Wednesday, April 26, 2023


Dear All of us,

You know,

we know a lot more 

than we understand. 

We know with the soul.

We understand with the brain. 

Knowing is deep in 

Soul Center Union,

mystical oneness.

Understanding is conceptual,

rational grasp, to "know"

in common parlance.

There's a mix 

in the crossover zone.

Seems soul opens 

to the vastness of what is

and just keeps going -

no end in sight or in fact.

The brain is a powerful


with a limited bandwidth.

We go far, but to limit.

Put another way,

we can experience 

way more than 

we can understand.

Lovers understand a lot 

about each other.

They experience miles more.

What we understand 

we put into prose.

What we experience

        deep in

doesn't fit into prose.

The best we can do

is use poetry, 

art, music, ritual 


pointers to perfection.

To understand is delightful.

To know is divine.

For the people 

of Jesus' 

time and place

to "know" another

was not factual

or cognitive recognition.

It was experiential,

profoundly personal,

soul symbiotic,


getting lost 

in each other.

To know is to love.

It spans a spectrum 

all the way from

profound friendship 

to making love.

Think of Mary's phraseology:

"How can this be 

as I do not know man."

    Our spiritual life is 

a beautiful, complimentary, 

          merger of 

understanding and knowing.

We start with understanding,

"knowing" as commonly taken.

           AND THEN

    We have to "unknow" 

         to know God

    in mystical intimacy. 


     "Your question takes me 

      into the very darkness 

      and cloud of unknowing 

      that I want you to enter.

        We can know 

      so many things.

      Through God's grace,

      our minds can explore, 


      and reflect on creation 

      and even on God's own works, 

      but we can't think 

      our way to God. 

      That's why I am 

      willing to abandon 

      everything I know, 

      to love the one thing 

      I cannot think. 

      God can be loved, 

      but not thought."

       The Cloud of Unknowing

          Medieval Mystic

Lower case "know" cedes to



        Divine Lovemaking


Theology, meditation, scripture,

ritual, religious practices are

           About God

   We go to our stop point.

     That understanding,

"knowing" in the everyday sense, 

     invites, encourages,

       lights the way

 to the unknowing needed

         to know 


      the union of

      Divine Love 

So, we strip notion naked,

           turn off 

      the "head"-lights 


      "OH MY GOD"


                Well Come

            It is well 

            we all come 


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Let's understand 

all we can.

Then bypass the head,

open our heart

and let God 

love the socks off us!!

We'll be divinely

"In the know."

See you next week.

    Love to all.

    John Frank