Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Dear All of Us,

It was Good Friday.

Mickey caught me 

out front of church.

Mickey was a dear, deep,

lovable little boy of seven.

He was also a hurting little boy.

His Mom had died from cancer 

a few months prior.

Mickey was 

Soul Sick and Tired

of pain, hurt and death.

"Father, why do they call this

Good Friday?

They killed Jesus."

Mickey and I had a 

heart hug and huddle 

right then and there.

That was Good that Friday!

There's more than 

a little of Mickey in us all:


pain, suffering, death?

What's so good about

all the varied

Good Fridays in life, 

that of Jesus, ours

those of all creation?

Good Friday 

was good because

that's how Jesus brought 


       God Love

to the very guts of

where it wasn't - 



He entered the 

realm of evil 

from its portal 

right where he was 

his suffering and crucifixion.

We do it one in Jesus 

from right where and how we are -

   betrayal, abuse, conflict, 

   physical/psychic suffering...

No matter the portal, 

they all open to 

the vast vacuum

of no good, no God, 

no Love, no Reality,

of sin, evil, pain -

all absences of good.

Lots of names for 

what's missing.

They present,

and we take them,

as something 

when in fact

they are an absence.


Someone gets punched

in the nose.

The root evil there is 

the absence of the 

good use of energy 

(forcing the fist in in face)

and an absence of 

right good order 

in how our nose 

is supposed to be

(not pained and bleeding).

Most of all the absence of 

love, aka God, in the puncher.

Like all vacuums, 

evil sucks us 

into nothingness 

and that hurts like hell

because that's 

just what it is - hell - 

the absence of the real, 

of good, of love, of God.

In one form or other or many -

they lack the 




  that is 

God Good

Jesus brought 

that Realness, 

The Love That is God, 

where it wasn't, 

suffered the hurt 

of that absence

and kept on going through it 

and beyond it - rising up from it.

That blossomed into atonement.

Atonement isn't taking a hit 

to pay off a ticked off god.

Atonement is

getting us through the pain 

and nothingness of evil 

to oneness,



the real and good, 

that is God.

The trouble with trouble 

isn't what it is.

The trouble with trouble 

is what it isn't,


Jesus embraced all 

that's missing in us,

all our sin and pain.

He suffered through it

in his Realness, 

his Goodness,

the Goodness that is God. 

He fulfilled what was missing.

He was in solidarity with all suffering

and brings us to solidarity with all good.


What's good about

   GOOD Friday

is that it we 

don't stay there.

What's good about

   GOOD Friday 

is that it opens to

   Easter Sunday




  "Christ is risen"

  and we will too!

  Alleluia Alleluia  



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May we and our world rise up in 

              Easter joy.

            And, oh yes.

       Enjoy the jelly beans,

    especially the orange ones.