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                                  GOD SUNG.

                            It flowed from my heart.

                            I would love to share it with you.

                            I pray it will encourage your heart.


                                             John Frank

Dear All of Us,

How about that Marie Kondo.

She's piled up a lot of

 "do ray me"

by showing people 

how to throw out much 

of what they've piled up

in their living space.

Marie is the diminutive 

Japanese hostess  of

    "Tidying Up" 

It's on Netflix and her

  KonMari Method 

counsels us to simplify,

to keep only those things 

that speak to the heart,

and discard what

no longer sparks joy.

Great way to "tidy up" the house.

Great way to "tidy up" the heart.

Great way to "tidy up" the spirit this Lent.

Almost seems that 

Marie has checked out

The Sermon On The Mount.

All through it Jesus counsels us

to keep only those things 

that speak and spark

joy to the heart -

God's and ours.

He tells us to clean house spiritually,

get ride of what clutters and confines,

clear out the stuff that 

piles up and keeps us down,

clean out much to open up for more


for free and full living. 

Again and again and always 

Jesus simply tells us to go 

to our very center, see and accept 

God's presence and embrace there,

return the embrace to the GodLove 

who causes us to be and invites us

in on shared divine life and creativity.

Jesus shows us how crucial it is 

to get ride of the stuff 

that junks up and jinxes us,

so we are clear and clean 

for unencumbered living 

in God's Love. 


The traditional disciplines 

of Lent are

          - prayer

          - fasting

          - almsgiving

In The Sermon On The Mount 

         Matthew 6:1-18

Jesus tells us to keep them simple.

Unload self serving show.

Deep Six any grand standing at

showy almsgiving,

pompous prayer,

flashy fasting.


There are some pretty popular

and sneaky ways of doing 

just the opposite, though.

We need to watch out for them,

clear them out:

-pledging a bunch at church 

 or charity and making sure 

 the powers that be 

 and as many members as possible hear of it

-being ever so "fetching" and current, 

sharing to show off 

at spirituality groups,

wrapping in the latest

spiritually fashionable words 

and references

-running on when giving 

 an opening prayer,

 dressing it up to be socially, 

 politically correct and preferred

-ever so subtly calling attention

 to the wonders fasting has done 

 for our spiritual physique and fitness.

-in church groups, 

 strutting our stuff - 

 our so wonderous insights 

 and mystical moments and musing.

It's all too much show and tell 

with not much soul to show or tell.

Jesus says forget playing to the crowd.

God wants intimacy, simplicity in our




They are meant to be

      "GOD US" 

living out our deep union.

Be discreet.

Otherwise it's as inappropriate 

as someone sharing details 

of their marital love making.

I've often visited Pleasant Hill,

The Shaker Village in Kentucky.

It's a place and experience 

of beautiful, simple spirituality.

         You see it.

         You feel it.

It's in the Shaker architecture,

clothing, furniture, tools, farming,

weaving, life style, heritage.

It's in their hymn,

one to often SoulSing


        Tis the Gift To Be Simple


        'Tis the gift to be simple,

        'tis the gift to be free

        'Tis the gift to come down 

         where we ought to be,

         And when we find ourselves 

         in the place just right,

        'Twill be in the valley 

         of love and delight.

         When true simplicity is gained,

         To bow and bend 

         we shan't be ashamed,

         To turn, turn will be our delight,

         Till by turning, turning 

         we come 'round right.

To be simple is to be uncluttered, 

free of false self and self promoting,

to be light and open.

It's to be ready for God,

because as Thomas Aquinas put it,

            "Deus est simplex."

          "God is simple"

so simply One there are no moving parts,

   The Oneness of Love That Is God.

We meet and merge

in simple, pure intimacy.

Tis the Gift to be Simple.

        Simply yours,

            John Frank


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