Friday, December 28, 2018


Dear All of Us

"What's a word for...?"

It could be playing Scrabble or Bananagrams.

It could be doing a crossword or Word Search Puzzle.

It could be penning a poem.

It could be composing a letter of recommendation.

It could be The Word For The Year.

          Major dictionary publishers

       just selected their choices for the


                Word of the Year:

        Oxford Dictionary: "Toxic"      "Misinformation"

        Merriam-Webster:   "Justice"

        How bout dem apples, those words???

Whatever the setting, it is important

to get just the right word  because

"A word for...",

well for anything,

pegs its essence,

bespeaks the innerness,

the core of it.

It just that telling.

So, how about this?

You and I are a word for God,

an articulation of God

from our deepest innerness.

   "In him we live and move

       and have our being."

            Acts 17:28

Who we are, how we are,

is our saying of God,

our verbalizing,

our speaking in

person and practice,

   what's real,

             what's good,

                         what's actual.

In our own ways and place we are

   a personalized expression



       "God is with us."

   We bespeak The Reality

        spoken of as God.

       We "word" God

   in practical, daily life by:
              - our life style

              - our lived values

              - our choices

              - our work

              - our creativity

              - our care of

                people and place

              - our example

              - our centeredness

              - our immersion in

                The Love Who Is God

              - our relationships.

          No board or parlor game this!!

                Ever so much better

                we are a living word

              of recommendation for


            a person poem speaking


All this does not require

    or even allow for a

       Word Search.

It is not some sort of good

  we have to struggle at


         try to "do."

All that is required is that

  we simply allow the

      Good That Is


to flow through our living,

for us to be in Being.

All we have to do

is give clear channel.

Now that's where the "doing,"

the struggle, does comes in.

Our False Self with its volumes

of phony articulations has to be

            reworded real.

     We have to give the lie

      to a culture of deceits.

We have to again and again accept

the speech therapy that is Truth.

   The strength and energy for this

              "God Wording"

         is our centeredness in

                THE WORD

  "In the beginning was the Word,

    and the Word was with God,

    and the Word was God.

    All things (there we are!)

    came into being through him,

    and without him not

    one thing came into being.

   What came into being in him was life,

   and the life was the light of all people.

   The light shines in the darkness,

   and the darkness did not overcome it...

   to all who received him,

   who believed in his name,

   he gave power

  (there's our energy source, our strength)

  to become children of of God ...

  And the Word became flesh

  and lived among us,

  and we have seen his glory,

  the glory as of a father's only son,

  full of grace and truth...

  From his fullness

  we have all received,

  grace upon grace."

(again, our strength and energy Source )

     John 1: 1-5, 12, 14, 16

    Our spiritual life out here

on the street of everyday living

     * is one of

        Truth Telling

           *is one of

                 Living the Word

                    *" is one of


We are asked to be

                 The "Word" For It.

A word is our innerness

expressed and shared.

Jesus is The Word of God,

     God's innerness

  expressed and shared.

   We are invited to be

    a word for God,

    God's innerness

 expressed and shared

 right where we are

 out here on the street

 of everyday living,

expressed and shared

in a living personal way -

     just like Jesus.

The Word Wonks'

word for 2018 were






       What do we say?

        Holding us all in

          God's Word,

          John Frank


As we begin this new year

it is a happiness

to welcome those new

to our weekly sharing here.

This week we welcome participation

from Kosovo.

So good to connect.

Thank you for joining in.

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