Saturday, April 8, 2017


Hi There!

So, how come people pay major money

for jeans with holes and rips in them -

a smidge of rebellion and a heap of copycat?

In any case, jeans with holes and rips are

an out there, on the street icon

of the incomplete aspects

of how it is with us and our culture -

holes and rips in who and how we are:

                - " Civility? So wimpy!"

                - " Sex? You bet! Love? Not required."

                - " I'm  a have, and tough you're a have not."

                - " Numero Uno first and always!"

                - " Go back where you came from!! ( but don't expect me to!)."

                - " Not in my backyard."

                 - " Meditation? Too busy."

                 - " Alternate facts." Conway, USA 2017

                   " Truth. What is truth?" Pilate, Palestine 33A.D.

                 - "The Common Good and reasonable compromise?

                     No way, Jose!"

                 - The opiate of "stuff" and "rush."

                  - Teach to the test.

                  - Self doubt.

                  - Existential angst.

                  - Crowed aloneness.

                 - A Vogue life style.

These holes and rips in self and society hurt,

hurt like a cavity,

a hole in your tooth.

That's because something is missing.

These holes and rips mean

a lack of integrity ( "Integer,"  Latin for "One"),

a lack of


gaps in how we are part of Reality.

Well, right now many of those in the Christian Tradition

are dedicating a whole week to just that -


They call it Holy Week,

a week focused on  "Wholeness"

for self and society.

The "Holy" in Holy Week is short for "Wholeness,"

( just as "God" is short for "Good" ).

The psychologist and theologian,

Josef Goldbrunner,

says his book in its title:

Holiness is Wholeness.

Holiness in not something that happens mostly in monasteries,

or moments of meditation.

It's the experience of a Living Oneness,

alive and one in Reality,

One always and everywhere,

or, as the mystic, Julian of Norwich, called it ,


Holiness is fullness, integrity, "Wholeness"

in the mind, heart, feelings,

in our deepest self

and all the way out to everyday life.

Holiness is oneness with Reality in our life style,

in our unity with others,

with Natue, in our work, politics, economics,

spiritual practices, recreation -

yes, Holiness is the experience of  a Living Oneness.

It's being real.  

So, whatever our spiritual settings and persuasions,

let's all dedicate this week to "Wholeness."

We can't earn it, or produce it.

We can simply relax into the integrity,

the fullness, the "Wholeness"

of Existence,

of Reality,

of Being itself.

It's already there.

All we need to do is show up.

Individually and collectively

all we have to do is

allow ourselves to be

in the dynamic flow that is the

Energy of the Universe,

and limitlessly beyond,

rather than abstract ourselves,

punching holes, tearing rips

in our participation of What Is,


Now, we can't do this alone.

We need a community and tradition,

that is genuinely and fully

in the flow of Oneness,

of Wholeness.

One in community,

we share and experience

the wisdom, rituals and spiritual practices, grace

that address the holes and immerse us  in Wholeness.

This whole week,

April 9-16,

there will be daily postings here offering follow up reflections

for our meditation and prayer,

during the whole week.

Here's a starter:

                       The love of God creates in us
                       such a oneing that when

                       it is truly seen, no person
                       can separate themselves

                       from another person.

                                                          Julian of Norwich

                                                          Showings 65

                      From wonder into wonder existence opens.

                                                          Lao Tzu

Blessings this whole week.

May it be for all


                            John Frank


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