Friday, August 10, 2018


Hi There !

So, how is it with you?

How do you find God,


whatever name you use: 
    Tao                   Being
     Mother             Existence 
     Allah                Reality
     YHVH              Ultimate
     Dharmakaya    Fullness
     Brahman          All
     Great Spirit      Cosmic Energy


What works best for you?

         A book, nature, Yoga, sacrament,

         helping the marginalized, stillness,

         making love, music, family, friends,

         meditation, journaling, community, 

         efforts for social and environmental 

         justice, chanting, drumming, running,

         fasting, spiritual direction, retreats,

         recollection, alms giving, travel,

         intellectual pursuits, literature, art...


Holy Cow !!!

That's just a page from 

an encyclopedia of possibilities.


But wait a minute.

Not every question 

should be answered as asked.

"How do you find God?" 

is one of them - a critical one.

That's because we can't find God.

God's not lost!

God's not out there somewhere

for us to find him.

God's right here, right now,

and so are we.

What we need to 


      is not God, 



 where we already are -

        in God.

   "In him we live, 

      and move, 

  and have our being."

     Acts 17:28

And we're not alone.

Everything and everyone 

is in the marvelous mix.

 "All things hold together 

            in him."

       Colossians 1:17

Let's take five right now

with those two truly divine 

        " LOCATORS"

and for a lifetime after that.

          ( Take Five )

Our spiritual life isn't a stressful 

search for anything,

most of all for God.

It's an awaking to ourselves.

It is like a child waking 

to a delightful day with grandparents -

awaking to all sorts of surprises,

discoveries, gifts and adventures,

love and liveliness.

God is about as close as 

right here, right now,

as close as 




That includes us.

What a wonder to




In relaxed reflection,

in gentle openness,

we awake to wonder, 

    we awake to


           - in us

           - in others 

           - in nature

           - in music and all the arts

           - in the marginalized,

             the needful, the hurt

           - in making love

           - in community 

           - in solitude

           - in playfulness

           - in service

           - in contemplative notice

           - in friendship

           - in learning

           - in worship 

           - in our

                 Right Here

                 Right Now.

              We awake to



What a find!!

We rejoice that folks from

Singapore have found us 

here at "frankly speaking." 

Thank you for joining in with us.


Many thanks to Nick Minnich,

our tech support here at 

"frankly speaking." 

Without his expertise, 

I'd be trying to get this 

to you each week 

by smoke signal.


Holding each and all 

In God's Dear Love,

    John Frank



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