Friday, July 13, 2018


Hi There !

So, I woke up this morning.  Been doing it for years -

though in my youth not always in the morning !

Miles of mornings later, now at mile marker "Old Age,"

I not only woke up , but I could actually get up.

Rather wonderful. Quite grateful.

Next, made the bed, successfully negotiated

the the ritual toiletries.What wonders:

dental floss, an electric toothbrush, Crest

and Irish Spring plus hot and cold water.

Then on to coffee and watching God

color exquisite shy tones with Brother Sun.

More coffee, spiritual reading and reflection.

Divine embrace given and received

at once and as One.

Am at an age when

it's happily obvious that all this is

a good bit more than

"to be expected" routine.

It's morning miracle. Such gifts.

Marvelous !So grateful !

On with the day. Got dressed.

Fibers from all around the world

fashioned by people all around the world,

comfortably all around me,

and that before 5:30 A.M.

Oh yes, up early.

It's a residue of those

seminary/monastery/parish years

of greeting, sometimes waking, Brother Sun.

Next it was time to blog. That always starts with

prayerful attention to God and to you.

It is so good that we get to gather like this weekly.

Over time "we" are from fifty three countries.

I say that not to crow, but to voice praise to God

and thanks to you. It is a gift from both of you

for me to be able to compose this blog support to our

shared "street spirituality." I feel freight trains of gratitude.

The early morning writing is in the new Blog Notebook.

I got it from Staples for twenty five cents.

How about that!  And no tariff on it either

 (could have resisted that, but what the heck!!).

The pen being used is the best ever

since those glory days of the classic

 Esterbrook fountain pen.

It's a Pilot Precise V7 fine point.

So easy and smooth.

 It comes from Staples as well.

A disclaimer: no commercial connection to Staples,

but definitely a connection with God,

one of notice and appreciation

for the treasure chest  of blessings.

From the Blog Notebook the transition to computer,

to Internet and global connection with all of us. Wow!!

So fortunate and blessed.

 Mid-day off to the "Y" for water exercise group.

The transition via our iridescent blue '13 Honda Civic.

All it took was a turn of the key, put it in drive

and in less than ten minutes a ride that would take

an hour by foot and one my "foots" can't huff anymore.

Along the way there treated to paved streets,

passing grand houses, lush gardens and majestic trees.

Gift upon gift. So thankful.

At the "Y" there was Elizabeth at the front desk

and a friendly "Hello." Locker room with a mix of men

new to the road and those of us with lots of miles on us.

Large pool, community of vigor, so toning and refreshing.

Next huddle with my sauna buddies, shower and off to Aldi's

 (food store). If it was my childhood, that vast array of foods

would have been seen as a marvel. It still does for me.

The miracle of growth, all those farmers,

all that transportation, warehouse workers, clerks,

all making possible this bounty of nourishment.

As many African Americans  say: "Thank you, Jesus!!!"

Spent time with a dear "Twenty Something"

as she seeks to see herself and

her way more clearly.

You know, it really isn't that

"The devil is in the details."

It's "God that is in the details"

of ordinary, everyday life.

Our spiritual lives are in large part meeting God there,

in people, in our deepest parts, and

in the plenitude of occurrences and objects that God

so lavishly shares with us,

and then being a humming bird of gratitude..

The afternoon meant paying bills

and house chores, followed by

phone calls, emails and texts.

A technological holy "communion."

Then it was time for reading,

another holy "communion,"

this time with gifted scholars and artists.

Skimmed The New York Times,

checked MSN and Fox.

"Diversity" on steroids these days !!

Looked west and watched God and Brother Sun

outdo their morning sky artistry.

Dinner quests, breaking bread,

fine food, worthy wine,

delightful and stimulating conversation -

Holy Communion around the table of

Life Communing. 

Later, after turning the tableware over

to the wonders of the Whirlpool dishwasher,

 it was a cultural nightcap

with Simon Schama and his "History of Britain, "

courtesy of the BBC.

Such a God Gifted Day!!

Ever so full of gratitude!!

Francis of Assisi once said that the only prayer you need

is the prayer of gratitude. He sure knew his God and our souls.

May we as well.

When we count our blessings

we run out of numbers,

but never blessings

and hopefully never gratitude.

Thanks for tagging along for this

 "A Day in the Life of...,"


 " A Day in the Life of Gratitude."

Hope you will compose your own version.

A wonderful spiritual exercise and refreshment.

Now, it's time to wrap up this

holy communion here among us

and get this blog posting airborne.

Thanks for letting me chronicle

umpteen GodGifts, GodPresences,

a day busy in appreciation and thanks.

Next and final for me will be

a quiet time just being in Being,

divine "enrapt-ment."

Then it's off to bed,

 being full of


      Gratefully holding one and all

             In God's Dear Love,

                 John Frank


              OUT TAKES

         Here's a little extra for

         prayer and reflection

         should you wish it.

 Prayer of Gratitude

                     St.Francis of Assisi

Most High, all powerful, good Lord,

to you all praise, glory

and honor and all blessing;

to you alone, Most High, they belong

and no one is worthy of naming you.

Praised be you, my Lord,

with all your creatures,

especially Milord Brother Sun,

who brings day,

and by whom you enlighten us;

he is beautiful,

he shines with great splendor,

of you, Most High, he is the symbol.

Praised be you, my Lord,

for Sister Moon and her Stars:

in the heavens you formed them,

clear, precious and beautiful.

Praised be you, my Lord,

for Brother Wind

and for the air and for the clouds,

for azure calm and for all climes

by which you give life to your creatures.

Praised be you, my Lord, for Brother Fire,

by whom you enlighten night:

he is beautiful and joyous,

indomitable  and strong.

Praised be you, my Lord

for Sister our mother earth

who nourishes us and bears us,

and produces all kinds of fruits,

with the speckled flowers

and the herbs.


"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,

give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is the will of God

in Christ Jesus for you."

    I Thessalonians 5:16


"Laborare est orare"

"To work is to pray."

Rule of St. Benedict


"Each small task of everyday life

is part of the total harmony

of the universe."

  St. Theresa of Lisieux


"I love Him (God)

while I ply my needle."

Elizabeth of the Trinity


"O give thanks to the Lord,

  for he is good;

  his steadfast love

  endures forever"

       Psalm 118:1


A warm welcome to those 

recently joining and

welcoming us from Poland,

Bangladesh and Trinidad Tobago.

There's holy communion aplenty!


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