Friday, January 5, 2018


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Hi There !

So, I'm more than a bit slow on the uptake.

After a year plus of "frankly speaking,"

it just occurred to me today that

I never got around to wishing you a

a happy birthday.

Please forgive the gaffe.

So, whatever the date,


Birthdays are more than milestones.

They mark a beginning without end.

That actually  happens

in the tiniest of ways at conception,

but in our cultural context

birthdays mark

our start,

our coming forth,

our coming to life,

the beginning of

a personal/spiritual evolution

opening to forever.

That's more than worthy of noting

with cake, card and gift.

I don't know how

to get a cake over to you,

but please accept this

as card and gift.





Keep birthing forth,

Keep birthing forth

in all your potential,

with all your uniqueness.

Keep birthing forth

with all your energy

and giftedness.

Keep birthing  forth

in ever fuller and freer aliveness.

Keep birthing forth

becoming LOVE ,

becoming LIFE,

becoming DIVINE!.

Keep birthing forth,

busy with God

creating and helping and healing.

Keep birthing  forth

from any confinement

that slows or stalls you;

a painful past,




Let God continue

to birth you forth,

free and fresh.

Here are a few little gifts

to celebrate your birthing.

Please unwrap them

with your heart,

see them with your soul,

notice what they mean

in the most practical,

most actual,

most right now


day to day

birthing of who

and how you are.

What do they say

to your spirit

about the doing

of your days?


"There is nothing

we can do but love..."

    Dorothy Day


"To say that I am made

in the image of God

is to say that

Love is the reason

for my existence...

Love is my true identity...

Love is my true character.

Love is my name."

  Thomas Merton



A Lover is wide open.

A Lover is swept along in

loves free flow.

A Lover is wide open,

as love swirls in and out,

through and through.

 A Lover is wide open,

evermore open

of mind,

of heart,

of focus,

ever more open

of attention,

of soul,

of senses spirit and body,

of gift given,

of gift giving.

A Lover welcomes love

just as it comes


just as it goes,

the plain, the pain, the pleasure,

the ecstatic, the earthy,

the understood,

the beyond understanding.

 Ever the free flow,

awash in love,

A Lover is wide open.

A full time now.

.   John  Frank


"Be drunk in love.

Love is everything

that exists."



Like a lot of others,

in union with God,

I'm so happy you are



A word of thanks to Nick Minnich,

who generously continues to offer

technical help with this blog.

Without him I'd be trying

to get this to you

each week by courier pigeon. 

.Holding you and all of  us

busy being birthed

in the Love

from which we come

and in which

we will never finish.

    John Frank