Sunday, November 5, 2017


Hi There!

So, sure enough, the old bromide  has it right.

The only way to successfully navigate existence is to actually

              " GO WITH THE FLOW."

Push the river of reality and we get swamped.

But, push the river of reality we do -

 just find it hard to trust that the river knows what it's doing.

Well ( to continue the aquatic  metaphor ),

the river is not an "it," but rather is

The Ultimate, Reality,The Lover's Flow,

and this Lover sure knows how to flow-go.

We certainly do well to allow ourselves to be blended  into that life current.

Rather than try ( and surely fail ) to redirect Reality,

we can trust and jump in as The Lover's Flow happily immerse us

in the adventure of its unfolding.

All and every are included:

                                                         - personal relationships

                                                        - state craft

                                                        - striving for social and environmental justice

                                                        - raising children

                                                        - caring for the needy and the elderly

                                                        - discovering vocational currents

                                                        - farming or sell appliances

                                                        - discerning our next soul flow

                                                        - driving a bus

                                                        - creating new technologies

                                                        - developing new curriculum, or a novel recipe for shish kebab

                                                        - submerged in music.

The "rub " in life happens when

                                                       - governments

                                                       - corporations

                                                       - religions

                                                       - families

                                                       - political parties

                                                       - individuals

play god and try to force life's flow in a direction of their insistence.

That causes a "rub' that can rub out life, lots of it -

 psychic, spiritual, emotional,relational, communal, environmental, all the way to planetary.

Why do we rub reality the wrong way?

Arrogance, stupidity, but more often than not, fear,

lack of trust, lack of faith that there is a

Lover flowing to fullness.

That is what spins us into chaos and peril.

Richard Rohr shares:

                                                         RIVER OF LOVE

                        I believe that faith might be precisely an ability to trust the river,

                        to trust the Flow and the Lover. It is a process that we don't have

                        to change, coerce, or improve, and is revealed in the notion of God as a

                        Trinitarian relationship that "flows" unguarded! We only need to allow

                        the Flow to flow - and through us. That takes immense  confidence

                        in God's goodness, especially when we are hurting. Usually,

                        I can feel myself get panicky. I want to make things right, quickly.

                       I lose my ability to be present, and I go into my head and start obsessing.

                       I am by nature goal-oriented, as many of us are,  trying to push

                       or even create the river - the river that is already flowing through me,

                       and in me (John 7:38-39).

So, here goes.

Let's flow,

Flow Full.

It's so good to be able to share together.

Thanks for your company!

See you next week.

In God's Dear Love,

   John Frank