Thursday, May 13, 2021


Dear All of Us,

Hang on to your hat,

steady your head and heart.

This is going to be all over the place.

I'm high as a kite - been up all night.

At 1:49 this morning my 

daughter and her husband birthed


     our first grandchild.

That's more than something for

an eighty one year old

let me tell you

and I sure do want to !

Even deeper and better,

GrandBoy and I have had 

a soulful togetherness

while he was in utero, 

growing up to grow out and on,

to come alive to give life.

We communed beyond words.


More than biological bond - way more.

Around three this morning 

my wife and I got to see 

Mom, Dad and GrandBoy

via facetime.

What a beautiful child.

His soul shows through his body, 

       and soul he is.

Mom and Dad just glowed.

Over the past nine months 

the best kept strategic secret

here in Washington, DC 

-a  city of super secrets -

has been what will his name be?

Now name is more than handle.

It's meant to be sacred.

That's how it was in ancient Israel.

Have you ever wondered about 

the second of the ten commandments?

After God states his stake in the first,

God then says 

"Thou shall not take the name 

of the Lord, your God in vain."

Is God Himself being a bit vain here,

a tad too touchy?

Not at all.

Those commandments were

given by Jews in the manner 

of their understanding, 

their culture and custom.

In ancient Israel

their valuation was 

The Name Is The Person,

an absolute equivalency.

Name is sacred.

Given that, what would 

our daughter and son-in-love

name this dear man child?


The wonderful words were spoken

by our daughter during our facetime,

I cannot tell you my joy.

You see, my middle name is 



Oliver comes from the Latin 


the olive tree planter.

In Hebrew the biblical olive tree 

symbolizes fruitfulness 

and beauty and dignity.

To offer an olive branch 

is to lovingly offer peace.

Yes, this little man 

not only has soul, 

he can draw from 

a profound spiritual stream.

He also has another heritage.


is for Martin Luther,a nod 

to the German Lutheran 

heritage on his 


side and the name 

of the dorm where

his Mom and Dad met at 

Muhlenberg College, 

an outstanding Lutheran

center of leaning.

There's more.

St. Martin of Tours 

is the patron saint of France.

He is lovingly remembered

for sharing more than 

the shirt off his back.

One frigid winter day

Martin saw a freezing beggar.

Getting off his horse

he drew his sword,

slashed his cloak in two 

and shared it with

the freezing beggar.

There's "spirituality for the street"!!

And get this.

Oliver's initials are


That is also a sacred sound

in Indian and Buddhist religion.

It signifies the essence 

of ultimate reality,


I share all this with you 

for the sheer joy of it,

mine and I hope yours.

It's yet another wondrous

utterance of Gospel,

       God News.

  Thanks for letting me

  enthuse with you.


        Ollie the Elder


      John Frank


Yet another welcome.

This to first time visitors

and to participation

from Indonesia.

Great to be together here 


   "frankly speaking"

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See you soon.

Gotta brush up on 

how to change a diaper.