Thursday, January 28, 2021



Dear All of Us,

Holy Cow!!

For me it looks like insomnia is here to stay. 

Guess it comes with the pile up of years.

So be it.

Come to find out, though, insomnia can actually be

a rather holy experience - a Soul Surprise and that for sure.

           There are many modes to 

                 Holy Insomnia 

                a few examples

"read pray" - "art pray"  -"ponder pray" - 

"gaze pray" - "still pray" - "people pray" -

"poetry pray" - 'music pray " - "study pray" -

For me last night's Holy Insomnia opened into 

                    "Pen Pray" 

It started like all prayer - calming into God's embrace.

As that gentled into awareness of Oneness,

there was this quiet sense that it would be good 

to write as a way to open free flow.

There was something of a cascade of clarity through it.

Please allow me to share what I experienced.

It's unique, personal, and like me, "spacious". 

That may present as "spacey" I admit. 

So, if you're game, let's go.

I have formatted what follows

in hopes of an easier read.

Otherwise it is not at all edited. 

It's this then it's that.

In the God Togetherness 

of the prayer that it was, 

a whole string of graces flowed forth. 

Some sequence.

Plenty of tangents and jumps elsewhere.

It went where it went and I went with it

heart, mind, soul and pen.

I didn't compose.

I noted what was noticed.

We were in a flight over the spiritual terrain.

It was like seeing the skyline of New York 

and the plains of the Midwest

and the peaks of the Rockies 

and the peace of the Pacific

in a wonderful flight of light.

It all started and was sparked by 

an advertising tag line from Xfinity:

      "the future is awesome"

Let's see what you and The Spirit do with it.

Please know it will take 

a lot of editing and personalizing

in your own prayerful God Togetherness.

Please take time with all this admittedly rather rarified reflection.

Please come at it in an occasional and unhurried manner 

over the next stretch of your 

                         "ponder pray"

                    be that day or night.

May this experience of mine encourage you to allow for

"pen pray" if The Spirit suggests it to you.

May some of what was pen prayed here 

pray us forth and fuller. 



                                        12:39 AM 


                                         January 24, 2021

      "the future is awesome."

Well sure it is.

So are the past and the present 

     - an awesome trinity -

however we experience and reference 

         The Always Now

We tend to do that by

measuring motion/movement.

Yet they are but pulsations 

in the swirl of 

             All That

               "IS "

        The Always Now.

It's like driving down the Big Sur 

or strolling through Longwood Gardens. 

We aren't ready to take it all in at once, 

          but the Big Sur 

              " IS "

           all at once 

and so are the Longwood Gardens.

As we widen more to the Fullness of

             All That

             " IS "

       The Always Now

 we are still paradoxically 

     partial and particular

     in our perception of  it.

In mystical moments, though, 

boundaries and differentiation

       relax and blend in 

            All That

            " IS "

The fire of Love melts 

moment and motion,

releases us ever more 

to the vastness of 

            " IS "

     The Always Now

That intensity of Love 

is like fire vaporizing 

the containment of elements.

We are very much 

in a place,

at a time,

in a way.

Way more so 

we are beyond all such in the 

              All of One

          The Always Now

 We are like a town - bound child 

 become world traveler.

The spiritual life is like a baby growing up 

to be a cross country runner.

In the beginning we have to get on our feet,

then practice steps (prayer, meditation, discipline, giving).

We get a move on.

Growing and going ever freer and faster 

we move into the sweep and sway 

of a euphoria not limited to those particulars.

We experience more of 

            All That 

             " IS "

       The Always Now

The mystic makes supper.

The mystic makes love.

Making supper becomes

making love in

   The Always Now

While we are on this earth 

we see and sense,

we experience and understand,

we describe, 

more and more of existence.

Eventually we realize 

it's all but a peep hole

to the limitless vastness of 

            All That

             " IS "

       The Always Now

Thomas Aquinas - a classic example.

That genius of seeing and saying what

                 " IS "

     at the end of his days said:

      " All that I have written 

        is so much straw."

The more we know of God, of what 

                   " IS "

the more we know there is endlessly more, 



Our now is an awakening in

     The Always Now

It's like that old, mellow fellow 

saying to his son:

" After all these years  

  I really don't understand your mother, 

  but boy do I ever love her."

After a while we stop trying to figure and control

and we just let God go nuts on us

as we go nuts on God

in the marriage bed of pure, simple, 

            All That

             " IS "

       The Always Now

In the early days God gives us all sorts of toys and tools,

showing us how to play and ply creation with him.

In the later days little by little 

God takes away those toys and tools, stills us for, 

well happily there are no words for it.

We get stripped to nothing,

readying for everything, for 

               ALL THAT 

                 " IS " 

The darker the night the better to see the night lights.

Holy Insomnia, waking up from much to much more of 

                           All That

                            " IS "

                     The Always Now


Well, if you're still there and my insomnia hasn't put you to sleep,

thanks for your good company, and do you take sugar 

with your coffee??!!

Welcome to all new to our weekly gathering here.

This week we had a first time visit from folks in

the Dominican Republic.  Wonderful! Again, 



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 Wherever you are, however you are,

 how wonderful that we are together

          in the Mystery of 

               All That

                " IS "

         The Always Now

         Holding us all in

      The Love Who Is God

             John Frank


       See you next week!!