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             SOULFUL  SEX III



    This is the third of a six part series.

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            Soulful Sex I and II

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                  John Frank


Hi There !

So, let's check out

some sexy spirituality.

Not to worry.

No need to send

the children to grandma's

and pull down the blinds.

Sexy spirituality isn't

something left over

from the Beatniks,

 the Hippies

and now in

the exclusive domain

of New Agers.

So then, just what do

sex and spirituality

have to do with each other?

For starters,

the sexual experience of

a genuinely spiritual person

would certainly be Genuine:





It gets even better.

There's a whole

( as in "wholistic" )

lot more to the connection

of sex and spirituality.

But let's start not with connection,

but rather with disconnection.

That's because the word


comes from the Latin



    "cut off from,"


How about that?

Most of us think sex

has to do with people

being together.

In it's widest and primary sense,

    sex means dealing with

       the disconnect,

        the distance

 that exists between

                 all of creation,

      and finding it

In its amplitude sex means that

every inch, cell and element

of us and all creation aches,

      aware or unaware,

    sensing, experiencing 

      incompleteness -

     longing, straining,

      yearning for




    Because of that,

  aware or unaware, 

      all creation

      seeks out


      strives for


      labors for unity.

That happens 

in all sorts of

ways, styles,

manners and modes.

Everything and every one craves



                            divine union/ecstasy.

It's way more than just 

emotion or genitals.

The very words tell the tale.

Let's check them out.

in their root meanings


      in Latin means

    "to bring back to,"

        "to relate."


   in Latin means


Sex means we are separate

and we can't stay that way.

All needs to connect with all.

The "inmost" of all

must be brought to

the "inmost" of all else.

Intimate relationship.

There is a cosmic call

for unity in diversity.

Yes, words tell the story.

In Latin


        means one,


  means God, Sacred

     and in Greek


     means outside 


      " histanai" 

    means to stand

( Thus beyond the ordinary).

Most fully, sex is about

the separation in existence

that isn't meant to stay that way.

Sex starts with separation and

is passionate as it strives for union.

It is so wonderfully critical 

to get this and be gotten by this!!

In its widest sense,

sex is about the

     cosmic drive/energy


    not just two people,


everyone and everything

     in all of creation.

All people and elements seek


with all other people and elements,

delighting in unitive diversity.

So, yes, a rock has a sex life!!

Sex is a movement to synthesis,

 a weaving together of all,

      inmost to inmost, 

in a tapestry of diversities

interrelating to a whole.

 The Love Who Is God

is the energy that transforms




     Love makes one

 and lifts all to a divine 

   union and ecstasy.

In a more narrow and

conventional sense,

sex is the separation

between two people

and that separation 

being diminished

to communion.

There's an ancient myth

that at creation

God was split in two,

into masculine and feminine,

and God has been striving

ever since for





In its own way

that myth bespeaks



the painful awareness




vigorous striving




Bearing in mind and more so in heart that

      "God is love."
                    ( I John 4:8 )

please consider this, pray and ponder over it.

        "Love is the pervading passion of all things

       that draws diversity into oneness, 

       that knows and pleads for union,

       that aches for goodness and beauty...

       Love is the energy that fuels, fills, 

       and embraces everything everywhere.

       And there is no end to it, ever."

                Gerald May,
          Wisdom of Wilderness

In its purest sense

sex is separation

not willing to stay that way.

In its purest sense

sex is Love drawing

all into unity.

In its purest sense

sex is a movement to

Cosmic Holy Communion.

In its purest and widest sense,

sex is creation that just can't quit.

Next time we'll pick up right there:

        Sex and Creation.

 So good to be together here.

       In God's Dear Love,

           John Frank



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It is great to be together.

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