Thursday, April 8, 2021



Dear All of Us,

When you were young,

what were some of 

your favorite activities 

other than doing homework, 

of course!!??

For many of us 

many of them

had great impact 

on our life course 

and development.

As a young teen 

in the early '50's,

I loved to take

the Lackawanna train 

and Hoboken Ferry,

or the De Camp#66 bus, 

from Montclair into Manhattan.

I would roam freely,

one time a tour of the NBC studios,

another to The New York Stock Exchange,

to The Cloisters, 

to Brentano's Book Store,

to multiple many other venues

over those roving, 

learning teen years.

People and place 

fascinated me.

I feel in love with both.

That's carried right 

to this morning 

and a review of the news.

It's been a lifetime 

people watching,

place experiencing,

loving both,

with stops and study 

Manhattan to 

New Hope, Kentucky,

across this land 

and over the seas.

For all the variation 

of people and place,

the constant has been that

all have a part to play and ply

in the fabric of life. 

God is weaving creation.

God counts on us to do 

our unique piecework

as the people we are, 

in the place we are.

A good example of that for me was 

as a teen being mixed into 

the vibrancy of 

The Garment District

there in Manhattan.

The buzz of the handlers 

and their racks of finished goods 

on the streets echoed 

that from the lofts above

as thousands of workers 

pieced together fabric 

into the fashion that 

clothed the country.

Each worker had 

a piece to play and ply

in weaving all that together.

So it is in our spiritual lives.

We all have our piecework.

We are all sorts of people,

with all sorts of potentials,

in all sorts of places,

each with a piece in

God's weaving creation forth.

      "He creates each of us 

       by Jesus Christ 

       to join him

       in the work he does,

       the good work 

       he has gotten ready 

       for us to do, 

       work we had better be doing."

                         Ephesians 2:10

                         The Message

That work works out as teachers, 

bus drivers, farmers, programmers,

parents, line workers, writers, 

corporate leaders, retirees...

That works out in places like here 

in Washington, DC, 

out there in rural Montana, 

at the fish market in Seattle.

That works out in

beautifully varied and vital

people and places.

We are WholeWorkers,

as Lillia Delio aptly words it. (1)

       Our piece 

 works to the whole

 of God's Creation.

At times though and sadly,

we and others 

fail and flaw.

We become Hole Workers,

tearing at the fabric of Creation

by our selfish, destructive workings.

The tares are personal, 

corporate, systemic, 

ecological, social, religious.

Aa a result, 

part of being a Whole Worker

is to repent and repair.

Being a Whole Worker can mean

wishing the store clerk a good day,

to caring for an aged parent,

to cultivating a community garden,

to working for social justice,

to being active in a vigorous church,

to quiet, supportive prayer.

        "And don't hold back.

         Throw yourself 

         into the work

         of the Master,

         confident that 

         nothing you do for him

         is a waste of time or effort."

                 1 Corinthians 15:58

                 The Message


How wonderful 

to be employed together

in the creative, redemptive, 

weaving of God's Creation

with peoples and in places

across world and time as a


             John Frank



    "The whole is more than the sum of its parts."


   The understanding that what one can do 

   many can do better figures in Synergy, 

   Gestalt, non-liner fields.

   Happily, The Creator got there first!!



     (1) Ilia Delio, "Love at the heart of the Universe,"

     The Perennial Tradition, "Oneing" vol1,no1

     (Center for Action and Contemplation 2013): 21-22


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