystic, seer and sayer,

prayerfully breaths the Wholly Spirit into our spirits:

                           Holy Spirit,

                 making life alive,

                 moving in all things,

                 root of all created being,

                 cleansing the cosmos of every impurity,

                 effacing guilt,

                 anointing wounds,

                 You are lustrous and praise-worthy life,

                 You awaken and re-awaken everything that is.”


Let's stop right here and take ten 

to let ourselves be Spirit Swept. 


          Ten Later

I need a lot more than that,

so I’m taking a line a week

this Pentecost Summer,


pondering this Wholly Spirit Prayer,

contemplating it, 

applying it,

seeking a second wind,

breathing this in,

being refreshed in such a breeze,

open to a rush of Spirit,

grateful to be fear freed and fired forth –

summer fresh, Spirit fresh.

A season of growth and fecundity.

How wonderful if we all do this together.

What do you say?

                  Your Spirit Brother,

                      John Frank





           Edited by Samuel H. Dresner


"I did not ask for success; I asked for wonder.

And you gave it to me."

"How should I live the life I am?"

"The road to the sacred leads through the secular."

So many more and much from this mystic who lived on

the street of everyday life and did so in wonder.


How wonderful that we meet and share here each week.

It's even more wonderful because so many new folks 

join us each of our weeks. Blessing upon blessing!   


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