Friday, February 8, 2019



Hi There !

So, I think of you a lot,

and a lot of you.

Every day,

and many times a day,

I wonder what might

be offered here in 

" frankly speaking " 

to help, to encourage,

to clarify and to support us

in our spiritual journey out on

the street of everyday living.

That wonderment eases into

a gentle notice of good concept,

a seeking for clear insight,

trying to pinpoint helpful practices

and certainly a search for

examples that clarify and encourage.

It happens in bed at 2:00 AM

It happens in the shower,

when "people watching," 

reading, slugging through 

the "news" of the day,

driving, in the supermarket,

at concerts, in prayer  -

pretty much anytime,

pretty much anywhere,

    certainly much.

Early mornings it's

 "Coffee Prayer"

   over all this,

  jotting down

all sorts of elements,

reflections, references,

   expressions in

the blog notebook

(hot coffee at hand and lip).

Then it's just let it all

be still in The Spirit

for a goodly while.

Stirring sensed,

time to sort and shape

those jottings

over a few days

in mind and heart,

letting them form as they will

Where it starts is never

where the blogs ends up.

Always Spirit Surprises.

Well, this week

and the following two,

there's a twist to all this.
   "frankly speaking"

  will be not so much 


          but be a 


of the actual jottings on


These jottings are unedited,

     random, incomplete, 

   not yet fully marinated
          The Spirit.

Unfinished, unarranged,

right from the blog notebook as is,

here they are for you

to prayerfully ponder and puzzle

as you and The Spirit will.

Hopefully a different approach

this time round might help and refresh

what we do together here each week.

Please let The Spirit sort them out,

shape them for you, with you,

in your unique setting

over the next few days

while relaxing in your own

"Coffee Prayer,"


  if you prefer

  in your own

 "Tea Prayer."

  Here goes !!


    Note and Notions 




- Our image of God

  conditions, effects, directs 

  our spiritual lives,

  and that for better or worse,

  depending on the image

  of God present and operative

- Always a paradox:

  an apparent contradiction

         that isn't!

-  God is beyond image

-  yet we need images

   to connect with anything,

   including God,

   at least for starters

-  Always paradox

-  image contains

 - God can't be contained

 -  yet, we need images

    to "picture" anything

    a millimeter beyond our nose,

 - we need images to



          for us.

- God is Reality

-  our images of God 

   are like what

   Matthew Brady did

   with Abraham Lincoln

-  they do connect us with a picture

   but not with the actual one pictured.

 - images are helpful, limited, partial,

   certainly so for images of God

- that all changed with Jesus

- he is not only the best image of God,

  he actually is the presence of God,

  God not only "pictured,"

  but  God "personified,"

  personalized, humanly present,

  but God not limited

  and yet in a way,

  our human way, limited -

  Jesus had to grow up, 

  was localized geographically, 

  culturally, religiously, bodily.

- Paradox again and always

- Emmanuel, God with us

- Always paradox

- Always paradox

- it's like lovers

- we have ideas, feelings

   about the beloved - images

 - those images fall off

   as do our cloths

   when we get between the sheets,

   and merge in love's oneness

 - we don't contain the beloved,

 - we let lose and and

    get lost in the beloved.

  - so with God.

  - Jesus is not only

    an image of the imageless

    ( Always paradox ),

         better yet,

     being personally 

       one with him

       immerses us

  in the limitless ocean 

   of love we call God

 - after a while,

   lovers are so busy being one

   they don't have time for images!


And the image on my phone 

   indicates we are about

          out of time.

More on  Image next time.


All the best to each and all.

      Holding you in

    God's Dear Love,

        John Frank


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