Friday, November 2, 2018


Hi There !

So, how are you going to vote?

None of my business you say?

Sure it is.


Because how you vote will effect me and

               everybody else

                 BIG TIME!!

Bet you're thinking this is about politics, right?

Not at all.

Look, every time we






                                             don't act

                  We Cast A Vote


            Our Vote Really Counts.

That's because these "votes" have a telling impact on

the lives and living of all kinds of people and places as well.

Cumulatively they effect the condition of society,

the course of history, indeed all of creation as it unfolds.

Sound a bit much?

Well, the leaders in Quantum Physics are now convinced that

absolutely every pulsation of energy actually has

cosmic ripples and effects.

That includes all pulsations of energy, every one of them

from having a positive thought about someone

to an ice field cracking open in the Arctic.

Sound far out?

That's the point !!

Everything that is has far reaching effects,

is a pulsation of energy in one form or a constellation of them.

Some are physical, some psychic, some intellectual,

some emotional, some spiritual, some ethereal/atmospheric,

some stellar, some elemental, some we can notice,

most we can't because they are beyond our comprehension and count.

For all of that, they


           They "are" a dynamic of,

                a pulsation of,

             The Energy Field

                    that is






         however we name it,

   the one more popularly called

             They are God




             and actively so,

      mysteriously, creatively so,

              - pulsating -

We are part and parcel of all this.


             God Energy,


          passes trough us,

         pulsates through us,

        we are invited to be

         real and beautiful

    in the transmission of it, of



 Everything we are and do is a


        "To be or not to be..."

      - to "Be" or not to "Be" -

         that is the question

           we're voting on

                for sure.

         Our positive "votes,"

        the ones that affirm, 

transmit positive, creative pulsations of

                " Being."

     Negative "votes" transmit

       positive energy twisted

  into destructive form and effect.

  See the effect of our "votes":

       *a smile contrasted to a scowl,

       *a truth contrasted to a lie,

       *choice for The Common Good contrasted to

         selfish grab and dominance,

       *Creation Care contrasted to environmental trashing,

       *pure love contrasted to lustful looting,

       *contemplative awareness  contrasted to absorption in

        media's trite tired hazing of consciousness.

So, how are you going to vote?

It really counts.

It has a cosmic consequence.

                                         "Be imitators of God...

                                          live a life of love...

                                           Be very careful,


                                           how you live...

                                         making the most

                                        of every opportunity."      ( Ephesians  5 )

                             ( of every pulsation of who you are )

                          ( of every vote you cast into the cosmos ).

For sure this posting is pretty "spacey."

That's because everything is so far reaching.

Thanks for your company.

Holding all and every bit of each in

          God's Dear Love,

              John Frank



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