Thursday, September 12, 2019


Dear All Of Us,

So, spiritually what gives,
what's going on?
What's coming down and across?
Are we having one heck of a good time?
Does our spirit have some sparkle to it?
Do we have a twinkle in our soul?
Do the other kids out here 
on the playground of life want in on it?
Are we down right and contagiously joyful
because we have taken Jesus at his word:
      "I have said these things to you 
       so that my joy may be in you, 
       and your joy may be complete"?
Are we hot wired for flat out, outrageous liveliness
because we have taken Jesus up on his offer:
      "I have come that you might have life
       and have it to the full"?
Have we bought in with old Irenaeus:
      "The glory of God is a person fully alive"?
Are we banging it out on all eight cylinders?
Have we let God brake open the seed of self,
freeing us for abundance?
Have we wised up, set down, outgrown 
the so sober, serious, stiffy, stuffy 
moralistic, up tight, merit badge religion
of too many churches?
Are we tag teaming it with God 
and having a blow out of delightful

          "LOVE - MISCHIEF"

           FOR OUR WORLD?

Tell you what.
This week how about we spend time
and huddle with good old Hafiz?
He's really one of the best at all this.
Here's a page from his playbook:


                      "It used to be
     That when I would wake up in the morning
I could with confidence say,"What am "I" going to do?"
       That was before the seed cracked open.
                   Now Hafiz is certain:
       There are two of us housed in this body
   Doing the shopping together in the market and
 Tickling each other while fixing the evening's food.
   Now when I awake all the internal instruments 
                   Play the same music:
             "God, what love-mischief can
               we do for the world today?"


That's more than a week's worth of prayerful wondering.
In that holy wondering:

Let's see all the way inside ourselves 
and check out who's in there with us
(better yet, within whom we are). 

Let's see all the way inside ourselves
and ask God to crack open the seed of self,
opening us to  to abundance

Let's see all the way inside ourselves 
and accept God's loving enfoldment there

Let's listen all the way inside ourselves
and hear the internal instruments play 

   "God, what love-mischief 
    can we do for the world today?"

and then have one heck of a time 
with God at making 
Love - Mischief for the World.

So, spiritually what gives, what's going on?
Well, what's coming down is 
that we get to lighten up 
and make      
              LOVE - MISCHIEF

              FOR THE WORLD

with God and getting one heaven 
of a tickle out of it!!

                Glad we can have 
                these Holy Huddles 
                here each week.

                    John Frank


               - John 15:11
               - John 10:10
               - St. Irenaeus of Lyon,
                  Against Heresies, 185 AD
               - Hafiz Sufi Mystic,
                 The Gift, translated by
                 Daniel Ladinsky


         Thanks to all who share word of 
                  "frankly speaking"
           and invite others to join in.

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Welcome to the Love-Mischief-Makers 
who are new here this week.
A special happiness at first time participation 
from Belize and a substantial number 
of first timers from Russia.
We're tickled to be together!


                SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!