Wednesday, December 27, 2023


     Dear All of Us,

        Holy cow!

Here we are at another of

   time's tipping points.


   is out for the count.

What can we count on for


  Some folks get pretty 


 about the whole thing 

    and not just on 

    New Years Eve!!

           To tip 

      right and real

         in 2024

         any time

         all the time

       here are a few 

         timely tips.

 They come straight from 



         Each is an 

         action plan 

         for living

         what he 

         said and did

         as shared in 

         the Gospels.

         Each is an




  real personal practical


 "spirituality for the street"


      "Christianity can be confusing, 

       but the way of Jesus 

       was pretty clear. 


           Move toward the poor.

           Empower women.

           Create space at the table.

           Throw parties.

           Widen the family boundaries.

           Poke holes in oppressive systems.

           Don't retaliate with violence.

           Forgive your enemy.

           Don't store up wealth.

           Be present with people.



           Push back darkness

          "The kingdom of God is near."


                                Dan Sadlier

                  HAPPY HOLY 

                  NEW NOW

                  John Frank