Wednesday, July 14, 2021




Dear All of Us,

So good for all of us 

to be here together.

Really, really GOOD!


Going to have 

a try at posting 

"frankly speaking"

on Wednesday evenings

instead of early 

Thursday mornings.

In all honesty,

I hope to sleep better

Wednesday evenings

and later Thursday mornings.



About this posting:

A previously shared


is referenced. 

It is an apt, 

yet painful,


to fix our focus.

That focus is frightful. 

That focus is faithful.

For all the heavy lifting

this posting involves,

may we be refreshed in 

the joyous goodness

of our postscript.



Dear All of Us,

I had just celebrated 

the noon Mass 

and stopped at our 

local paper store.

A man garbed me,

put a gun in my face

and told me 

to shut up.

He shoved me 

to the back of the store.

Another man 

was pistol whipping

the owner.

There we were,

a middle aged woman, 

Doctor Jones,

the traumatized owner,

me a priest, and 

little ten year old Bobby.

Bobby had come to buy 

combo packets of

baseball cards

and bubble gum. 

He stood there 

and wet his pants

all over the floor.


Bobby showed it.

We all felt it.

That sad scene 

is for me an icon 

of what we all 

face and feel 

these days.

As a people 

we are in peril.

Some of us show it.

All of us feel it.


The world wide 

pandemic is

far from finished 

    with us.

Millions miss that.

Millions won't miss 

the consequences.

The Chinese are 

arming for war -

creating numerous 

new missile silos, 

expanding naval power

and sea reach, plus, plus... 

Wall Street is 

a lane of delusion.

Eventually a pin 

will prick the bubble 

of overreach 

and millions will be 

short changed.

Mass media pumps

lethal misinformation.

Phony conspiracy theories

pollute truth, confuse 

minds and hearts.

Donald Trump peddles 

The Big Lie 

and calls the January 6th. 

insurrectionists "patriots".

It's a culture war

morphing to a blow out

of who knows what 

dimensions and dangers.

"To be a democracy,

or not to be a democracy,

sure is the question"

and the answer is 

anything but clear.

The Russians 

and others taunt 

and jeopardize

a fragile cyber system.

World and corporate leaders 

dither and demure 

as climate crisis devastates. 

Institutional religion implodes.

Less than half of U.S. citizens

are even nominally left, 

with more and  

more leaving -

a spiritual drought.

Where do we go?


        How live a 

"spirituality for the street"

    in this stretch of 

    frightful history?

We respond by being


We settle into God,


    to God being


         to us.

As uneasy as we all are,

    we live trust.

We ban together 

and really live 

The Gospels.

  "And when 

   two or three 

   of you 

   are together 

   because of me, 

   you can be sure 

   that I'll be there."

    Matthew 18:20

     The Message

That's powerful company 

     we can trust.




We trade in a lot of 

ritual, feel good, 

institutional religion, 

for actual and genuine 

Soul Centered Spirit Life. 

  "But there's also this,

   it's not too late -

   God's personal Message!-

   Come back to me 

   and really mean it!

   Come fasting and weeping, 

   sorry for your sins!'

   Change your life, 

   not just your cloths.

   Come back to God, 

      your God"

    Joel 2: 12-13

    The Message


    A chance for 

  essential change,

    real change,

     rock real

    centered in 

    The Center   




  We relocate

values, life style,


 Soul Stance.

 We move in 

 with Jesus.

 "I've loved you 

  the way my Father 

  has loved me.

  Make yourself 

  at home

  in my love."    

  John 15:9

The Message

That's way more 

than a motel stay.

It's all the way in 

    moved into

    God Loved





We do a heads up 

   a hard hear 

"But since 

 I picked you 

 to live 

 on God's terms 

 and no longer 

 on the world's terms, 

 the world is going 

 to hate you." 

  John 15:19

 The Message

 No Comfy Casual 


        for us

  Picked by Jesus

  and paying for it

  living on terms 

    anchored in 

  God's Realness.





 We see straight 

 down the street 

"I've told you 

 these things 

 to prepare you for 

 rough times ahead."

     John 16:1

   The Message

Rough road ahead

  We're not going 

       to get 

    an easy go

     so we go 





Blessed Assurance 

is way more than 

a Sunday hymn.

  "I've told you 

   all this so that 

   trusting me,

   you will be 


   and assured, 

   deeply at peace. 

   In this godless world 

   you will continue 

   to experience difficulties. 

   But take heart! 

   I've conquered the world."

         John 16: 33

         The Message

All this is raw real.

I live in Washington, D.C.

January 6th. was a terror.

We came within an inch 

        of our

democratic process 

being destroyed,

of bloodshed ensuing 

across the nation, 

and world order 

being jeopardized.

   I was literally 

   on the street 

- Connecticut Avenue -

the later afternoon 

    of the 6th.

  when a black, 

government SUV

went racing downtown.

Something was wrong.

A few minutes later 

came the emergency

warning on the cellphone.

The Mayor had declared 

      a curfew.

   Got home and 

  on the computer.

 Heard and saw 

the violent storming 

of the Capital, 

forcing a halt as 

Congress was attempting 

to certify the 

presidential election.

Our whole family 

quickly came 

to our home 

for safety 

and stayed all night.

We feared a 

government take over

and consequent violence.

The streets were not safe.

I did what I could 

to steady my family.

I accepted the strength

and peace Jesus promises.

     That night was 


The way we are headed

the chance of more such is 


   Some of us show it.

      We all feel it.

The only way forward 

         is to face  


          and be 


     "...trusting me 

      you will be 


      and assured, 

      deeply at peace."

  Reporting from Washington 


        The Scriptures,

           John Frank



As it turned out, 

the two robbers

got what they could 

as quickly as they could 

and beat a hasty retreat.

The police said a priest 

in full clerical garb

walking in on their robbery 

threw them off. 

The police mentioned 

that they were dangerous, 

violent, drug addicts 

known to them.

The store owner

had to go to the ER

and eventually recovered.

We all were 

basket cases for days.

The store owner's wife 

came quickly.

She gave little Bobby

the complete 

supply of those combo 

bubble gum/baseball card



     A Heart Felt 


         to all.

 This week we had 

 our first ever visit 



    How wonderful


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          POST SCRIPT

        New to my living is 

       Oliver Martin Minnich



           He is a wonder.

     Bright, Active, Relational 

               A Love

  Since there have been requests

           for a picture

 - and am I ever happy to oblige -

             Well, Enjoy!!