Wednesday, October 19, 2022


Dear All of Us,


What a plus.

"The pause that refreshes."

We slow to settle

      Soul See 

      Spirit Sense

      Heart Hear

Looking out the plane window,

having that first cup of coffee,

on the bus,

waiting in the doctor's office,

listening to the prelude,

raking the leaves,

taking a walk,

sitting home alone,

prayerfully reflecting -

    any gentled 

    time and place.

Hopefully these ponderings 

that we share here

will be taken like a worthy wine.

 slowly, deeply savored.

For most of us one a day would be best,

a Soul Tasting in prayerful reflection.


     "The secret to living well and longer is:

                       Eat half

                       Walk double,

                       Laugh triple,

                       Love without measure."

                       Tibetan Proverb


       "When I grow up, I want to be 

      the me God offers."

            An eighty-two-year-old

                Gues who?


A suggestion: take a few days with this.

I was blessed to interact with Jerry 

a number of times over the years.

He was soul-full,

a psychiatrist, 

spiritual mentor,

deep and real, 

and a hell of a lot of fun.

He shares:

"Love is the prevailing passion of all things

 that draws diversity into oneness,

 that pleads for union,

 that aches for goodness and beauty,

 that suffers loss and destruction.

 Love is the Power that births and grieves,

 the laughter that fills the heavens,

 the tears that water the earth.

 Love is the energy that fuels, fills and

 embraces everything everywhere.

 And there is no end to it."

          Gerald G. May

   Wisdom in the Wilderness


          "God is love."

           1 John 4:8

That's where we come from and 

where we are invited to go and be.

Worth pondering.

          Your Brother

               John Frank



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