Thursday, April 13, 2017


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                                                           This whole week,

                                                             HOLY WEEK,

                                        daily postings are offered here for reflection

                                                      as we focus on our theme,

                                                  HOLINESS IS WHOLENESS.

             These reflections are a follow up to the blog posted here last Saturday, April 8, 2017,

                                                          WHOLE IN ONE.

                                        It would be helpful to read that piece first.

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                                                                 John Frank


                                           The deepest level of communication
                                                     is not communication, but
                                                            It is wordless...
                                                            beyond speech...
                                                            beyond concept.

                                                                                            Thomas Merton


                                                           As you, Father,
                                                                are in me,
                                                           and I am in you,
                                                      may they also be in us...
                                                           may they be one,
                                                             as we are one.

                                                                                    ( John 17: 21-22 )


                                    You understand so little of what is around you
                                    because you do not use what is within you.

                                                                                       Hildegard of Bingen


                                               The worship of reason is arrogance
                                               and betrays a lack of intelligence.
                                               The rejection of reason is cowardice
                                               and betrays a lack of faith.

                                                                                    Abraham Joshua Heschel


                                                      When God enters a human life,
                                                  in an authentic religious experience,

                                           the result will be a deeper contact with reality.

                                            The recipient of such  an experience of God
                                                           will seem to be alive,

                                                           more aware of others,

                                                      and of the world about him.

                                               His perception of beauty will be keener,

                                         and his compassion for the suffering will be deeper.

                                                                                             John Powell


                                                    You were born with potential.

                                             You were born with goodness and trust.

                                              You were born with ideals and dreams.

                                                   You were born with greatness.

                                                     You were born with wings.

                                                    You were not meant for crawling,

                                                                    so don't.

                                                              You have wings.

                                                        Learn to use them and fly.