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Hi There !

So, here we are concluding

our three part look 

at how we look at God,

at what and how 

we see God,

our images of God.

Those images condition

our whole spiritual life.


  they are images 


   The Imageless.

  It would be good 

     to first read

       IMAGE I


      IMAGE II

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What follows here are 

more notes and notions,

unedited from the

Blog Notebook.

See what you and

The Spirit make of them.

What follows is 

a compilation.

Their composition is

up to you and The Spirit.





- Keep in mind that 

  our image of God

  is one thing, and 


  is quite a bit different, 

  more and vastly so...

- 1 Corinthians 13:12

 " Now we see 

   but a dim reflection

   as in a mirror,

   then we shall see 

   face to face."

- Images of God 

  are necessary

  to get us started,

  but not a place 

  to stop or stay.

- It's like orthodoxy 

  and orthopraxis

- ideas are fine (orthodoxy),

  they picture God for us,

  but experience (orthopraxis)

  immerses us in God.

- If we want to "find" God,

   we go to Jesus.

- He is the most perfect

  image of God,

  and the very person

  and presence of God

  as well.

- Yet image a relationship 

  doesn't make.

-It is a lead up to one.

-It conditions one.

-Jesus invites us 

  to move on in

  and live together,

  to be right at home,

  sharing in the love making

  that is God:

  "Abide in me as I abide in you...

  As the father has loved me,

  so I have loved you; 

  abide in my love."

  ( John 15:4 and 9 )

-"abide" means live here,

   let me be your "abode"

- " Oh, night that guided me,

     Oh, night more lovely

     than the dawn,

     Oh, night that joined

     Beloved with lover,

     Lover transformed

     in the Beloved."

      John of the Cross

-Yes, if we want to "find" God,

  we do well to find Jesus.

-Actually, we can't "find" God.

-God isn't lost,

but we are at a loss to awake

to our immersion in 

The Being that is God.

Images help us get a start.

-Jesus is "Emmanuel...

  a name which means

  "God is with us"

  ( Matthew 1:23 )

- We find Jesus in his 

   portrayals and teachings

   as shared in the Gospels.

- It is best to just let The Spirit

  bring us to him through slow,

  open immersion in the Gospels.

- There The Spirit images God

   for us in word, offers grace,

   moves us to insight, 

   then invites union.

- In fact, Jesus is The Word of God

  (see the Prologue to John's Gospel).

- His person is an articulation

  of God in a human way 

 - Check his life style.

  See what it "pictures"

- Check his teachings.

  They "bespeak" a

  Word Picture/Image of God

  and living in union with God

  Yes, Jesus pictures God for us.

  He and His words

  are enlivening,

  are life giving.

   " What has come

      into being in him was life,...

      and the life was

      the light of all people."

          ( John 1:3- 4 )

- We find Jesus

   as Paul and the other

   New Testament writers

   pictured him,

   imaged him for us,

   as the Christ

   in their various reflections,

   toned and conditioned

   by their life level,

   faith experience

   and the effects

   of their culture on them

 - We find Jesus as

   we let his life style

   be our life style,

   moving from image 

   to experience/union

   simple, traveling light -

   "One Tunic Living."

 - We find Jesus by hanging out

   where he hung out the most,

   and still hangs out the most,

   being with the poor,

   the needy, the hurt

   as they show up

   on the street of

   our everyday living

   and making sure

   that we don't cross

   to the other side:

     - the kid needing

       a foster parent

     - an old man/woman

       needing respect

       and company

    - a single parent needing

      someone to care

      for the child(ren)

      until he/she can get home

      from work

   - a Muslim, conservative,

     liberal, Latino/a, gay, straight

     trans, black, Asian -

     a "different" person

     at work/school moving

     into the neighborhood

     and needing a friend

     in an unfriendly setting,

     even if it costs us

     some "friends"

   - closer to home,

     right in our house actually,

     "actually"  listening to

      our spouse/partner/kids/roommate

      and not hiding behind a newspaper,

      TV show, sportscast, texting, video game -

      giving them clear channel attention.

    - regularly and generously supporting

      a homeless shelter, soup kitchen,

      financially and perhaps by jumping in,

      hanging out, rolling up our sleeves 

      and helping

    - contributing to a college fund

      for impoverished students,e.g.

      The American Indian College Fund,

       Berea College Scholarship Fund,

     - teaching Sunday School,

       religious instruction classes at

       our synagogue, mosque,

       spiritual community

     - helping out with a youth program,

     - tutoring a struggling student

    - sticking with a "twenty something"

      while they sort themselves out

      and what adult life really is all about

    - vigorously sharing what we're good at

      with people that need just that
    - Jesus/God is imaged, and if we buy in, 

      experienced,  beyond image 

      in these and so many other people/needs

- We find God in the closeness of quiet,

   private prayer.

   Like Jesus, we go off to

   a quiet solitary place and let Abba

    move us beyond image and

   hold us in his love.

- Check out the book/movie 

        " Wonder."

  A great story - painful and beautiful -

  a good icon/image of suffering

  through pain and evil

  to freedom and joy -

  death and resurrection motif -

  a lot of Jesus/God image there.

- Get a copy of Richard Rohr's book, 

               "just this"

          CAC Publishing 2017

  a short compendium

  of his seminal

  insights and sharings. 

  He paints a fine portrait 

  (word image)

  of God/Jesus/Christ/Spirit.

- Everything said, sung, painted,

   sculpted, ritualized,

   philosophized, theologised, 

   dogmatised about God 

   is but a finger pointing 

   to the sun.

 -Too often religion 

   has played God

   about God 

- Theological/dogmatic constructs 

   may image God in a helpful way.

   At best they are minuscule and partial.

   At worst they obfuscate, e.g. 

   "How many angels can you get 

    on the tip of a pin?" 

   That was actually a medieval,

   scholastic concern!!! 

   (angels were seen ad

   an extention/presence of God)

   Angels don't hang out on pins and

   we shouldn't get pinned down with such 

   arrogant, wasteful image questions.

- Before his death Thomas Acquinas

  ("Summa Theologica") -

   the all time Hall of Famer of

   Church Theologians - said that

   all he had written about God 

   was so much straw. 

   He had moved from image of God

   to enfoldment in God.

- "All spiritual language 

   is by necessity

   metaphor and symbol." 
        Richard Rohr

      Falling Upward. 

- Best of all God images 

  after Jesus are ritual,

  music, art, creation, 

  scripture, nature,

  the poor and needful,

  having a baby,

  making love

  (ok, reverse the sequence!!).

-We start with image,

 move to experience,

 end up wrapped up,

 beyond image, in union.

-Our spiritual lives start

 with images of God.

 May they end in God.

Holding each and every in

    God's Dear Love,

        John Frank


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