Thursday, May 20, 2021


Dear All of Us,

Potent, powerful, potential.

They all have the same Latin root,  



Often "potens" is 

just beneath the surface,

be that consciousness or terrain.

Often "potens" is 

just above or beyond

where and how we are 

in our just now.

         Wherever However 

        It's Powerfully There.

       Potent Power Potential 


  To Be Discovered and Released

Miners, mystics, master chefs, 

musicians, psychologists, 

astrophysicists, city planners, 

philosophers, sculptors, 

research scientists, archeologists,

millions of plain, simple, ordinary, 

everyday Jane and Joe's 

and all their aware cousins 

get at it.

       They seek and release it


The miner digs down 

for the uranium

that releases the power 

of the atom ("potens").

A sculptor frees 

the masterpiece hidden 

in the marble  ("potens").

Grandma takes 

the Sunday dinner leftovers 

and serves up one heck of 

a Monday night soup ("potens").

Mystics free fall into the power 

of divine intimacy ("potens").

The astrophysicist delves 

ever more into the potentials 

of Quantum Physics ("potens").

Seeking and releasing "potens"

is primary and privilege

in our spiritual lives.

All "potens" is God's 

creative energy.

As co-creators we seek it.

As co-creators we release it:

  - we help a child 

    discover and develop 

    all their potentiality

  - we work to turn a destructive 

    social pattern positive

  - we open to the power 

    of God's Love for us

    at our deepest center

  - we labor to free 

    religious structures 

    for full hearted spirituality

 - we delve into the deep down power 

   of sacred scriptures, music, liturgy, art

 - we redirect economies to equality

 - we invite animals, trees, flowers, 

   oceans, valleys and peaks 

    to tell us about God

 - we do a Grandma Moses 

   in our later years

   and release new 

   and creative potentials 

 - we push past fear and selfishness -

   we plumb the depths possible 

   in our closest relationships

 - we foster and support efforts to 

   free environmental best practices

 - we dare to be 

   and do all that is in us

 - we challenge timidity and bias 

   as we more and more 

   see and live out 

   the power of human diversity 

   in our oneness

 - how about here we take 

   more than ten 

   and detail some examples 

   from our own soul and situation -

  what are the deep down powers 

  that we can release

  within and about us as co-creators?


     ..........taking time..........

 "God does both the making 

   and the saving.

  He creates each of us 

   by Christ Jesus 

  to join him in the work he does, 

  the good work 

  he has gotten ready 

  for us to do, 

  work we had better 

  be doing" 

        Ephesians 2:10

         The Message

  "We are collaborators in creation." 

      Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

 "The world is charged 

   with the grandeur of God...

   There lives the dearest freshness 

   deep down things." 

           God's Grandeur

      Gerard Manley Hopkins  

     Time to power up and out.

     Powerful Love to all!

            John Frank



       On behalf of 

 Oliver Martin Minnich 

 thank you for 

 all the welcome good wishes 

 at his birth. 

 Ollie is doing wonderfully well. 

 While he isn't reading 

  Chaucer just yet,

  he's opening to life 

  like a beautiful rose.

         Welcome greetings

      to all stopping by here 

          for the first time.

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