Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Dear All of Us,

OK, let's take Jesus 

at his word.

After all, he is 

  The Word 

made, well, in our mix.

Jesus puts into words 

what opens us, 

immerses us,

in the wordless wonder 

       of God.

Let's hear him out

as he gives us the in, 

as he gives us the word, 

on prayer.

  Jesus puts it like this

    Matthew 6:5-8

       Jesus On


- come on now

  no showing off,

  no praying to the crowd

- step away

- close the door,

  go inward,

  open to intimacy


   Jesus On 

  Word Count

- less is more

- keep it to 

  a few choice words

  like these.

Anew we hear, reflect, respond

to these few choice words of Jesus.

          Matthew 6: 9-13

     "Our Father..."

- You are father of us all,

   but right now 

  I'm so glad for this

  One on one with you,

  You and me,


      Daughter Dad

      Father Son



 - You are 

      The Source 

   of me, of my living

   and of all that is

-  You are my




(American English)


  lap cozy comfortable,

  delighting in me

  your child

   "...who is in heaven..."

- you are zoned

     Limitless Real

     Limitless Love


     "Hallowed be your name..."

- sacred is who and how you are

      "Your kingdom come..."

- Your's is the 

  Realm Real

- "Bring it on.

   Count me in."

     "Your will be done,.."

- "Your way all the way."

      "On earth as in heaven..."

- here and now

- right and real

        "Give us this day 

         our daily bread..."

- we know who bakes our bread

- we count on your 

  enriching sustenance

      "And forgive us our depts..."

- in your reality we repent 

  of our unrealities

- forgive us

    ("give - for - us")

  what we lost in sin

     " we have forgiven 

      our debtors."

- we're so into forgiveness 

  that we've bought in with you 

  and made it a spacious wide 

  two-way avenue to unity

    "And do not lead us 

     into temptation,

     but deliver us from evil."

- we count on you and your GPS

  to steer us Spirit Straight

     "For yours is the kingdom..."

- your "kin-domain" is our homeland

        "...and the power..."

- you are the torque and dynamic

  of all that is

          "... and the glory..."

- our sun is but a match to the

  brilliance and radiance,

  the intense Good

  that you are


- there's no expiration date 

   on any of this."


- "Yes, yes!" in Hebrew 

    and very much so

    in my heart

- this is how it is, 

  was and 

  always will be

- we have your Word on it!


     Really wonderful to share 

     together words from

            The Word

     speaking us into the

     sacred silence of God's

     wordless wonder.

            John Frank


       frankly speaking

   spirituality for the street


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        Blessings on us all, 

        on all that touches us

        and all that we touch.








  Paradox Prayer

First off 

go off to sacred still.

This is definitely intimate space.

No stadium show.

Skip social media

and its swamp of words.

Few words, vast meaning.

After all, we have 

God's Word  

on it