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    This is the sixth in our 

           Fall Series


           living out 

The Sermon On The Mount


Dear All of Us,

Here in Washington, DC, 

there are thousands of homeless people. 

They have little to no money at all.

Many sleep on the street,

a few just one block from where I live.

There are, though, many other and different 

homeless here in DC.

They make north of enough, 

some up to six figures, 

often way more.

They sleep in comfortable adequate 

to pricey luxurious digs.

Across the neighborhoods of living,

a lot of people are homeless in 

that latter manner.

They have housing, 

but just aren't at all at home 

with self and God, neighbor and nature.

Instead they dwell at the thin edges of

awareness and potential, 

distracted to dulled ennui.

There's yet another group of homeless.

They don't have any sort of 

set, solid home base.

They move around a lot.

They locate in various states of

consciousness, values and practices,

seeking to be settled, 

wanting to be at home 

but are not all "home safe" 

anywhere near yet.

Happily, whatever our

circumstance and situation,

we all are invited to be 

deeply and completely 




   "Live in me.

    Make your home in me

    just as I do in you...

    I've loved you the way

    my Father has loved me.

    Make yourselves at home 

    in my love...

    I've told you these things

    for a purpose:

    that my joy might be your joy,

    and your joy wholly mature."


             John 15:4,9,11 


What an offer!


          MOVE IN READY 

Price tag: 


Move in date: 

         RIGHT NOW

Lease details: 


         "When Jesus saw his ministry 

          drawing huge crowds,

          he climbed a hillside. 

          Those who were apprenticed 

          to him, the committed,

          climbed with him.

          Arriving at a quiet place, 

          he sat down and taught

          his climbing companions.

          This is what he said..."

              Matthew 5:1- 2  


What he said and says

to those who are "all in",

to his disciples then and now, 

is what we know as

The Sermon On The Mount.

One way and many it speaks 

the same simple truth:

      Live and act 

   from your Center.


      abides there.

Jesus invites us to be 

right at home in him. 

     "Live in me."

Jesus is already at home in us 

and invites us to come on in, 

invites is to join him there.

    "Make your home in me 

     just as I do in you."

Jesus loves us as the Father loves him - 

that's a lot of love!

Actually it's love without limit - 

good reason to hurry on home!

     "I've loved you the way 

      my Father has loved me."

Jesus is "move in ready" for us.

     " Make yourselves 

       at home in my love."

Jesus tells us why he shares all this.

       "I've told you these things

        for a purpose:

        that my joy might be your joy, 

        and your joy 

        may be wholly mature."

What we most crave,

that for which we were created,

that which is our fulfillment 

        - divine union - 

dwells, is centered, at our Center 

          - GodLove -

We really need to be there as well!!

Then from that home base

we live out GodLove

here on the streets of everyday life.

We live it from our deepest inside 

all the way out, in full bore, practical 

living and loving.

All the particulars of 

The Sermon On The Mount

are eminently practical, 

lived expressions of pure 


and that right from our Center.

The energy, the dynamic, the thrust,

is Good/God flowing through us.

We don't create the energy.

We simply can't.

But we can accept it.

Of course that can only happen 

if we are there at The Center,

at home, "abiding" in God/Good

and not out on that 

thin edge of reality,

stuck in faux living,

not flipping houses 

of consciousness, 

values and practice.

So we spend time,

we lavish attention,

on Jesus and life 

at home in him.

We do this through 

presence, prayer 

and meditation -

  Heart Huddle.

The Sermon On The Mount

is a blueprint for 

vigorously living "out"

our "in home" life as disciples.

See the sequence

( Matthew 5:1 - 7:27 ).

It highlights:

   - eight attitudes/stances/approaches

     to blessed/happy living

   - being a beacon to Kingdom living,

     making a noticeable difference

     as salt of the earth, 

     light of the world

   - peaceful love beyond anger

   - purity beyond lust

   - constancy beyond divorce

   - simple truth beyond talked contrivance

   - enemy embrace beyond retaliation

   - people love beyond 

     enemy limits and lines

   - quiet, no frills sharing

   - praying as Dad Time

   - two directional forgiveness

   - freshened fasting

   - heavenly treasure trove

   - eye bright for the light

   - worry free aliveness

   - judgement free times two

   - sacred safeguarded

   - just ask lavishness

   - other and self - the same,

     The Gold Standard

   - GPS precision,

      Road Right Living

   - product speaks producer

   - Will Do Doing

   - rock solid base

The Sermon On The Mount

isn't just a Jesus transcript 

folded into the Bible.

It's a living, right now 

walk through with Jesus

on how to live out 

from our Center,

on how to abide in Him,

be at home in Him,

and then with/in Him

hit the streets of everyday life.

as his disciples living Love

in the attitudes and actions 

of our daily life.

The Sermon On The Mount

is Jesus being 

   Life Coach 

for us, we who are

the "apprenticed,

the "committed,"

his "climbing companions."

No matter our neighborhood or income,

Jesus invites us to move on in with him

and be

           RIGHT AT HOME.

            With much love,

           Your home mate,

               John Frank


All the scripture quotations today 

are drawn from The Message.


       Thanks and Welcome

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     It's great to team up with you.


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