Thursday, April 29, 2021


 Dear All of Us,

"You know what?"

More often than not,

that's way more 

a lead into a statement 

than a for real question.

It sure is right here, right now.

So, "You know what?

We each are a song 

God wants to sing.

In fact, we each are

a song that God 

can only sing through us.

Put another way,

we each are 

a unique incarnation of God.

God wants to happen as us.

Check the blueprint.

      "God created human beings;

       he created them godlike,

       Reflecting God's nature." (1)


We can take that one to the bank!

And we need to draw on that account

in multiples of many 

as we sing out /live out 

       God Sung Self

It takes truck loads of wisdom 

and tons of courage.

The negative that gets into us, 

and the negative that surrounds us, 

try to silence our song,

try to talk us out of ourselves.

Too often we fail falling for it:

    "Man's sin is his failure 

     to live what he is."(2)


It's essential that we be

       - who we are,

       - as we are,

       - where we are.

It's also and 

all so beautifully divine - literally.

To expand on The Bard,

"Who, how, where 

to be, or not to be;

that is the question."

How does God want 

to happen through us?

The wisdom and courage 

needed require 

depth awareness, 

radical honesty, real reflection, 

genuine prayer, honest counsel, 

heart heard scripture, 

constant currents of grace, 

topped with festive delight 

and robust joy in being 

      God Sung Self


As God Sung Self

some "Notes"

to note:

     -  do I understand and treasure

      my body type and 

      personality pattern?

   - what gifts and graces do I have?

   - where and how can they be 

     genuinely shared?

   - how does church and culture foster 

     who, how, where I am?

   - how do church and culture frustrate

     who. how, where I am?

   - am I willing to be unique

     in unity with others?

    - will I flex with ongoing 

     discernment of my

     who, how, where?

   - am I wise to the lies of 

     selfishness, materialism, 

     consumerism, egoism, 

     anemic religiosity,

     Empire in all its forms, 

     manifestation and disguises

   - will I see the evil I have done 

     and the evil done to me

     both erupting from false selves,

     limiting yet redeemable?


We have powerful models

of the wisdom and courage 

it takes to free into being

God Sung Self :

     - Abraham: he got a call back

       in retirement

     - Moses: he had to run away 

       to come back strong

     - Prophets: they spoke

       inconvenient truth and 

       the tab was often their lives    

    - Jesus: he held steady to his song 

       as a kid with the Temple Staff

       and his mom and dad 

       when he got home,

       in the reality check

       of his forty day desert retreat

       under pressures from family and followers 

       to tone down the theme and tempo of

       his God Sung Self,

       the challenge and opposition

       of upright, up tight 

       front office religious leaders,

       facing freight in the Garden of Gethsemane,

       and the horror of his public murder 

       by the local police

     - Paul: a real turn around guy

     - Augustine: did it wrong 

       in spades and with passion,

               got righted, 

       and did it real and right

       in spades and with passion

     - Francis: cut loose selfish ties 

       and soared to ecstatic heights

    - Gandhi and Mandela: jailed, beaten, 

      responded without bitterness and led

      revolutions in peace and love

    - My Mother: she grew deep spiritual roots 

      to hold herself and our family 

      steady and safe 

      right where and as we were

      in a troubled time and place

    - John Wesley: bucked the 

      established church, 

      saved England from social revolution 

      and opened a way to refreshed 

      personal and social holiness.

           So, here's to you,

            God Sung Self

              A Blessing

May God bless you with discomfort

At easy answers, half-truths,

and superficial relationships

So that you may live 

deep within your heart

May God bless you with anger

At injustice, oppression 

and exploitation of people,

So that you may work 

for justice, freedom and peace

May God bless you with tears

To shed for those who suffer 

pain, rejection, hunger and war,

So that you may reach out 

your hand to comfort them and

Turn their pain into joy

And may God bless you 

with enough foolishness

To believe that you 

can make a difference in the world

So that you do 

what others claim cannot be done

To bring justice and kindness

to all our children and the poor. (3)

  In God's Flat Out Joy,

       John Frank


(1) Genesis 1:26, The Message translation

(2) Abraham Heschel, I Asked for Wonder, p.43

(3) A Non-traditional Blessing, Sister Ruth Marlene Fox, OSB - 1985

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