Thursday, March 25, 2021


Dear All of Us,

"Good Grief Charlie Brown"

and all the rest of us too.

And yes, there is 


It has many-much manifestations,

tones, touches, intensities,

as we try to deal with a casket

of loses and hurts -

death, betrayal, frustration, denial,

failures, mistakes and missteps.

One of them is Lamentation.

It comes to us from 

the Hebrew experience and prayer.

It's unabashed and intense.

It's grief prayed.

It's dealing directly with 

the "Downs" in life -

the dead, the dark, the decayed, 

the disastrous, the dirty,

the disconcerting, the drudgery, 

the disappointing, the discouraging, 

the disgusting.

                GOOD GRIEF


is choosing not to deal with all that

in a silo of the solitary,

but breaking out of that lock up 

and taking our whole damn desperation 

directly to God.

Sometimes we just dump it in front of God.

Sometimes we fling it at God in rage.

Sometimes we scream it at God.

Sometimes we whisper it to God.

Sometimes we just stand there 

naked and bleeding,

be that body, soul, or both.

Whatever, however, it's good 

to get the bad to the Good, to God.

That gets us off "dead" center 

and going in the right direction with it all.

God is more than able to handle 

our outrage/outburst.

It's like a loving parent 

holding a troubled toddler.

Getting it to God gets us there too -

just where we need to be in our grieving.

We detail our dread to God 

as we feel it, even fear it - 

depressed, outraged, confused, scared,

and we do that all the way from 

quietly to loud demand.

From isolated distress we are drawn 

into God's embrace, into stabilizing, 

felt confidence in God

and we say so warming in grateful praise.

The knot of grief opens

as we are enfolded 

in care, in strength, in

The Love Who Is God.

"Good Grief Charlie Brown"

 and all the rest of us too.

     Way to go with it!

        John Frank



"For surely I know the plans 

 I have for you, says the Lord,

 plans for your welfare

 and not for harm, 

 to give you a future with hope."

       Jeremiah 29:11

"Blessed are those who mourn,

 for they will be comforted."

          Matthew 5:4


"Come to me all you 

who are weary and burdened,

and I will give you rest." 

         Matthew 11:28


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May we God Grieve

freely and fully.

It'll make 

a heaven of a difference.

See you all next week!