Thursday, December 3, 2020


Dear All of Us,

So, here goes -

How do you feel 

about being touched?

       "Never can get enough"
       "Don't you dare"      
      "Only on my terms"
      "They light up my Christmas Tree 
        any time of the year"
       "Sort'a, sometimes"
      "A touching movie, sure.
       Otherwise make a reservation"
      "Want to be touched 
        but feel uncomfortable 
        when touched"

       "Yes...not sure...maybe...
         depends on the day 
         and a heck of a lot more"

        "It's so wonderful'
        and umpteen more sensitivities
        about being touched.

Those sensitivities pulsate through us.

They greatly effect 
the feel,
the tone,
the tenor of living.

They reach to the depths 
of who we are, 
to our very souls.

During this Pan Problem Plus
so many of us 
are so out of touch 
in so many ways.

Being in touch,
and that in myriad manner, 
is critical to vigor and health.
This is definitively so 
in our spiritual living  

The Goodness, 
the Love, 
the Rock Reality
we call God
reaches out
to touch
to companion,
to sustain and strengthen.

It's ours to be sensitive to the touch.

God touches us through 
every creature and energy surge in nature,
your pet pouch to summer warmth.

God touches us through each other,
through life and love shared,
be it a ride to the store, friendship, 
a welcome to the neighborhood,
as lover and lifemate.

God touches us through 
all that is good and beautiful.-
supper to symphony.

God touches us through scripture and sacrament,
in the fellowship of spiritual community.

God touches us as we reach out 
in supportive touch to 
the frightened and disconnected.

God touches us in times of 
wonder, need, terror, delight -
always our sustaining Abba.

God touches us in moments 
of surrender to mystical
enfoldment and love making. 

Got asks us to play it forward,
to find all sorts of ways,
appropriate to others,
to reach out and share
        God Touch

That could be sending a card. 
It could mean getting in on 
a ZOOM sharing
(as I did recently 
with boarding schoolmates
of sixty five years ago - 
same basic personalities,
plus pounds, plus wrinkles, minus hair!!), 

We offer assurance of God's closeness and care
in ways without number -
big ways,
little ways, 

A few examples:
    - by surprising a person living alone 
      and in quarantine 
      with an Uber Eats  delivery 
      of a delicious take out dinner
    - by using a trusted intermediary 
      to pay the rent for a struggling family
    - by inviting a few people to join in 
      a weekly virtual prayer group 
    - by organizing an online game night
      or book group with friends 
   - by hosting a weekly 
     Happy Hour via ZOOM -
     share The Spirit with spirits
   - by reaching out to children 
     with story and hobby hours online
  - by supporting our local foodbank
  - by getting active with a political party 
    or political action group to promote 
    people focus and principle 
    in the political process
  - by daily holding others in loving prayer

A host of connects are offered to us
and can be offered by us.
It takes openness and generosity of soul.

During this Pan Problem Plus,
this time of separation 
in so many ways
for so many,
some sectors of society 
are restlessly trying 
to move out of isolation.
Others are firmly captive to it,
and yet others are just now moving into it.
Many of us may be right back in it 
all too soon and severely. 
We are especially important to each other.
in this time of isolation and disconnect.
We need to be in touch,
connecting with a God Touch,
received and given.
Separated but not alone.

We are marvelously and mysteriously
touch sensitive, Soul Sensitive 
and that in a galaxy of needs and powers.
In gentle to vigorous ways, 
          given our gift and grace, 
                           and that of others, 
                                    we offer and share 
                  GOD TOUCH

      So glad we can stay in just that,

                  John Frank

     This past week many new folks
              joined in with us.

                WELCOME !!


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