Thursday, February 18, 2021



Dear All of Us,

If I may, what's your favorite kind of music:

folk, rock, opera, country and western,

pop, blues, classical?

There are so many ways to sing beauty aren't there?

Well, and it sure is,

God's favorite kind of music is you!

Yup, that's happily how it is.

God sings you, me, all that is into being.

We are GOD SUNG.

God has a vast repertoire.

All that God sings into being

blends in the chorus that is creation.

The  Dynamic, the Energy, that is God vibrates in Song.

Those vibrations are what we call matter and spirit.

There's no end to it: quarks, photons, bodies, personalities, ideas, emotions, 

elements, pulsations, forests, mountains, oceans, sound, 

space spread universe.

GOD SUNG, we combine, compose, co-create: 

symphonies, synthetics, societies, structures, cabernet sauvignon, babies, 

concepts, concerts, pasta primavera, Honda Hybrids, Internet, governments, 

rituals - happily, endlessly evermore.

It's a delightful Sing Along.

Music pulsates in our bodies, our minds, emotions and motions.

It gets into us.

It flows through us.

It effects us.

GOD SUNG we are all that.

And before all that we are the song itself.

We are God Singing away.

We each and all are unique melodies.

God not only flows through us.

God's flowing is us.

God's vibration voices us.

That voicing creates the dynamic that we are.


That's what we call our spiritual lives.

We are toe tapping vibrations of God's Being, God's Beauty, God's Love.

We each are a sacred song to be sung and shared.

God voicing us is not forced.

It is offered.

The spiritual life is our joyful acceptance.

Accepted, we break out in the unique, lusty singing of God that we are. 

We sing God with our bodies, spirits, minds, powers, opportunities and gifts 

- our whole being and all our doing.

It's a Love Song because GOD IS LOVE and we are GOD SUNG.

The spiritual life, better put, real living, is letting God sing us -

the tone, tempo, range, harmonies - the register we are played out in song. 

We are one with all else that is GOD SUNG - what a creative chorus!

The whole thing gets disturbed, though,

when we attempt to be independent composers of reality

rather than being GOD SUNG expressions of it.

That's our arrogance, pride, selfishness.

Everything then goes off key, is hard and harsh,

becomes a destructive dissonance. 

It throws the chorus of existence into chaos.

We can't create or sustain ourselves.

We can accept and be ourselves.

It's not a gotten.

It's a given.

We then share in God's creative composing. 

To stay on tune we need to stay tuned,

sensitive to the sometimes subtle, 

sometimes strong developments of God vibrating us.

At times we have to get into another key.

That is imperative and it can be darn hard.

I know.

In mid-life the score of my own being GOD SUNG shifted.

It wasn't quick nor was it comfortable.

It meant  four year of counseling and spiritual direction,

discerning a new direction and tempo to my being GOD SUNG.

At forty eight I had to leave every bit of earthly safety and security I had.

I could no longer in good conscience be part of nor represent 

the religious denomination of my up bringing, ordination,

and many years of ministry.

With it went career, position, pension and 

with it came a huge amount of public disapproval and disconnect.

Poison pen letters like: "You are a Judas", 

"Don't every again try to cross our threshold."

It just plain hurt, hardest thing I ever did.

I transferred to another religious denomination, 

one that gave me room to be who and how I am,

to be GOD SUNG in a new, authentic way,

a community with which I could be spiritually in harmony just as I am.

Yes, hardest thing I ever did and the best thing I ever did.

Freed up, God said "Let's let'er rip" 

and we sure have been doing that for thirty three years 

of renewed and vigorous music in ministry, marriage, family 

and come May, Grandboy arrives.

The composer sang me in a new, surprising and wonderful key.

Life isn't about establishing yourself, creating your own destiny,

scouring your own life song.

That would be terrible music.

That would be an attempt at being God, a false god at that -

the idolatry of self.

We don't create self.

We discover self.

That can mean changes in measure and metric over the singing of our years.

It may mean a shift in spiritual tonality, in prayer cadence.

It can mean an unexpected mystical moment, a new mode 

of care and service, a slow to suffering, a quickening to joy.

However, whenever we free flow,

                     GOD SUNG.

             In the harmony of us all

             so variously and beautifully

                      GOD SUNG

                      John Frank

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