Thursday, December 10, 2020



Dear All of Us,

Webster got it wrong.

There is no reality match for the word 


No such thing exists. There is only

              RIGHT NOW

        We miss so much of 

             RIGHT NOW

   waiting for the non existent 


"When I get my Masters..."

"When I loose twenty pounds..."

"When we get this country straightened out..."

"When the mortgage is paid off..."

"When I get my new pick up..."

"When I find the right church (religious group)..."

"When I have the time..."

"When we retire..."

"When we achieve (name your preferred justice issue)"

There are enormous pressures on us all in our 

                   RIGHT NOW  

        a pandemic compounding, 

        governance angry and vindictive,

        cultural chaos, 

        limits and lacks multiplying all over the place.

Not nice!

Those pressures push to a postponed now 

we call when.

There's the real limit, the real danger.

We can't wait!

We can long for lots.

We can work for lots.

We can only do that,

we can only live  

           RIGHT NOW

There is this temptation to count on 

that non existent when to become a now

before we can live freely and fully.

That's a fake out.

It stalls and stymies.

We just cannot wait for things to get better,

for church, government, financial, 

and societal reform to the ideal.

What we get and what we give are

             RIGHT NOW

             or not at all. 

People living in war zones, in dictatorships,

in abject poverty, in loveless families, 

know what we need to learn in our tough time.

         There are hardships 

           and frustrations,

    but you go on in the flow of

                   RIGHT NOW

     We can kick and scream 

            about how it is 

              RIGHT NOW

           but we need to 

       full face it and live it

              RIGHT NOW

       There are all manner 

        of good and delight

          that are current, 

    that can only be embraced 

                in our 

            RIGHT NOW

What Isaiah said to Israel

and Paul repeated to the Corinthians

about their now

we need to heed in ours 

  " See, now is the acceptable time;

    see, now is the day of salvation."

           II Corinthians 6:2

Put another way, now is the only river

to float your boat.

Peasant mystic and philosopher, Peter Maurin,

spoke to the now of living the GodLife.

He said we should not await 

some presumably propitious moment,

some idealized when.

Rather we need to move in that river of now.

       "The future will be different 

        if we make the present different."

That is a flowing now.

Maurin had a "gentle personalism" about him.

He lived a radical Gospel life 

right where, when, as he was.

He teamed up with Dorothy Day to do that, 

opening a house of hospitality 

in the slums of Depression New York. (1)

He didn't wait for a when of better.

He lived a best of now.

Whatever our situation and setting

in this turbulent, treacherous 

             RIGHT NOW

it is the moment, the only moment, 

in the movement of now.

This is where 

          we live out our True Selves, 

          we flow in mystic GodLove

          we companion others in love and service

          we are currents of creativity and justice

We sure don't want to miss the boat.

We open wide to every goodness and grace offered.

We open wide to every goodness and grace we can offer.

We don't wait for a when of better.

John Wesley lived a spirituality of

                  RIGHT NOW

         "Do all the good you can,

          By all the means you can.

          In all the ways you can,

          In all the places you can,

          At all the times you can,

             to all the people you can,

          As long as ever you can."

                 That's ALL for 

                 RIGHT NOW

  (please take that a couple of ways)

                        John Frank


Welcome to all new here.

We had first ever visits this week

from folks in Mozambique and 

sizeable groups from Canada,

Germany and Sweden.

Thanks for sharing this right now.


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          Life can't be put on hold.

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(1) See "Introduction," Dorothy Day: 

Selected Writings: By Little and by Little,

ed. Robert Ellsberg (Orbis Books:2005), xxv