Wednesday, July 21, 2021



Dear All of Us,

For all its stretch,

apparel made of

Spandex can only 

expand or contract

just so much. 

One size definitely 

does not fit all.

So it is with 

our spiritual life.

There is no such thing as a

Spandex Spirituality.

One size does not fit all.

Yet there is pressure

for many 

to squeeze into

spiritual practices,


and experiences

woven in a spandex 

of popular preferences. 

Trying to fit in 

is ruinous.

We are not meant 

to somehow or other 

force fit ourselves 

into a spiritually 

pre-set pattern

and sizing.

The Spirit of God

happens in us

in all sorts of 

varied and splendid 

spiritual shapings 

and styles.

Our wardrobe changes as 

we mature and change

over the years.

So does what fits 

just right spiritually.

At twenty I wore 

size thirty waist pants.

At eighty plus 

so is my waist

   (a "plus" that is, 

    but not sized eighty)

At twenty I tried hard 

to constantly live 

in the presence of God.

At eighty plus

(we've clarified that, right?)

I let God do the heavy lifting.

We are just together 

and that on God's terms, 

times and ways.

As we ware clothing 

that fits our 

basic body type,

so we want to be arrayed 

in a spirituality that fits

our soul type.

See types and fits 

as different as those of

Augustine, Teresa of Avila,

John Wesley, Dorothy Day, 

Howard Thurman, Gandhi

Thomas Merton, MLK,

and for many, our parents.

The texture and style of 

our personal spirituality 

is as varied as 

western denim is

from Mulberry silk,

as outfits from Walmart 

are from BNYK.

Some of us are 

rather cerebral

while others of us 

are highly emotional.

Some are introspective, 

others activists, 

some scientific, 

others artistic, 


many happily rather 

plain and simple.

God comes alive 

in and through us 

uniquely sized and styled.

I never found 

the rosary a fit.

Yet, I have seen people 

lost in mystical union

while praying the rosary.

I can fall into 

an experience of God

by getting lost in a flower.

A rose is my rosary.

A rose wouldn't do it 

for someone else, though.

One size does not fit all.

A soul squeeze

is a bad fit.

What's going on 

within us and around us

effects a good fit spiritually.

We need to dress accordingly:

 - going through changes like 

   puberty, menopause,

   old age

 - being in good or poor health 

 - going off to college, 

    the military, a different part 

    of the country

  - being single or marrying 

    and raising a family

  - having the benefit of 

    a wide ranging education 

    and cultural exposure, or not

  - living in poverty or

    being financially well off 

  - caring for a needful 

    parent, child, or spouse

 - realizing that our 

   religious institution is 

   flawed and failing 

- discovering a wonderful

   spiritual guide

 - our sexual orientation 

   and maturity

 - first fervor, mellowing, ageing

Our spiritual style 

and experience

isn't something to develop.

It is something to discover, 

to accept and live.

We do well 

to let God lead,

to tailor things 

just right for us.

At times that will feel 

pretty darn good.

At times that will be 

rather rough.

The first is an easy fit.

The second is not.

It takes grit and patience.

God is suiting us 

for spiritual life

as both life 

and the world 

are just now.

A thick woolen coat is 

heavy, confining 

and cumbersome.

For all that, 

it's what we need 

in a blizzard.

Think of Mother Theresa.

She realized 

her religious order

wasn't up 

to spiritual snuff

and that she didn't fit in.

So, she founded 

a new one.

She and her sisters 

lived in the midst of 

grinding need.

They served simply 

and lovingly.

For most of her life 

Mother Thresa did that 

by sheer faith.

She experienced 

no spiritual ecstasy 

or delight.

She had all sorts of doubts.

She just trusted,

loved and served.

She was a saint well "suited" 

to her time, place,

and circumstance.

While we're all 

cut from the same cloth,

we're all styled and sized

ever so specially, particularly.

No Spandex Spirituality for us.

God tailors 

a wonderful array of us.

Our life, to be spiritual,

is to dress accordingly 

and gratefully.


 God Bless Every 

Different One Of Us,

      John Frank


A hearty welcome 

to each and all of us,

first timers, many timers,

all sorts of souls that we are.

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