Wednesday, February 16, 2022



Dear All of Us,

Be advised.

I'm hyped!

So hang on!

Last Saturday morning,

my just turned 

nine months old 


(Yes, I am totally 

 carried away)


called to ask if 

I would like to drive over 

to the park in Georgetown

with him.

His Mom voiced the call 

and offered to take the wheel.

I set an Olympic record saying

      "You Bet!!"

grabbed my cane and 

and off we went.

It was a warm bright morning

and so was I, 

plus I got to push 

Ollie's stroller.

He and I did lots of smiles as 

we rolled on through 

beautiful and quaint Georgetown.

There were tons of kids out 

taking their parents to the park.

Some families spread blankets 

and had a sun-drenched brunch. 

There were parents and kids 

of all ages, sizes and colorations,

speaking all kinds of languages.

Some were running around,

others were on swings and slides,

yet others were busy climbing bars

or kicking soccer balls.

Ollie really liked 

the special little kid swing.

He wasn't too sure if he like

the miniature slide, though.

The place and deal 

was festive and fresh.

After a bit we reeved up the stroller 

and tooled over to the nearby 

and brand-new branch library.

All kinds of people in a good way,

in a good place.

Like our whole family, 

Ollie is big into books.

The entire morning was 

a festival of freshness.

      I share this 

Saturday Soul Refresher

   for two reasons.

It's Good News as in Gospel.

Being with all those 

young professionals 

happily parenting away

and their freely delighted kids

was immersion in love lived.

"God is love" and God Love Lived

those kids and parents were.

Such scenes shine 

all over our global park

in mystical manifest

and holy perfusion.

The media misses it

and messes our heads

with incessant focus

on the frightful 

doings and undoing's

of a fractious fraction.

Yes, there's craziness 

loose in the land.

Yes, gotta know it and 

yes, gotta deal with it.

But no, we need not get numbed

to desperation and depression 

because there is so, so much 

Love Lived in the land 

and eventually and always

          LOVE WINS

What cut loose on Saturday 


         PARK PRAYER

the Real Presence of God

in the sanctuary of that place.

It was a Holy Communion 

of people and animals, 

trees and fields,

warm sunshine and fresh air,

families and strangers, 

all enlivened and enlivening,

in a liturgy of Varied Oneness. 

Love Lived for sure.

     "Ecce quam bonum 

      et quam iucundum 

      habitare fratres in unum."  

    "Behold how good and pleasant 

     it is when people dwell in unity."

                Psalm 132

The same such happens in 

ball parks and homes, 

on farms, in factories, 

at offices, on the bus,

at the beach, in museums 

and at concerts, in schools,

at doctors' offices 

- wherever and whenever

  Love is Lived and Shared.


       "God is love"

Last Saturday I got lost 

in mystery at Mass.

Better put, I got lost 

in a mass 

of Goodness, 

of Godness.

It all went way beyond 

words or thinking.

They would have 

gotten in the way.

It was simple, 

it was spontaneous,

it was spacious.

God was there.

Glad I was too.

Thanks Ollie!!

And thank you for

letting me share 


   Park Prayer

    John Frank


We are brethren from 

parks world-wide

dwelling as One 

each week here at

       frankly speaking

   spirituality for the street

This week we had many from

Germany, Kenya, Portugal, 

Russia, the USA, Japan and beyond

all gathered here.

What a blessing!

         frankly speaking

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    See you in the park.


The Park Prayer Boy

Ollie now nine months old.