Thursday, June 10, 2021



Dear All of Us,

Few of us are farmers.

All of us are planters.

We sow seeds 

in plentitude,

hundreds plused daily.

It's never a matter of if.

It's always a matter of what,

and that with consequent effect.

         "As you sow,

        so shall you reap."


Every thought, word, deed,

motion, emotion, choice, 

decision, action, reaction is 

seed planted as such

and reaped as such.

          Sow So

          Reap So

It's cause and inevitable effect.

      Plant it. Get it.

These seeds are pulsations of 

the energy we are - 



always consequent in kind.

They can be 

    ordered to disordered

    real to unreal

    good to far from it

The specifics are particular 

to us and our ways.

There are as many pulsations

as there are the energies in us.

They percolate in us.

They go out from us.

There is always 

a consequent effect,

be it in us or beyond us.

In prayer, and with candor,

let's check out 

what seeds we plant.

The "we" is two tired


        as a society

Being as specific as we can,

  - might help to do this 

    with pen and paper - 

what's our sowing and reaping 

when we scatter seeds of:

      joy          acceptance

      anger      gratitude

      care        enthusiasm

      love        creativity

      support   patience

      truth       pettiness

      hatred     selfishness

      violence   sympathy

      rejection  compassion

Catherine of Genoa said

 "God is my deepest self."

If how we are,

if what we say and do,

springs, pulsates from 

that Center,

that Goodness,

that God,

what we sow 

will harvest to Good.

Conversely, if we violate

the energy,

the Goodness of God

at our Center,

twist it unreal, 

what we sow 

is twisted 

and so are we

and so is 

what is reaped.

Good comes from good.

No good comes from no good.

           Sow So

           Reap So

Jesus spoke a corollary

to this stark truth.

 "By their fruits

  you will know them."

What fruits are 

we producing?

It's critical to honestly

see our harvest -

 our individual one

 our societal one.

What are the effects 

of what is pulsating from



What are the fruits of 

our life style

our work,

our choices,

our actions,

our spiritual life ?

What are the fruits of

our churches,

our governments,

our society's 

social structures,

our effects on 

planet and climate,

our society's 

wealth distribution,

our media,

our entertainments.

Whatever they are,

they are the fruits

of what we plant.

We have a choice 

in sowing.

We have no choice 

in reaping. 

    "As you sow

    so shall 

    you reap."

     Sow So

     Reap So

Here's to good planting.

         John Frank


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