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              JOHN FRANK


Hi There !

So, sadly sex is separation.

So, happily sex is separation

that just won't stay that way!!

As previously noted,

the Latin root of the word sex is


    It imeans


     The Latin



               "I make"

               "I put together."

All people and things

crave togetherness,


Creation is taking

all those separated

people and things and

drawing them into a

     Cosmic Unity

    in their diversity

( a divine paradox ).

Yet, a thinking/feeling person

puzzles over this phenomenon.

What a crazy way to do business,

this business of creation,

by starting with separation,

by struggling for unity.

What kind of creative flow,

   cosmic energy field,


is it that has us start out

so disconnected

in stressful chaos

rather than blissful intimacy

with each other and all that is

and that right there from our get go?

Well, for centuries upon ages

the going thing was

to understand that creation

happened almost forever ago.

Things were pretty well

set, settled, and on cruise control.

So, if that's how it was and is,

then indeed the separation

in creation is worse

than a bad joke and

we are the but of that bad joke

as we struggle with disconnection.

Sex in both its

cosmic and personal senses

then becomes the poster child

for that separation and

and that impossible struggle.

Happily however,

Cosmologists, astrophysicists,

anthropologists, cultural historians,

psychologists, geologist, biologists,

philosophers and theologians,

and their academic cousins

see it and say it

the other way round.

Creation didn't happen.


           " is "


Their theme song is

"We've Only Just Begun."

Creation is a big energy burst

begetting ever more bursts

of creative energy

and that endlessly so.

It's like the fireworks

on the Fourth of July.

Against the black nothingness

of the night sky there is

this rocket like burst

that lights up the darkness.

Shooting off from it is

an array of dazzling bright bursts.

Then each of those bursts explodes

into the splendor

of even more bursts,

and each of those

explodes in yet more intensity

until the sky is wholly illuminated

in unitive brightness.

Separate lights fused

in a brilliance of unity.


Try this.

Picture Lego Lovers

gathered at King Lego's Castle.

The delighted king has dump trucks

of Lego's spread all over the palace grounds.

Brimming over with glee the king says,

    "Have To, Go for it. 

     Let's put together 

     a beautiful Lego World.

     We can be artistic and  imaginative

     as we delight in bringing it all together,

     and we sure will have 

     one heaven of a good time doing it!!"





Creation is in process.

We are invited to be

part of the process,


to be artistic and imaginative

in putting together

separate pieces, elements,

tones and dynamics,

bursts of energy.

We get to put together

a lot more than Lego's.

It happens right where we are

and as we are.

It happens across

the spectrum of now.

Big things, little things,

All thing Together.

We creatively work together:

      - at efforts and coalitions merging

        into plans for world peace

      - oatmeal and raisins into

         the world's best ever cookies

            ( bias exposed and

             happily admitted !!)

      - tones and rhythms into

        song and symphony

      - insights and intuition into

        new systems and technologies

      - social and financial capital into

        societal advancement and cohesion

      - research and experiment into

        better care of the earth

        and its peoples

     - civil concern and effort into

        principled and refreshed

       politics and governance

     - spiritual courage and energy into

       revitalized religious communities.

     - bodied spirits intimate in oneness

     - conservatives and progressive together

       pursuing the Common Good,

       being sure to give full attention

       to the marginalized.

In its fullest sense it is all sexual -

separation coming together,

separation being worked into oneness,

creation growing unity,

a unity expressed in limitless,

varied, beautiful forms.

For starters we have

what feels like a problem:


We then see a wide open,

creative potential for



So, no need to send the

kids to grandma's

and pull down the blinds.

Let's go ahead and

have some flat out great,

sexy spirituality.

Like every bit of being,

let's feel our separation

and be part of creation's work 

of finding embrace,

a union of love.


We tried to contextualize

the repression

and now obsession

so many have fouling

their sexual/spiritual  lives

in our current cultural setting.

We situated sex 

in its fullest, cosmic sense.

Sex means separation.

Creation won't settle for that.

As co-creators, 

we are active in helping 

all evolve into 


a loving, cosmic


What is popularly understood as sex,

the intimate union of two,

is both an instance 

and an icon of this.

Whether intimate 

with an another person,

or joining inmost to inmost

beyond the chamber of privacy

outwardly into the next room 

or the next hemisphere,

ours's is a spirituality of

         SOULFUL SEX

Next week we will  explore

the implications of that

in the here and now

of our spiritual lives

out here on the street

of everyday living.

We will focus on

a precised understanding

of sex and gender.

We will deal with

our current cultural shift

in that regard and

how we navigate

the ebb and flow

of the masculine

and the feminine.

Thanks for this chance

to overcome separation

by our unity here 



    "frankly speaking."

   In God's Dear Love,

       John Frank


So good to have new folks

joining us this week.



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