Friday, November 16, 2018


Hi There !

You count.

You really do!

So does the way you count.

Too often, though,

neither counts for much

in our digitized culture.

In some ways most of us

are more a number

than anything else,

more than even a name,

much less a noteworthy "One."

Our Social Security number is used

to officially identify us

even before our name,

before anything about

the "One" we actually are.

In the doctor's office, or at the pharmacy,

computer at hand, the first question is

the numbers of our birth date.

Then of course, it's the numbers of our

credit, health, ATM cards that identify us.

All this adds up to a deficit.

The net effect of being a number

causes a deep down,

often barely conscious sense

that we don't count for all that much.

Facebook and it's media cousins

make their money

by providing a platform

where a lot of people

who feel discounted can perform a bit,

strut  their stuff in an effort

to count for something,

to count as a significant some-"One."

For all the impersonality

of our numbered culture,

we all count beyond count and cosmically so,

even if we can't count on our numbered culture

to factor us in as of divine significance.

It's essential to regularly take

some Soul Time with that,

to meditate and sense how we really do count

and what that means, means for us,

and what we mean for creation, for others,

and what we mean to God.

John Duns Scotus,

the medieval mystic and theologian,

emphasized that each "One" of us

is deliberately and uniquely created

on purpose by God as the "One" we are.

Now, that sure counts!!!

There was an attempt to cancel out Jesus,

reduce him to a zero,

yet no "One" ever counted more

in all of human history.

Think how much "One" woman counts -

the "One"  who brought us to life.

A healthy, authentic spirituality is founded

on the divine worth of each "One" of us.

It is also based on the divine worth

of every other "One."

We find ourselves uniquely "One"

and essential "One" with all other "Ones"

in the the spaciousness of God's


There's marvelous mystery

and divine paradox

all over the ledger of reality,

(or should that be

 "the spread sheet" of reality?)

There's a dear tale that says it

 better than I know how.

It's as simple as the integrity of "One."

It seems our dear friend, Augustine,

sinner and saint, thinker, theologian,

was walking along the ocean shore

way over there in long ago Northern Africa.

Countless star fish had been washed up

on the shore and were dying on the beach

in the bright sunlight.

A young boy was picking them up one at time,

wading into the sea a bit

and returning each one there

 and to continued life.

Given the sheer number

of stranded star fish on the beach,

ever pragmatic Augustine asked the boy

what good was returning this one

and that one to the sea.

The boy smiled and said,

   "It's good for each one saved."

Each "One" counted,

and so did that "One" boy

and his counting.

On the shore and in the sea of our living,

we count, and so does how we count.

Thanks for your good company, every


               Holding you in

    God's Dear and Oceanic Love,

                  John Frank


       A pleasant and delicious


        to you and your family.



"So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered up

that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret

that will not become known...

Do not fear those kill the body

but cannot kill the soul...

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?

Yet not one of them falls to the round

apart from your Father.

And even the hairs of your head are all counted.

So do not be afraid...

    (Matthew 10: 26, 28a, 9, 31a)


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