Friday, December 15, 2017


Hi There !

So, it's that time of year.

The nights are early and long.

A lot of darkness in December.

That could depress and deaden.

Around here, and across our dear land, not so.

Folks aren't settling for any hibernation of spirit.

My neighborhood is a good example.

Driving into this development of townhouses in December darkness is actually a delight.

The place is like one great big, bright, beautiful Christmas tree.

House after house variously, imaginatively strung with all sorts of Christmas lights

being beautiful bright together in December darkness.

As mentioned here three blogs back,

for all our various religions/no religions/spiritualities,

Thanksgiving is our national

                                        Holy Communion.

In the same manner and spirit,

December is our national

                                         Festival Of Light.

We find a way - all sorts of ways - to be bright in the dark for each other.

Paradoxically, for all our disconnectedness, it's so social.


Most of us here in my development don't know each other, or connect at all.

Yet we come together to "enlighten" each other in our shared space with this

                                        Festival Of Light.

Out here on the street of everyday living

we also deal in a very real and telling way with light and dark

as we make our way spiritually.

In our own particular ways, we all are in the dark.

In our own particular ways, we all are enlightened.

So, let's string our "lights"  for each other

and then take a ride through our spiritual neighborhood and

 be brightened, indeed, "enlightened" by our neighbors -

Jews, Muslims, Christians, free thinkers, nons, atheists -

however they shine.

In the dark we can give a light and get a light.

No matter how deep dark it gets, that sure makes for a spiritual

                                     Festival Of Light.

Thanks for allowing me  to shine "this little light of mine" here each week.

Every good wish and blessing to those of us celebraing Hanukka, Diwali,

Kwanzaa, Lunar New Year, Zoroastrian Solstice,

their Festival of Lights.

Our weekly gathering here continues to be blessed with new participants.

We welcome into our sharing those new to us from Sri Lanka and The Netherlands.

"Bright On" one and all.

Holding each and everyone in

God's Dear Love,

   John Frank