Thursday, January 21, 2021


Dear All of Us,

So, how do you do with the "Diddly Does" of daily life?
You know, all those pesky, practical, little didly things that demand doing.
Things like 
              paying bills 
              balancing the checking account
              taking out the garbage
              returning a library book before it's overdue
              filling out forms - lots of them 
              deleting the daily barrage of bothersome emails and robocalls
              remembering each of your 2,900 passwords
              returning a defective product

To tell the truth, they annoy the liv'n heck out of me.
It's like being stuck in the minors when your ready for major league living.
Bring on the majors:  
              time of quiet prayer and reflection 
              reading a good novel 
              a walk in the woods 
              a dinner party with close friends
              an afternoon helping at a homeless shelter
              time with a spiritual director
              an organ concert at The National Cathedral
I want to be swept up into God and the beauties of God's creation - the majors.
The heck with the minors and trying to fill out 
that incomprehensible form requesting past medical records!!

Well, speaking of records, Evelyn Underhill sets the record straight, and me too.

She was a deeply spiritual and soul savvy woman, an English mystic who died in 1941, She was beautifully, fully into real major league living:

               "Never let yourself think that because God has given you 
                many things to do for Him...pressing routine jobs, 
                a life filled up with duties and demands of a very practical sort -
                that all these need separate you from communion with Him.
                God is always coming to you in the 
                Sacrament of the Present Moment.
                Meet and receive Him there with gratitude in that sacrament;
                however unexpected its outward form may be receive Him
                in every sight and sound, joy, pain, opportunity and sacrifice."

                              Life as Prayer and Other Writings
                     ( Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse, 1991, page 186 )

She saw that what's ranked minor league scores major league wins.

In the words of those 70's and so cool commercials for Mennen Skin Bracer,

                                   "Thanks. I needed that!"

I needed to be reminded that not only is God in major league  moments,
but every bit as much in those in pesky, daily and truly divine

                                       DIDDLY DOES

                                           Gotta go. 
                             Time to take out the garbage.

                           Thanks for your good company.

                                 In The Love Who Is God

                                         John Frank


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